"Let's end this game Demando! No more acts!" She hollered. "I believe I put you in check! Your move!

Chapter 14

The Final Chapter

"Heh." The white prince cracked a smile. "All an act- I see now. Blinded by lust, and wishful thinking…"

"I'll never want you." Sailor Moon growled.

"You really think you can stand up to me? I've already beaten you down more than once."

"Then try me. Should be easy."

"Princess." He grimaced. "You've always played hard to get."

"I'm not playing." The wingless Eternal Sailor Moon held out her hand, summoning her wand to her. "Not anymore! Starlight Honeymoon Therapy!"

"What makes you think-" Prince Demando quickly conjured an attack. Two brilliant lights clashed in mid air, each holding their own. The lights cancelled each other out with a thunderous roar, causing the ground to tremble. "That this time will be any different?"

"Then why do you seem so nervous?!" She lowered her eyes and Demando his, his left hand brushing his pocket as he did so. "Something tells me you're not so immortal with that thing on you!"

"So you do know what it is…" He hissed.

"A guess, after seeing Safiel only truly die once he had that in his hand!" Eternal Sailor Moon threw her scepter in front of her, sending sparks towards him. Demando leapt to his side as quickly as he could; but before he could rest she sent another. With no reaction time, he leapt again, skidding across the floor and back against the wall. He lunged forward, using his hand to propel him. Eternal Sailor Moon just managing to side step the attack, Demando's hand crashed into the wall. He swung his arm outward, causing the rubble from the collision to cascade onto Sailor Moon's head. She quickly scurried from the ground, but not before Demando could reach out and grab some hair. He yanked her downward onto the hard floor, instantaneously trying to pin himself on top of her. His hands pressed firmly against her wrists, Sailor Moon kicked upward, successfully slamming into his groin. With a loud wheezing of pain, she shoved him off of her and regained balance on her feet, lengthening the distance between them and holding out her wand. The prince smirked from beneath her weapon.

"You fight so valiantly, but what for? Your world is decaying."

"I'll revive it."

"Your friends are gone. Your lover is gone."

"… "

"Not even Neo Queen Serenity could change that."


"Will you take another lover, and still strive for Crystal Tokyo? Who will be council at your side? Stay here with me, that is your only feasible option. We will be King and Queen of this planet."

"I want nothing to do with the type of planet you're interested in, and I don't want you at my side. I'd rather be alone!"

Prince Demando seized her ankle, burning it with his power. She gasped, dropping her rod. Stealing his chance, he kicked it across the room, and kicked himself up from the floor. Her hands were too preoccupied with the wound to block the oncoming attack. Demando's hand had found her side, where her injury from their first encounter had never fully healed. He dug his fingers into it, causing Sailor Moon to double over in pain. Despite that, she reached around and put her hands on his, trying desperately to throw them off of her. They stood in a grid lock, whimpers of pain continuously escaping her lips. He dug deeper, and she cried louder, but instead of trying to pry harder, her hands dropped from his, and instead reached for his pocket. Her fingertips had barely caressed the lining before in a violent motion, she was suddenly thrown forward.

"Never!" He shouted. "You'll never touch it! You'll never destroy me!"

"You took my crystal! Why shouldn't I take yours?! That's what it is, isn't it? Your life source! You're no true immortal!" She shouted. "No matter what happens, no matter if it's this crystal, or my crystal, your soul will never be like mine! Eternal life will never be yours! Earth will never be yours! And I will never be yours!"

"SHUT UP!" Demando roared maddeningly. A giant wave of energy began to bubble in front of him, growing larger and larger, till it was bigger than his entire body. Sailor Moon didn't hesitate; she turned on a dime and ran for her wand. Full of Demando's anger, it hurdled after her, ripping the floor to pieces right at her heels. She only managed to grab onto her wand, when it ripped into her.

