Kai and Tala walked up to Kai´s room and both sat down on Kai´s bed.

" Think about the same as I do." Tala said.

"Then tell me what you think about." Kai replied.

"Let´s just think what you think." Tala said deciding it wasn´t good for him to let Kai know he was thinking about her.

"I think about... The Abbey when we just made out bound." Kai replied.

"Okay." Tala muttered thinking about it too.

There was a little explosion and the window had cracked.

"Damn, it didn´t" worked.

"How about... The time we were running from that one guard because he was trying to rape us?" Tala suggested, making Kai laugh.

"Yeah, sure."

They both thought about it and this time, the table exploded.

"It´s better, but not good enough." Tala muttered.

"How ´bout... The time Spencer just found out he was in love?" Kai suggested.

This time the nightstand exploded.

"Hmmm... I think I know something..." Kai muttered.

Kai walked to her closet and took some of her spare Kai-like clothes. She walked into the bathroom and when she got out, she was wearing the normal Kai outfit.

"Why did you change?" Tala asked.

"Now I look like when I did back then like you do too. Maybe it has a helping hand in it." Kai replied.

"Maybe." Tala replied.

"How about the time... Ralhm (Ra-he-lum) showed up." Kai said.

...: Flashback:...

"Boy´s, I want you to meet: Ralhm. She is our newest member." Boris said to The Demolition Boys. "Who will show her The Abbey?" he continued.

"Kai and I will!" Tala said immediately.

Kai looked at him strangely with a face that just read: ´What are you trying to do! Kill me?´ but then he nodded. Tala gave him a thanking smile, making sure only Kai saw it and turned to Rahlm.

"Hi, I´m Tala!" he said.

"I´m Ralhm." Ralhm replied.

"And I´m Kai." Kai muttered.

"Well, are you going to show me around, or what?" Rahlm asked linking her arms in Kai´s and Tala´s.

...: End of flashback :...

The whole room exploded and Tyson, Max, Ray and Kenny ran upstairs only to see Tala and a normal Kai surrounded by purple light.

"Kai! You´re back to normal!" Max yelled.

"It worked..." Kai whispered and then he smiled.

"We have our bound back!" Tala yelled smiling.

Kai and Tala gave each other a high-five while silver eyes watched them.

"It´s strange that was the thought that brought it back, eh?" Kai asked.

"Apparently we had to feel the same as we did back then." Tala said.

"So... You felt like a love-sick puppy again?" Kai asked making Tala blush big time.

"And you felt irritated, huh?" He asked Kai who nodded.

"Man, was she annoying sometimes!" He yelled.

"Well, at least you´re back to boy-mode and we have our bound back." Tala spoke.

"Wanna go to the snack bar?" Kai suddenly asked.

"It´s strange, but. Having our bound back, let´s us be how we were when we had him the first time." Tala said.

"Oh, no! I couldn´t glare back then!" Kai complained dramatic.

"Or hide your emotions." Tala added.

"You couldn´t eighter." Kai argued.

"What ever. You owe me some ice, so come on!" Tala said jumping out of the window. "Last one there is a rotten egg!" he yelled quickly.

"Hey! No fair! You have a head start!" Kai yelled before jumping out of the window as well.

The Blade Breakers just watched as they saw their (im)mature captain running after his best friend and mate.

"That was... interesting..." Kenny muttered.

Suddenly a girl jumped in the remaining of the room and landed in front of The Blade Breakers. She had long black hair, silver eyes and was dressed in a black top, grey baggy jeans and grey boots.

"Who are you?" Tyson asked.

"The forgotten one." The girl answered.


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