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Chapter 4

The next day, Kimira, Cole, and Pika reached the Cerulean Fire Gym.

"Please, Kimira, don't go in there. I'm begging. I don't beg, ever, but I'm begging now. Please don't go in there," Cole said.

"Ah, so little bro's returned. I doubt you've made it big yet. So why are you back? Give up?" A teenage boy with red-orange hair and green eyes said, stepping out the door.

"Actually, Jason, I think he just wanted to introduce his girlfriend," another teenage boy said from behind him. This boy had black hair and dark eyes.

"She is not my girlfriend!" Cole insisted, red as a beet.

"oh, really? Then why are you so red?" a third boy (brown hair, green eyes) said, coming up beside Cole. Cole blushed harder.

"Look, you're all wrong. Her Pikachu destroyed my mountain bike, so I'm following her until she pays me back for it. Just so happens, she needs a badge from the gym," Cole said calmly.

"Well, a bunch of trainers have been coming recently, and we're out of Pokemon," Jason said.

"Even David?" Cole asked.

"Even me," the boy with brown hair said.

"And Seth?" Cole asked, getting nervous.

"Yep," the boy with black hair said.

"Don't tell me you expect me to battle," Cole said.

"Yep," Jason, Seth, and David said together.

Oh, God. This is NOT good. Cole thought. "alright. I'll battle," he said.