A young witch opened the door to her office. On the door hung a golden plate. 'Commitee of Azkaban' it said.

Hermione Granger ordened her many roles of parchment, put down her cup of tea and sat down. She yawned and opened the first parchment of the pile. Only one raised eyebrow showed that she was surprised to read the name Lucius Malfoy on the top of the parchment.

She had last seen him in the Department of Mysteries five years ago. He had never been released from Azkaban, even though his son had done a great effort to hire the most respectable lawyers.

Hermione had finished her education at Hogwarts and she had found a job at the Ministry of Magic. Harry had found his future on the Quidditch field of Puddlemere United, still fighting against Voldemort who seemed to be immortal, and Ron worked together with his father at the Department of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts.

Last week, Hermione had been given the case of 'The Lost Death Eaters'. It was a large document about Death Eaters who had never been caught or identified. It was Hermione's task to find as many of those Death Eaters as she could. One way to gain that information was to ask for the help of imprisoned Death Eaters. She had received full cooperation of Azkaban, which was now protected by Aurors and a few Dementors who Dumbledore forced with great magic to stay. The rest of the creatures had joined Voldemort.

Hermione had been very happy to accept the case, but now that she saw the name Malfoy, she hesitated. How often hadn't Malfoy offended her in a very crude way, probably even wishing she would be killed? Hermione shook her head. No, she didn't have to fear that man anymore. He was safely in Azkaban, probably only a shadow of what he used to be, thanks to those terrible Dementors.

Hermione looked at the parchment. It was full of names of people he had killed, his family background and a picture of him, holding a plate in front of him with runes and numbers on it. Although pictures in the wizarding could move, the pictured Lucius stood perfectly still. Only his cold grey eyes blinked now and then.

Hermione stared at the picture. There was something about that man. She didn't know what exactly. The witch narrowed her eyes, it were those eyes, they had something mysterious. You could never guess from them what the man felt or thought. It seemed like these eyes were from a predator, a snake. They hypnotized the victim before the hunter attacked.

The young witch smiled to herself. She was giving her fantasy too much freedom again. She yawned again and before she knew it, she fell asleep on top of the parchment.

It was a strange dream. Wizards in black cloaks surrounded her, their wands were glowing. The wizards hid their face in the shadow. The floor was covered with green water, in which serpents swam.

Hermione ran away through a corridor until she ran into a gate. The gate opened with a creepy sound and Hermione went inside. She had entered a large room with nothing in it, except for some candles. The gate slammed shut without a sound and Hermione saw the walls closing in on her. Suddenly, she felt a cold breeze in her neck. She turned around and stood face to face with Lucius Malfoy. He came towards her and pushed her against a wall.

"Let me go!" she screamed.

Lucius didn't answer, he only took her wrists and pushed them behind her back. He towered over her, his face only inches away.

"Afraid?" he whispered.

"Not of you." Hermione bit.

With the quickness of a snake, Lucius pushed his body hard against hers. He took a knife and raised his hand to strike.

"So sorry Hermione." he said. "Hermione...Hermione..."

Her name kept echooing in the darkness, until she woke up with a scream. Hermione looked up and stared straight into two grey eyes. She thought she was still dreaming, until...

"Good morning mudblood!" Draco Malfoy said.

Ok first chapter, a little short but...let me know what you think of it! Ravenklauw