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Lies and Lovers

Ch.1 - Planning

"How does it feel to be in a real, committed relationship?" Duo grinned at Heero, propping his hand in his chin and his elbow on Relena's couch.

"Hn." Heero replied, staring out the window. –If he thinks I'm talking to him, he's lost his mind. –

"Oh! Come on! We all know you've got to be happy! You love her! Don't you love her?" He kept on grinning, further annoying Heero. –C'mon buddy! Say it! Say it! –


"Duo are you bothering Heero again?" Hilde huffed, walking over to where he was sitting and pinching his ear until he squealed. "See, this is what happens when you are a bad boy!"

"But I thought you liked bad boys." He mumbled pitifully, giving her his best puppy dog face.

"I do." She smiled and bent over, giving him a quick kiss. "Now can you behave long enough for Relena and I to go out for a bit?"

"Sure!" He beamed back, glancing over at Heero. –You're going to talk weather you like it or not. –

Hilde patted his head. "Good boy. We'll be back in thirty." And out the door she trotted. Relena was all ready waiting in the car for her. "You ready to SHOP?" Hilde nearly bounced as she said the words.

"I guess . . ." Relena cranked up the car and swatted Hilde's hand away from the radio controls. "None of that Salsa music like before."

Hilde sighed. "What do you call this crap?"


"We don't need to be soothed! We need to be PUMPED! We're shopping for your wedding reception, remember? This is your big blowout Cinderella fantasy that you didn't really get in Aruba."

"I don't see why I need a reception two weeks after my wedding has occurred."

"Don't you want one?" Hilde gasped. "You have to have one! Relena, you always talked about this huge white wedding you wanted, and you got married in a black dress! You've got to at least have a big, bold, beautiful reception!"

"I guess . . ."

"And then it'll be like having your honeymoon all over again that night!" Hilde giggled, winking at Relena.

"I hope the morning after is not the same. I don't think I can deal with Heero telling me he doesn't want me one more time."

"I know, hunny, but that's a thing of the past! It's all sunshine and roses now!"

"Yeah . . ."

"Is everything . . . ok?"

Relena perked back up. "Of course!"

"You sure?"



"So were you both completely naked when Milliardo walked in on the two of you?" Heero's head flipped around and shot Duo his famous death glare. "Well, I was just curious."

Heero flipped on the TV and stared at it. He had no desire to watch the thing. It never had anything useful on it, but it gave him an excuse to tune Duo out.

"So is she good?" Duo's signature grin seemed to somehow grow wider.

"That's it!" Heero leapt of the couch and grabbed Duo by the neck. "I want you to shut up and get out! NOW!" Heero threw him back down on the couch and walked out of the room. "By the time I get back, be gone!" He called behind him, stomping up the stairs.

"I wonder if he's going to get a gun . . ." Duo pondered aloud, not making any move to get up from his comfy spot on the soft cream couch. He knew good and well that Heero had every capability and every intention of seriously injuring him if he said another word and/or didn't leave the premises ASAP, but he was willing to take that chance to see the perfect soldier melt in putty right before his eyes.


"I love this one!" Hilde pointed to the table they were about to sit at next. It was round with a hot pink tablecloth, and burgundy runner. The plates were all unique: the bottom a red square plate with rounded edges, the middle a clear round plate, then a smaller pink plate on top. The stemware were hot pink which faded into clear around the middle of the glass. All topped off by burgundy silk napkins with round, black holders.

"It's a bit. . .bright." Relena sat down in the light pink slip covered chair.

"But it's unique!"

"It's more . . . you!" Relena decided, getting up from the chair before their guide ever began to explain everything about the setting.

"All right. Be boring. Go with the cream and tan." Relena's favorite setting had been a square table with a cream tablecloth and tan runner. It had only had two plates, both round china-looking dishes. The napkins had been a nice medium shade of brown with gold holders, and the stemware had been clear. The matching chairs were simply the same cream as the tablecloth. It all blended very well and could be used in any setting or theme she chose. It was classing, like Relena herself, Hilde had to agree.

"This is definitely more my style." Relena ran her fingers delicately across the runner and smiled down at the setting.

"Mrs. Relena Yuy?" A man approached her, taking her hand in his own.

"Yes?" She turned to look at the man. He was tall with broad shoulders and a very nice pinstripe black suit, which matched his clean cut hair.

"I am with the "Wedding" magazine, and we would love to do a piece on you!"

"I'm sure you wouldn't . . ." Relena tried to brush him off, walking away.

"But we would! We've been informed you are having a small get together to celebrate your marriage. We would love to come in and take pictures for the article."

Relena stopped, trying to decide if she could withstand any more publicity. –You need good press. An article like this will boost you back up in the public eyes. – She turned around and smiled. "I'd be delighted to have you."

"Great! First, we'll set up the appointment for the interview."


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