"Eiyahh!" She howled as the wave passed over her, collapsing to the floor as the blow continued on its rampage, only dissipating when it hit the wall with a giant crack. Torn to shreds, Sailor Moon had once again been knocked to the ground, her whole body aching, lying in smears of her own blood. Her will strong, she stretched out a shaky and damaged arm, inching towards her scepter. As her fingers wrapped around it, Demando's foot crumpled her hand. She recoiled it in agony, but quickly thrust it back outward, filling her hands with Demando's clothing as she tried to stop him from pinning her. His hands found her wrists, his knees her legs, and his chest her chest. She panted heavily to take in air, and soon tasted the all too familiar sensation of Demando's breath, and something warm erupted from his mouth into hers. Drops of blood dribbled down to her chin, just before her head snapped sideways. She had bit hard down onto his tongue, and in fury he had retaliated. Slowly, she moved her head back into place, pure determination glaring back at him through her eyes. He was startled. "Prince Demando, that is the last time, you will ever, touch me."

"What are you- er- " His words caught in his throat, unable to speak. Something felt wrong. He looked down and saw it, a black crystal, tightly interlocked in Sailor Moon's bloodied hand. "You! When did you?!"

She squeezed it harder, making Demando pause in his actions to snatch it away. Harder. Harder. And harder. Demando began to scream, his body pulsating light. Tighter. Harder. More blood began to coast down her wrists.

"Y-you-u- " The prince stuttered through gritted teeth, shakily, he staggered to reach out and touch her.

Eternal Sailor Moon forced her eyes shut, trying to squeeze even harder onto the small rock in her hand. Please! She thought. Please! Visions of her friends danced through her mind. They were all waving at her, encouraging her. Mamoru was there, smiling. "Usako…" he said. "PLEASE!" She shouted aloud. A bright white light engulfed her, streaming outward in every direction. Her hands glowed with the power of Silver Crystal, and she suddenly felt stronger than ever before.

"N-o-" The Prince's voice wobbled, cutting in and out like a bad radio signal. "Yo-u- ar-e m-m-min-" His hand was an inch away from caressing her face. Her eyes shot open, just in time to see. Her hands smashed together, and the black crystal exploded into bits. A huge gust of wind swallowed up the room, and slowly, but ever so surely, Demando's body faded into dust. Their eyes met for one last time, her royal blue, and his deep violet, before he completely, faded away, taking Sailor Moon's long, long nightmare, with him…

The ground began to tremble, the golden castle falling apart all around her into ruins. She couldn't move, too weak from her injuries and the use of Silver Crystal. She closed her eyes and pressed her face against the soothing cold floor. "I told you…" she whispered, "you would never touch me again…"

She laid there in silence, listening to the walls around her come crumbling to an end, when she heard in the distance, small laughter. It grew louder until she could hear it as if it was right next to her, or at least, in the same room as her… She moved her head in the direction of the sound and saw she had company.

"Well done." A male voice spoke from underneath a black cloak. "Finally… I thought that annoying prince would never die…" She had seen him before, down in the room full of green light.

"You" Sailor Moon drove her scepter into the ground, tying to prop herself up in support. "You're the one who brought him back, aren't you?"

The grim cloaked figure smiled. His long spidery hands webbed around his hood, and traced it downward. If not for the wear of aging, and scarring upon his face, one day long ago he may of even been a handsome man, or something near it.

"In the star system I am from, I am known as Doll Maker."

"All the maids, their family-"

"All my creations." He interjected. "Of course, but some more advanced than others."

"What did you do?"

"As you know very well your highness, the soul is not kin to one body. I merely created a suitable enough habitat where the prince's soul could reside. That, as well as fragments from their once dark crystal, is what kept the fool alive."

"Then…" Sailor Moon said. "I never really killed him?"

"I am afraid dear princess, that while you believed to have killed him and the dark crystal in all their entirety, you failed. Upon the time of his death, his will was so great his soul seemed to attach itself to a piece of dark crystal, not fully destroyed, floating in a kind of limbo until I could come and harvest it."

The wingless Eternal Sailor Moon placed a shaky hand over her mouth. "That's what he meant isn't it?!" She exclaimed. "When he said that I had brought him back-"

"It was his will to be with you, that allowed him to rise again."

