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Summary:Can Pyro be stopped? Can John be himself again?

Rating:PG-13 – Most likely there will be cursing...I can't help it.

Reminder:Pyro is evil. (Btw a reminder for you and me)

Note: Pyro is able to entirely block out John's thoughts as where John was unable. That's where 'lost within' comes from; and 'fiery wrath'...well you will have to read the story to find out what that's all about.

Fiery Wrath: Lost Within

Ch. 1

Hell Has Just Begun

"I realize now that you will always be a part of me. I can't live like this anymore. I can't separate myself from you, so I'm giving up a part of me and I've let myself become you", those were the last words John would have the chance to say before Pyro took over.

As Pyro took over John's body, his eyes turned from brown to all black. Pyro smirked at himself in the mirror and clenched his fist, "I'm finally in control, I've been waiting for the day for him to crack; and now the time has come for me to show the world what a true pyromaniac is really capable of!"

Pyro decided not to sneak out of the mansion at 3:45 in the morning...it would cause suspicion and he didn't want that. He went back to his bed and waited for the sun to rise. He didn't need sleep ... sleep is for the weak.

Seconds. Minutes. Hours went by. Pyro was in a sinister state of mind. He would laugh at the disturbing thoughts crawling through his head. Sometimes, he laughed so hard, any normal person would have tears trickling down their face. But then again, Pyro can't cry because he has no tears. He's completely dry inside.

As soon as the clock hit 7 a.m. Pyro stopped laughing. It was time to get dressed to carry out his plans. He went through John's clothes and laughed, 'And I'm supposed to be the insane one.'

Pyro finally decided on an outfit. He topped it off with the one article of clothing that he approved of: a brown leather jacket.

Pyro exited his room. He didn't show any signs of a change in character. No matter how bad he wanted to ... it wasn't the right time to reveal his identity. He passed Rogue in the hall not realizing his insignificant slip-up.


Pyro stood still. 'Oh yea...that was me.'

"Where are you going?" she asked to his backside.

"Out" his back still turned, "I'll be back later."

Before Rogue could say anything else, John was gone.

Rogue just stood there confused and hurt, 'Did last night mean nothing?' she thought to herself, 'Because it sure of hell meant something to me.'

Pyro walked out the door inhaling the fresh air.

First things first, a new look ... okay not that new but different.

Pyro walked into a barber shop. 30 minutes later when he came out, his hair was no longer brown. It was now bleached and spiked. To add to that, each spike had red tips.

Next agenda; let the wrath begin...

Pyro went back to the mansion. He was getting stares from everyone. Yes...it was the hair and he loved it, craving the attention.

The gossip about John's slight change in appearance spread like a wildfire through out the school. It didn't take long until everyone knew.

Pyro was in the common-room watching television. He was flipping the channels to find something entertaining. His legs were crossed resting on a coffee table. Pyro doesn't have any morals. He didn't give a shit that it was rude ... and that's one of the reasons why he did it. In addition, it was more comfortable that way.

Rogue walked into the room. "John?"

"The one and only," Pyro replied.

"I can't believe it ... I think my eyes are deceiving me." She sat next to him and touched his hair to prove what she was seeing was real.

Pyro pointed to his hair, "Oh, this is the real deal."

"Can I ask why you did it?"

"Because I felt like it." He shrugged.

She ignored his answer because she noticed another change in his appearance. "What about your eyes..."

"Contacts." Yep, Pyro had the answers to everything.

Rogue was getting a little irritated by his answers and the fact that he was being short with her. She left the room hoping that he would get a clue that she was pissed off...

Pyro smirked because he knew he was getting her mad. However, he continued to flip the channels anyway.

After ten minutes of flipping, Pyro gave up and decided to do what he came back to the mansion for.

He made his way to the game room. A few students were there, but most importantly Rogue and Logan were there. Storm, Cyclops, Iceman, and the Professor were out on a mission and that would work to Pyro's advantage.

A few candles were placed in the game room earlier today. No one knew who put them there, but sooner or later that person would be revealed.

One by one the candles fell over and the fire spread around the room. Logan could smell the rat right away, raising an eyebrow at Rogue.

Rogue knew what he was hinting at, but she didn't want to think like that. She ignored Logan's suspicions and called John for help anyway. "John!"

"You rang." Pyro was leaning on the doorway waiting for the words...

"A little help please" Rogue was getting impatient...and she noticed John seemed kind of calm about the whole thing.

Pyro grinned. 'Help' a word for the weak.

"Don't just stand there. Do something!" Logan growled.

Instead of putting out the flames he did the opposite.

Logan released his claws, "Okay John you had your little fun...cut this shit out."

"For your information, the name's Pyro. John is gone. Good riddance, if you ask me. Anyway I would love to stay and chat and watch you all burn, but I have some more plans to carry out ... I'm out of here." Pyro gave them a salute and left them there to burn.

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