Hermione's rage

Four wizards shot ropes around Lucius and took him out of the chamber. Hermione thought it was a little cruel. He did surrender after all. Just when she wanted to leave the room too, an eagle-owl came flying in. He dropped a letter on the desk and flew away again.

Hermione looked around, no one was in the room for the moment. She quickly went to the desk and put the letter in her pocket. Just in time, 'cause a wizard entered the room and said she had to follow him.

Lucius woke up. He knew immediately where he was: bloody Hogwarts. He rose from his chair and looked outside. He was imprisoned in the highest tower of the castle, yet he couldn't feel lower. That Granger…how did she manage to catch him? Why hadn't he seen immediately what was going on? Something had blinded him and he was way too stubborn to admit what exactly. Lucius thoughts where interrupted by Severus Snape, who entered the room. The door was locked right after Snape closed it.

"I thought you could use some company." Snape said.

"Maybe yes." Lucius answered. He pointed that Snape could take a seat.

The two Death Eaters, one still active and the other resigned long ago, didn't speak much. It was strange to see the good and bad site of the wizarding community in front of each other, quietly chatting, but the men's friendship had never altered. That's why Snape always stuck up for Draco.

In another part of the castle, Hermione sat in a couch in front of an empty fireplace. She had the envelope in her hand. There were runes written on it. Hermione could translate it into 'Lucius M'. Curious as she was, she opened the envelope. It contained an empty piece of parchment. There had to be a secret message on it. Hermione tried every spell she could, but no message appeared. She was wondering whether she should bring the message to Lucius.

She had a good reason why not to: Lucius wouldn't be pleased to see her coming and would probably try to hurt her where-ever he could.Yet still, Hermione had to fight the urge of wanting to give Lucius the letter. She didn't know why, it was an uncomfortable feeling she got from it.

Minerva McGonagall entered Hermione's room.

"The Headmaster would like to have a word with you." she said. McGonagall wasn't as friendly as she was before.

'What bad name have I received in the wizarding world', Hermione thought.

She nodded and followed McGonagall outside. They didn't walk to the office of Dumbledore, but went outside. Hermione wondered why. They walked to a bench at the edge of the lake. Dumbledore sat on the bench with his face to the lake. His robes and beard waved in the wind. Hermione was left behind by McGonagall and she walked to the lake.

"Please take a seat, Hermione." Dumbledore said without looking at her. Hermione did.

"I know you have a lot of questions to ask," Dumbledore said, "So fire away."

Hermione didn't know where to start. Questions…she had none and a whole bunch in the same time. Did she dare to ask Dumbledore?

Hermione gathered all her courage and asked: "Why did you send me to catch Lucius, when he could've easily killed me?"

Her anger from the last days rose again.

"Dear Miss Granger, your name was getting a bad touch in our world. I know how noble it was of you to free a man who has insulted you all his life. But no wizard would ever have agreed with you. To catch Lucius again, your name would be purified again and you wouldn't risk to be taken to Azkaban." Dumbledore said.

Hermione thought about it for a moment, then she asked: "Why didn't you come with me?"

"How unbelievable it may sound, I had other urgent things to take care of. Dark things are stirring, and it needed all of my attention. And I thought you would do fine, you're such a skilled witch."

"And why not send another wizard with me?"

Dumbledore went silent for a moment. He looked at the giant squid who waved his tentacles in the air. It was the first time in her life that Hermione saw hesitation in Dumbledore's eyes.

"If I would've send another wizard with you, the Dagger Magician wouldn't have risked to attack you and Lucius wouldn't have come to help you…"

"You used me as bait?" Hermione yelled.

"Don't take it that way, Miss Granger…"

"I will take it the way I want! You toy with other people lifes!"

"I understand you're upset right now, but please take a look at the things you've prevented with that."

"I've prevented what? Are you finally going to tell me what's going on?"