A moment of relief washed over her body. So her future self, Neo Queen Serenity had not physically brought him back after all. "But, what about the others?" She asked in confusion. "I know we killed them! They had no desire like Demando."

Doll Maker studied over his prey, a slight glint of surprise in his eyes. "You know nothing of the cauldron and its workings, do you?"


"Hahaha!" Doll Maker let out a roar of laughter. "Serenity, the most important soul in all the galaxies, bestowed with the power of rebirth, knows nothing of the cauldron?! You either mock me princess, or are kept sheltered by your own planet. Either way, it doesn't matter now…this planet is about to be reborn under my name! Not that pesky prince, and not you!"

"I don't get it." Sailor Moon gritted her teeth. "You never really wanted him around in the first place did you?"

"This was never about that juvenile prince!" Doll Maker spat. "This has always been about one thing alone, your power! I will take it, and use it as my own!"

"No!" She managed to press down all her weight onto her staff, using it as a kick off post to roll across the floor, missing Doll Makers firey attack by an inch.

"Ohhh." Doll Maker cooed. "Still some fight in you after all." He summoned more fire into his hands, their reflections dancing back in Sailor Moons eyes. Suddenly, it dawned on her.

"The fire at my house… the reason I found his crystal there…"

"Ah, a failed attempt to find the Silver Crystal I'm afraid, and a small gift to you, the Prince's life."

"It was you who gave me the crystal from the very beginning. You wanted me to kill him in the end." She said slightly shocked. "Tell me one more thing Doll Maker." Eternal Sailor Moon panted. Her wounds had far from healed and it would take everything she had just to counter him. "Why not just come at me yourself? Why make Demando do all the work if you hated him so much, or were you really just that lazy?"

"Sadly, it was an agreement I had to keep, in order to even get close to you."

Agreement? She thought.

"Now however, my power is great alone, and you stand weak before me!"

"Ugh." Sailor Moon plunged to her side as Doll Maker sent more fire in her direction. The action had caused the wound in her side to reopen, making her plummet back to the cold golden ground, only feet from her original location.

"What do you want from me?" She coughed.

"You will give me your crystal"

"I'll die first."

"And be with your friends first, is that it? While they may even be what you want at this point, I am afraid I cannot let that happen. See, once you disappear, the crystal does too, and I need it. It doesn't look like it will take much, to simply knock you out of my way and take your crystal off your body."

"Don't underestimate me." She held up her wand unsteadily. Doll Maker erupted into laughter.

"Look at you!" He roared. "Covered in your own blood, torn to shreds, and still wingless, yet you stand there thinking you can take me! I admire that princess! I truly do! I cannot wait to take that power that drives you! That with the Sapphire Crystal, I cannot wait to see what happens!"

"Sapphire Crystal?"

"Ah, the Sapphire Crystal. A crystal to rival that of the Silver Crystal. Your sheltered arrogance shows more and more Moon Princess. It was with the borrowed power of the Sapphire Crystal via my arrangement, that I was able to combine it with the Dark Crystal to give Demando life, and make him stronger than ever before."

"Th-there's no way!" Eternal Sailor Moon shouted. Her arm began to ache as she held out her wand, but she knew she couldn't lower it, she had to be prepared. "Even with the power of some other crystal, only Neo Queen Serenity-"

"Only Neo Queen Serenity has the power of rebirth, blah, blah, yes, yes." Doll Maker shook his head and shrugged. "But!" He lifted up a finger excitedly, fire still dancing on the end of it. "That is, true rebirth." At Sailor Moon's blank stare Doll Maker started to pace, his face full of exaggerated remorse. "Oh, Serenity! We must get you off of this rock!" He spun his hand in a circle and held out his palm, the flames in his hand had turned a bright green.

