The Return of Prince Demando

Chapter 1
Dark Shadow Rising

Revised Edition

The night was that out of a fantasy, peaceful and serene. Not a single cloud would dare show itself in the sky to block the glimmering stars' dancing. In fact, all nights had been like this for a long while now. It was as if the world was celebrating.

And why shouldn't it be? The defeat of Queen Nephrenia and the Dead Moon Circus was something everyone eagerly had been waiting for. Especially for Tsukino Usagi, who had it the hardest out of everyone.

The young girl was fast asleep in her bed. Dreaming for once, without the worry of having her communicator going off in the middle of the night for an emergency. Everyone could rest at ease.

A sudden ringing told Usagi it was time to get up to start her day. Clumsily reaching out her hand from under the bed sheets, she hit her alarm clock, sending it crashing to the floor off the nightstand.

"Five more minutes." She muttered into the pillow, switching lying positions to become more comfortable. The ringing didn't stop. She opened her eyes in annoyance, drool coming out of her wide-open mouth. With a moan, she turned on her stomach and started sliding off her bed to pick up the alarm clock. The ringing continued, only it wasn't her alarm. Usagi looked up at her door, locating the source. "Man!" She pronounced irritably.

Bringing her body full swing over the bed, she scooted on her slippers, pulled on her pink robe and headed for the door. Wiping away the sleep from her eyes, Usagi walked down the steps into the entry hall of her house where the phone sat ringing. "Why can't mom or dad answer it? I need more sleep then they do."

Yawning, she picked it up and brought it to her lips. "Hello. Tsukino residence." There was nothing but static. "Oh don't tell me they hung up and I got up for nothing. Hello?" She tried again but there was still nothing.

Through the far distance of static, Usagi heard a small noise in the background. A deep male voice answered back that sent chills running up Usagi's spine. "Hello." It wasn't a question.

"This is the Tsukino residence." She said again. "May I ask who's calling?" Static once more and then…

"Serenity…" The voice was small but the words were sure. Usagi suddenly became fully awake, and gripped onto the phone tightly.

"Who is this?" She demanded.

The male voice chuckled. "You will be mine… Serenity." With a sharp intake of breath, Usagi threw the phone down. She stepped backward only to trip and come crashing onto the floor with a loud thud. Her eyes were wide as though she has just seen a ghost, her immobile body frozen to the woodened floor.

She eyed the phone carefully as it sat right across from her. Slowly she made to reach for it, her body inching more and more towards it.

"I'll be watching you." The voice called again. Shrieking and in an attempt to back away, she hit the phone off the stand causing it to go completely dead. A hand made its way onto her shoulder as she jumped and let out a small yelp.

"Honey what's the matter?" Her mother asked.

"You almost gave me a heart attack with that crash and then your wailing." Her brother had also come down from his room, followed closely by her father and a small black cat. The whole Tsukino family was looking at her in worry.

"Er-" Usagi didn't have any idea what to say as their eyes traveled to the broken phone on the floor. "I was hungry and- saw a bug." She added quickly glancing at the phone.

"Arg are you serious?" Shingo Tsukino rubbed his head. "You idiot, in that case I'm going back to bed." He muttered to himself as he ran back upstairs, slamming his door closed.

"Don't mind him." Ikuko said patting her on the head. Kenji walked over to the phone and sighed.

"Guess we'll have to replace this soon." He said.

"I'm sorry Papa." Usagi said getting to her feet.

"We'll worry about it tomorrow, right now Usagi needs to go back to bed." Ikuko gave her a slight nudge towards the stairs. "And Usagi?" She added as Usagi began running from the hallway.


"No more late night snacks."


Once in her room Usagi quickly got back into bed, covering her face with the sheets and turning her back toward the door. Luna walked in behind her and pounced up on the bed. "Why did you lie back there?" She asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Came a muffled voice.

"You weren't really getting more snacks were you?" She could feel Luna curl back up into a ball in the end of her bed.

"Of course I did, why would I lie?" She said.

"If you say so." Luna layed her head down and went back to bed while Usagi only wish she could. What the heck was going on?

RING RING RING! This time it really was Usagi's alarm clock telling her to get up. Shivering from the mornings cold, she got up, slipped off her clothing and tip toed into the shower as quietly as possible.

With warm water wringing off her body she thought to herself, that last night had never really happened. Drying off, she went back to her room hurriedly grabbing clothes and putting her uniform on before styling her hair. Instead of staying for breakfast she took her lunch and went straight for school early knowing that if she stayed her dad and brother would bug her about the night before.

Something felt off to her though. It was if, she had heard the cool male voice somewhere before. But it wasn't a sense of happy familiarity she received from it. It was something dark and cold that made her skin crawl. Lost in thought, she came to a sudden realization of where her feet had carried her and smiled.

"Even when I'm not thinking about him I always end up by him." Ten second after ringing the bell to his apartment, a sleepy Mamoru came to the door. His hair wasn't brushed and he wasn't in his uniform yet. Mamoru blinked in surprise.

"Usa-Ko? What are you doing up this early or, am I late?" Usagi slumped down slightly in his doorway.

"Hey! That's mean." She crossed her arms. Mamoru smiled.

"I'm sorry, come in." Mamoru led Usagi in through the door showing her a place to sit at the kitchen table. After he was done scrambling around in the kitchen, he brought over a plate to her. "You're early so, I suppose you haven't eaten yet." He sat a plate of sausage, rice, egg, and toast in front of her. Usagi looked delighted.

