1 Chibi potion

It was a calm day, and The Blade Breakers were resting from winning the championship. Well... Resting?

"I said, TRAIN! Not SLACK OFF!!" A highly irritated voice sounded.

"But, Kai!" A voice tried to reason.

"Continue running your laps, Tyson!" Kai warned.

"I bet he wasn't like this when he was young." Tyson whispered to his best friend Max.

"I heard that!" Kai's voice pierced trough the sky.

"You're in trouble." The raven-haired boy named Ray muttered.

"I know." Tyson muttered.

"Kai! How 'bout a break? We'll run much better after we had one." Max suggested.

"I let you take an hour break, but then you'll train one hour longer too." Kai replied.

Before Tyson or Ray could say no, Max agreed and dragged them in.


"Why are we doing this, Maxie?" Tyson asked while he saw Max checking a book.

"You gave me an idea when you said that he wasn't like that when he was young." Max replied.

He showed Tyson and Ray a page which said:

Chibi Curse:

Make your friend a chibi for fun and for unlimited


There was a description for it. Tyson looked up too Max.

"You sure this is gonna work?" he asked.

Max nodded.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do it!" Ray said who though it was some kind of lemonade recipe.

The hour flew by and Kai marched in the room.

"Time for training again!" He demanded.

"Yeah, but we made you a drink too." Ray said while giving the potion to Kai.

"I'm not thirsty." Kai replied giving the potion back.

Ray snapped his fingers and Tyson and Max jumped on Kai while Ray threw the potion into Kai's mouth and made him swallow. When it was done, Kai was really pissed.

"I said I didn't wanted too drink!" He yelled.

"You didn't realized it yourself, but you were thirsty." Tyson just replied while checking Kai.

"What are you doing?" Kai demanded.

"Well... I wanna know if the rumors are true." Tyson replied.

"What rumors." Kai hissed extremely pissed.

"They say that you are very muscled compared to Tyson." Ray quickly said.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. It's 11 o' clock, so I guess you don't have to train anymore." Kai muttered while walking to his bedroom.

"I knew it wouldn't work." Ray muttered.