"The torches…"

"False Life!" Doll Maker said proudly. "Or more correctly, Flame of Light. The taking of a soul and placing it inside of a fake body usually made of dirt, soil, and bone. A loop hole to reincarnation, and a dark art, sadly, banned throughout the galaxies. I believe Neo Queen Serenity herself, reinstated its ban in the Milky Way. It's only drawback, taking some of the spell caster's life force as well…" He flexed his spidery hands. "I have a whole collection of wonderful works, as signatured by my feathered earrings."

"You sound mad!" Eternal Sailor Moon chanted. "It's only drawback? Sucking the life from whoever casts it? Using a soul like that? The soul is holy, that's desecrating it!"

Doll Maker smiled, the fire in his hands turned back to orange. "Spoken, like the true future protector. Now, your highness, please don't make this any harder on yourself than it needs to be, you've already been through so much."

Sailor Moon placed her other hand on her staff to keep it steady, even as her knees began to wobble from her standing on them far too long. "I'll keep fighting, till I die."

"Or until you're knocked out! Hiyahh!" She managed to ward off the first set of flames, but he was quick, shooting one after another, almost simultaneously. The second set of flames licked the back of her skirt, the third hitting her back, and the fourth hitting her side. Her right shoulder flew into the wall and she instinctively turned over the wall to doge another set that smashed into where she just recently was. Crunch! Crunch!

"Heh!" Sailor Moon gasped and jumped as far away as she could. A giant chunk of the ceiling had given way and collapsed, splitting the ground open. Debris rained down on the pair as they attacked, and evaded, one another. Finally, with a thunderous groan of the walls, the entire ceiling above began to fall towards them. Both Doll Maker and Sailor Moon ran in opposite directions. She grabbed onto what was left of the doorway and yanked herself through, a cloud of dust from behind swallowing her whole. She collapsed coughing. "Got to… get out of here…" She wheezed. The halls, or what she could only assume were once hallways, were filled with a blinding amount of dust. The Moon Princess ran her hand along the wall to try and feel her way out, and stumbled into a giant opening. Only partial walls stood, the ground was littered with wreckage, but the dust had settled here. She could look out and see into sky. While the castle was falling, the sky had not changed a shade back to its original blue. "I must defeat Doll Maker"… clack… "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy!"

She did not hesitate. At the sound of another person in the room, she swung around and attacked.

"Guyyahh!" Doll Maker grunted as it hit. She swung her scepter again, hitting him with her magic, but only grazing him.

"Arrhhh!" In the blink of an eye, his hand was wrapped around her throat, her feet inches from the ground. Upon closer inspection, Eternal Moon saw she had blinded him in one eye. Wand still in hand, she swung it downward, clubbing him hard in the face above his only good eye. He threw her back in agony, causing her to go bouncing about the building fragments.

"I gave you Demando's life!" Doll Maker shouted. "You owe me!"

"Un-" She felt dead. The weight of her body was more than she could carry. Her legs were dead to her now; they would no longer support her weight. She wrestled with her moon rod, but it hurt just to grip it. Gradually, she pulled herself up onto a hunk of castle so she could look up. "I. Owe you. Nothing."

"It was on my orders I had those maids move his crystal to you! I knew where he was hiding it, but he put a protection spell around it specifically to ward me off!"

"You. Put me. Through hell!" Sailor Moon gasped. "You should have. Not have. Been a coward! And killed him yourself! Or never. Brought him. Back! If you want me. Come get me. Stop. Striking deals. Of Power. And sending. Others. After me! Yourself!" She coughed heavily into her arm.

"Happily." Doll Maker lowered his eyes. He crossed his arms in front of him. Sparks shot in every direction, and soon flames of fire burst outward. A ring of it surrounded Sailor Moon, and Doll Maker stepped through the wall unharmed. Eternal Moon, still unable to pick herself up from the ground, rested her hand on her wand.

"Starlight Honeymoon Therapy!" She shouted. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy!" The attacks were easily traceable, and all Doll Maker had to do was step to the side. She painfully grabbed her wand, and did the only thing she could think of do get away. With great effort, she rocked her body into a roll. Bouncing over fragments of debris, she closed her eyes and rolled through her barrier's firey walls. "Arrgnng!" She came to a halt right outside of the flames. Her body curled into a ball.