"Oh, wow Mamo-chan! Thank you!" Usagi dove right in enjoying every bite. Mamoru just sat there staring at her. A giggle slipped out as Usagi consumed the food. She noticed this and looked up at him, her face covered in rice.

"What?" She asked him. "What are you looking at that's so funny?"

"Nothing, just thinking how beautiful you are." He replied. Usagi turned as red as a ripe cherry tomato. Seeing this he went and sat next to her, holding her in his arms. "And now that the battles are over, we can finally be together." He wiped away the small grains of race from her face with his thumb.

"I love you." Usagi wrapped her arms around him.

"I love you too." They sat there doing nothing but embracing each other. Neither of them wanted to go to school now that they had each other in their arms. Usagi knew she had to tell Mamoru that this might not last for long. She just had to tell him about that phone call last night, but she didn't want to let go of the peace. To him…holding her, in peace.

Usagi started to open her mouth to say something when the door came flying open. Both of them turned their heads to see a familiar black cat with a golden crescent moon on its forehead, Luna, panting and out of breath. "Usagi! Get out here quick!" Luna managed to get out.

"What's wrong?" Usagi broke the hold she had of Mamoru and pushed herself off the ground.

"There's no time to explain, just hurry!" Without looking back to see if Usagi had done as she instructed or not, she started running. Mamoru followed Usagi out the door after putting on some shoes and quickly grabbing his robe. They were running back in the direction of Usagi's house, and high above tree and housetops, Usagi could make out a dark cloud of smoke. Fear took a hold of her.

Turning a corner they finally reached her house, confirming what she had thought. There before her was her house engulfed in flames. Usagi quickly turned around and looked down at Luna. "Mom and Dad-"

"They got out in time." She cut in. Usagi looked back at her house.

"How could this be happ-HEH!" A whole new feeling of panic flooded Usagi's mind. She grabbed her chest. "No, how could I have been so stupid?"

"Usagi whats-" Mamoru started.

"My locket!" She screamed. "The Silver Crystal is in there!"


"I have to go get it!"

Mamoru grabbed onto her arm to stop her from going any further. "Are you crazy? If you go in there you'll die!"

"And if it burns I'll die as well!" She argued with him.

She knocked his grip away and continued to run into the blaze as shouts of her name and the closening sounds of sirens echoed behind her.

The heat was intense as she fought the flames into her room. Dropping to her hands and knees she peered under her bed and grabbed a small pink box. Opening it she grabbed what was inside. Making it back downstairs Usagi and was about to head outside when to her horror, something rang behind her.

She turned slowly, only to see the broken phone sitting on the stand in the hallway, ringing. It was impossible, but…. She made her way to it, picking the hot plastic piece up in her hands and bringing it to her lips once more.

"H-hello." She stuttered.


"Who are you?" She shouted into the phone.

"Heh, have you forgotten me so soon?" Came the chilling voice. "I remember you… Neo Queen Serenity…" The voice laughed darkly wherever it was on the other end. Throwing the phone to the ground, Usagi emerged slightly burnt and coughing from the smoke. Mamoru and Luna ran over to her as the fire department moved her away from the house, tended to her wounds and gave her fresh oxygen.

"Idiot!" Luna said once the fire department decided Usagi would be fine and left her side. "What on earth were you thinking?" Usagi didn't move keeping her gaze downward. "You could have been killed! Honestly Usagi, forgetting the crystal after all this time of owning it…" She continued to stare blankly at the ground.

"Usagi whats wrong with you?" Mamoru asked.

"You've been acting odd since you got that weird phone call last night." Luna said.

"What weird phone call?" Mamoru asked. "Is there something you're not telling me?" Usagi bit her lip and glared at Luna for saying anything infront of Mamoru.

Usagi lowered her head again, and smiled weakly. "I really wanted the peace to last this time." Mamoru and Luna looked at her with concern. "But I have this feeling, and I don't want it to be true…" She tightened her grip around the locket. "It can't be true anyway, right?"

"Usagi what on Earth?" Mamoru leaned down when a fire fighter started walking toward them.

"Excuse me Miss… Tsukino?" He asked, confirming this was indeed her house.

"Yes?" She asked weakly.

"A lot of things were lost in the fire, but we managed to grab a few things." He handed over a box full of random items, most of which were burnt. "Don't worry, those aren't all of them, just some. We'll hand the rest over as well. And Im sure we'll find more as we clean up."

He turned back to go as Usagi dug around the box in her lap. "Usagi-" Mamoru tried to continue to talk but it didn't matter, Usagi wasn't listening anymore. Silently, she began to shake. The box slipped out of hand and fell to the ground, all of its contents pouring out of it. "Usagi!" She also slipped to the ground. Mamoru grabbed her easing her down.

On the floor among the broken necklaces, jewelry, pieces of furniture, picture frames, CDs and burnt magazines, a small dark and shining rock rolled over face up. Etched deep within it was a small black crescent moon. Luna looked at it with a fearful face of confusement. "That looks like-" She turned her face back to Usagi whose mouth hung open as if it confirmed her worst nightmare.

"It can't be…" Between the rushing around of firemen, the gossiping neighbors, and the Tsukino family running over to their daughter no one saw in the distance over the house, a dark shadow rising.

Authors Note:
As most of you know this has been in the works since 2000, started being written in 2004, and is still being written. I do advise you to re-read it, as some new changes will tie into the plot line later on, sorry I cant help it. I've revised chapters 1-10 and am now editing them, making any FINAL changes. At the same time, chapter 11 is 5 pages in progress. Updates about any stories progress can be found on my profile in my UPDATES section under my bio. Or follow me on twitter! Thanks!