"Freak alert." Harmony muttered, causing Cordelia to look up.

"What? Oh, yay, it's Buffy. Just what I need." Rolling her eyes, she turned to face the Slayer with her arms crossed. "What do you want?"

"God, I hate you!"

"Oh, that hurts! Too bad. And yet somehow I'll find the will to live."

"I don't think so. I'm so gonna kill you!" Puling her arm back, she hit Cordelia in the face, blood pouring on her fist, a smirk on her face.

"You bitch!" Hand raising to her face, she presses it to her nose to stop the blood flow, eyes tearing from the obvious pain.

"Come on, Cordy. Leave the phyco, we've got stuff we need to do." Tugging her free arm, her friends led her to the bathroom, glairing at the fuming girl behind them as Willow and Xander ran up to her to see why she attacked her.


"What's her deal, anyway?" Aurora wondered, pulling paper towels out from the dispenser, and running them under the water.

"You mean a lunatic like her needs a reason to go nuts?" Harmony asked sarcastically, helping Cordelia up onto the sink.

"Well, you know how I was a little late getting to the Bronze last night?" Her friends nodded. "I was at her house, helping de-freak her sister. She's twelve, so I think there's a chance I can save her from becoming like Buffy."

"Cool! That is cool, right?" Harmony nodded, looking in awe at Cordelia.

"Completely. It's like community service! Is she cute?"

"The cutest. I'm taking her out for ice-cream after school, and I'm going to show her how to use the makeup I bought her last night. She didn't say anything, but I could tell she has no idea how to use it." The blonde made a face.

"And she's twelve? You got there just in time. So, can we go with?"

"Out for ice cream?"

"Yeah." Wincing in pain, she smiled as Harmony handed her the damp paper towels, and brought them to her face.

"Sure." Sighing, she lifted her compact to see what she looked like. "God, what right does she have?" Putting the tiny mirror back into her purse, she hopped down, and began to root through it. "Anyone got toner?"