Doll Maker exited the flames as easily as he had entered. She could feel his feet step right next to her. "Now, what did that do besides hurt yourself?" Eternal Sailor Moon groaned, and tried again to send her body into a roll. "You still fight? Even when all is lost?" He asked, placing his foot down on top of her to stop her.

"I'll fight. Till… die." She raised her head as much as she could and looked at the man before her. Her face was swollen, bruised, and burnt. Ash was mixed with blood and sweat. But her eyes, they caught him off guard. After so much, they burnt brightly with determination. The same eyes that Prince Demando had fallen in love with in the future. And Doll Maker, he found himself wanting to squash that out of her. "Urggnn!" Pain escaped her lips as he stepped over her, took her by her hair, and forced her body upright. His cold lips pressed to her ear.

"This war is over." He cooed. "You've lost."

"N-o." She stuttered. "For as. Long as you. Keep me alive, to- use my crystal. I will. Never. Give up."

"Alive, my dear", Doll Maker grasped tightly onto the golden brooch she wore, causing her to scream. "Is such a loose term! Face reality! There is nothing for you here. You world is gone. Your friends. Everything and everyone. You will live in a frozen state, and serve my needs. That is your only option now! The Silver Crystal is mine! Mine to break free from the Sapphire Crystal and use as my own!"

Eternal Moon smashed her eyes closed, whimpering in pain as Doll Maker took another squeeze of her brooch. Maybe, before he took it away, she could dip into a sound sleep. Would she wake again? Could she fight again?

"Usagi!" Her friends called out to her, as if they were there. "Don't give up!"

"Usako." Mamoru said. "You're strong."

A more distant voice now, somehow detached from this reality. Yumeno's last words. . . "Your friends are not dead! They are-"

The image of a woman, so like Serenity, with long flowing white hair, and a star upon her forehead, reaching out her hand, and filling her with power. . . .


"What was that?" Doll Maker blinked.

"I said no." Sailor Moon's eyes shot open. "My friends never left me! And I will never give up!" The crescent moon on her forehead grew bright, and her brooch began to glow.

"What's- this?!"

"For the crimes you have committed, Doll Maker! You will pay!"

"What?!" Try as he may, the white light was sucking him in. He couldn't get away.

"EIYYAHH!" The white light spewed out like a giant wave, covering everything in sight. All he saw was her fast approaching hand, before Eternal Moon drove her scepter through the chest of Doll Maker.

There was nothing but light, silence, and then…

He starred down at it, momentarily stunned. Soon, laughter. The expression on Sailor Moon's face quickly changed from one of anger, to horror. He gripped onto the wand with force, roughly yanking it from his own body and her hands, throwing it to the side. He towered over her. "Do you really think, that will be enough to- " He swallowed his own words, mouth still open in mid sentence, blood began to gush from it. "Guh." He gurgled. Doll Maker could feel it inside of him, ripping his body apart from the inside out. An invisible hand, wrenching, pulling, and tugging, with massive power behind it. He felt a tickling sensation next to his ear.

"Do you really think I'd sit by and let you take my power for yourself…." It whispered. "Let alone hers…"


"She will be mine….. your purpose is done here now Doll Maker. I have found the weakness I've been looking for… time to go…"

"No!" He shouted. "NO!" In a blinding flash of golden light, Doll Maker was instantly ripped to shreds.

The Silver Crystal faded, and the spot where Doll Maker once stood was empty. Carefully, Eternal Moon was able to stand to her feet. She felt heavier than before, and looked behind her to see her wings. Her final release of power must have restored them. Then she took in her surroundings. The castle was completely vanishing and she imagined, everything including the ship, along with it. She looked up into the sky, becoming bluer and bluer, and far off in the distance, she could hear a bird chirping. Silently, a tear ran the course of her cheek, stopping at her chin. She put her hands to her face, and cried. "Everyone…" The tear, along with many more, fell over her chin and down to the Earth.