"Miss Granger, I received a prophecy. The prophecy said that if Lucius would join Voldemorts site, this time Voldemort would become invincible. That's something I had to prevent. When I heared that you were going to Azkaban to talk to Lucius, I was afraid that he was going to influence you with his story about what happened once. I was right, that's why I didn't want you to get in contact with Lucius again. You would get too influenced. The rest of the story you know."

Hermione was dumbstruck. Was this the man she'd always admired? No matter what explanation he gave her. He had experimented with her life. An incredible rage made itself master of her. She stood up and wanted to run away, but Dumbledore took her sleave.

"If you want to run, I cannot stop you. But first give that letter in your pocket to me."

"Why should I? It's none of your business what's in that letter!" Hermione shouted. She ripped her sleave out of Dumbledores hand and ran away.

"Don't give that to Lucius! Your future and ourswill beruined if you do that!" Dumbledore shouted to her retreating back. Hermione didn't listen.

Dumbledore fell back on the bench, really exhausted for the first time in his life. Fawkes landed beside him.

"Fawkes, I've lost Miss Granger's confidence," Dumbledore whispered, "You must prevent that she will visit Lucius. I cannot lock her up in her room. Because by doing that, my last hope that she will trust me ever again will totally disappear."

Fawkes nodded and flew away, leaving a sad old man behind. The Phoenix flew to the window of Hermione's room. He saw her sit in the couch, looking to the burning fire in the fireplace. She didn't move, only her eyes blinked now and then. Fawkes made it himself as comfortable as he could in the chilly wind and kept observing her every minute of the night.

But Fawkes was deceived…

Hermione checked her clock, her Double Spell would work until six o'clock in the morning. Then her 'twin sister' in the couch would fade away. She ran through the dungeons of Hogwarts with an Invisibility Cloak wrapped around her. She had secretly stolen it from Harry. The same with his Marauders Map. She could see Lucius pacing in his room. Snape was also there. She had found a secret passage to the tower via the dungeons. That way, she wouldn't pass much wizards. She held the letter for Lucius firmly in her hand.

After taking many stairs, she arrived at Lucius' door. She wanted to knock on the door, but hesitated for a moment. Would she give the letter? The last words of Dumbledore had haunted in her head. Out of confusion, she knocked on the door. The door opened a little, no chance to turn back right now. She slowly opened the door and entered.

Lucius narrowed his eyes when he saw who had entered.

"Out!" he hissed.

"Lucius…" Snape reasoned.

Lucius walked over to Hermione and towered over her. With the quickness of a cobra he put his wrist around her throat.

"What do you want?" he bit.

"I…I got a letter for you," Hermione whispered, "It's probably from your son."

She showed him the letter. Lucius let go of her throat and took the letter. He quickly ripped it open and started to read something Hermione couldn't see. Apparently the blank letter had something important written on it, because Lucius raised an eyebrow and gave the letter to Snape. The potion master read the letter too and said: "Oh God."

"Severus I have to get away from here, immediately!" Lucius said.

"Impossible Lucius," Snape answered, "Maybe the boy can get himself out of trouble. I can't let you go."

"What's wrong?" Hermione asked.

She caught Lucius attention. His eyes went wide open and then he did something no one had expected.

"Accio wand!" he shouted.

Snape's wand shot out of his pocket and flew to Lucius hand. Lucius took Hermione by her robes and put the wand against her head.

"This way, Dumbledore can't blame you of anything." Lucius said to Snape.

"Right, I'll come to your aid as soon as possible." Snape said.

"You know where it's located don't you?" Lucius asked.

"I know." Snape answered.

Lucius nodded and cursed Snape until he was unconscious. He pushed Hermione out of the room and took her to the exit of the castle. He ran with her to the gates of Hogwarts.

"Hold on my arm." he ordered Hermione.

When she took his arm, she felt a heavy pressure on her body and they disappeared.

Authors note: What was that all about? You'll find out in the next chapter! Update: I've tried to correct as many mistakes as I could. Also, I'm thinking of uniting tyhis story with another I wrote. To give it some colour. Don't worry, it won't influence the things you've read. But, I'm still just thinking about it.

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