After the Rain

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Chapter one: "Streetlights"

I turn over onto my side and out of her grip to wipe the sweat beads that have started to drip down the side of my face. Looking at the clock, I wince at the late hour. I shouldn't be awake right now; I should be sleeping in my bed, alone, at home. Turning back to her, I rest my head on her naked chest, savoring the softness of her skin on mine just for the little time left that I will get to touch her. I run my fingers down her arms and start to drift back to realty, remembering that in a few moments I need to get up and leave and tomorrow when I see her it will be as if this never happened. A few more minutes, that's all I need.

I'll think about it when I get home, when the hot water hits my body as I cleanse off yet another night of meaningless sex. I'll think about how I got myself here and how it ever turned into this type of thing. I'll think about how every time we sleep together it depreciates the value of what we once had. As I walk by the flickering streetlights, I'll think about the way we use each other and need each other, and can't get away from this hole that some how we have fallen into. It shouldn't be like this. And every night I leave her I tell myself that I won't do it again. I won't sleep with her and not feel anything. I won't keep trying to pretend that this is only sex. I won't knock on this front door again.

But for now I'll lie next to her and rest my head in the crook of her neck. And I'll try not to think about how people that use each other for sex, usually don't hold each other once they are sated and spent.

A while later she glances down at me, surprised that I'm still here, and I realize that this is probably the longest amount of time that I have stayed after we've gotten what we wanted from each other. I extract myself from her grip; this is about that time when I should get going. It's that time again, time for the shame, time to get up and stand over her and say goodbye. I move to sit on the side of the bed, my back facing her as I slide into my pants. This is the worst part, turning around and looking at her, looking her in the eye and walking away. I hate doing it. Every time, this is what makes me regret it, what makes me decide that I will never be in this bed again. I turn around slowly and look at her softly. She's asleep, her long gorgeous hair fanned out over her pillow. I move closer and run my hand over her sheets, studying her soft features and watching her chest rise and fall. She is still beautiful, even more now than she was when she was mine.

Leaning into her, I gently sweep the hair out of her eyes, letting my finger linger on her face a little longer that it should.

"Abby, I'll see you later." I whisper it into the air and she stirs a little, moving on to her stomach. I then turn to walk out of the room but I am stopped by the sound of her raspy, sleepy voice.

"Carter" I walk back to the bed and she opens her eyes before speaking again. "Could you turn the light off and lock the door behind you?" I nod my head and she closes her eyes again before I flick off the light and walk out of her bedroom and out of her apartment for the last time.

AN: Okay, I know this is dark but I think it's a good start for something pretty original. It will be carby eventually, but I wanted to start off with some good old fashion angst. This story is going to be a bit different than anything I have done. There will be some flashbacks to explain what happened before this scene. This fic will also have shorter chapters so I will be able to write this story and my other, The Lonely Hearts Cub, at the same time. Thanks for reading and don't forget to tell me what you think!