"Usagi…" A soft voice called from behind her. She continued to cry, ignoring it. "Usagi-chan…"

"This is cruel," she thought. Even after it was all over, she would still have to listen to her friends' voices, constantly calling out to her, as if they were there.

"Usa-ko…" Mamoru's this time, almost as if he was right behind her. "Usa-ko." Almost as if… She knew she was fooling herself. That if she looked, that no one would be there, but she couldn't resist. She wearily turned around, expecting nothing but the ghostly voices. "Usagi." Mamoru was there, smiling at her. But not only him, her friends were as well, and Chibi-Usa.

"Everyone?" Surely she was imagining things. She was losing it now. Instead of just hearing them in her dreams, now she was seeing them when they didn't really exist.

"We're real you goof!" Rei sighed.

Sailor Moon's heels kicked up dust as she sprinted towards her friends. Her hand outstretched, she waited for her fingers to touch something physical, and they did. She could feel the warmth from Mamoru's body, and she crashed into him.

"How?!" She sobbed. "Your bodies were-"

"Elysion." Chibi-Usa said happily.


"The Earth was suffering, and Helios could feel it." Makoto said. "Through his connection with Mamoru he could feel something happening. He managed to use the last of his power to take our mangled bodies to Elysion to preserve them there, until-"

"Until your heart was strong enough to use the Silver Crystal, and send light powerful enough down into Elysion. It's healing powers revived us." Minako smiled warmly at her.

"Is that why?" Sailor Moon sniffled. "My dreams were-"

"We were always watching over you, Princess." Haruka went up to Eternal Sailor Moon and kissed her hand.

"It's okay." Michiru reassured her. "The nightmare is over."

Eternal Sailor Moon was beside herself. She cried again, taking each one of her friends in her arms at turn. It had been like a giant weight had been lifted from her chest, and yet, not everything felt the same. Something in the back of her mind twinged nervously, almost as if she was forgetting something… something important. A white haired woman, a warning, Doll Maker's pact maker. . . She looked down to see Mamoru take her hand in his, and Chibi-Usa squeezing her arm.

"C'mon! Let's go find Luna and the others." She smiled.

In a blazing moment of warmth and happiness, all was quickly forgotten. She squeezed Mamoru's hand back, and looked happily into Chibi-Usa's eyes. "Yeah." She said. "Let's go home…"


"Tee hee hee…" Somewhere far off in the galaxy, a woman with long flowing hair, was peering into her hologram, watching as the Sailor Senshi all walked away, happily in their own universe.

"Every great power comes with great weakness…" She whispered to no one.

The holographic image changed, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The woman stared at it, her red eyes ablaze with hunger.

"How beautiful . . ." She cooed. "The lights of the Silver Moon Crystal and Golden Crystal."

The image changed again, this time to a giant stunning planet Earth. "It will soon be mine… the light reserved for the ruler of this galaxy. . ."

Authors Note:
I had always planned to tie this fan fiction into the Sailor Stars arc to give it a more, "this could have actually happened" feel to the story. Now if you go back and re-read it, maybe you'll even find a lot more of the Stars hinting throughout the story line. Anyway, that was it. The final chapter. (Took you long enough) I know. I promised it would get done, and it did. Years in the making, this was my first ever fan fiction. I started planning it in 2000. Fifth grade computer class can you believe it?! I was looking up Sailor Moon stuff and got the idea for the story, and started writing it on, get this, my floppy disk. I seriously started writing it and first put it online in 2004. Around 2008 or so, I went back and revised my old chapters, added some content, and started leaning the story towards a more adult manner. And finally, here in 2013, I have finished it, right before I'm going to be going back to school to earn my Bachelors Degree. Speaking of a more adult manner, I did say it last chapter in the author note. The uncut version of Chapter 13 will be available on Adult Fanfiction Dot Net, under the same pen name as here. I really hope you enjoyed, and thank you for sticking with me (if you did) through all this time! I hope to finish my other fanfictions as well, but who knows how long that will actually take with school coming. . . sorry. Thank you for reading! Sayonara!