Buffy and her younger sister Dawn Summers walked through the Watchers Council's new hallway to the library. She opened the door and entered the spacious room, Dawn right behind her.

"Buffy, I don't understand why you won't let me do this." Dawn said.

"Because you are too young."

"No I'm not. I'll be eighteen in six months."

"You're still too young. End of conversation."

They approached the tables that were set up at the end of the many rows of bookshelves. Willow sat at the furthest table to the right. She was typing on her laptop. She didn't even notice them come in. Giles sat at the desk in the front of the room and Xander and Robin sat at one of the tables. All three men had books in their hands and around them.

"What's with the books?" Buffy asked whoever might hear her.

"Buffy, Dawn. Glad you could join us. We have quite a bit going on actually." Giles said with a great amount of irritation in his British voice.

"Ok, care to share what those things are?"

"There has been a great many murders in the last week and we have a theory that it may be supernatural oriented."

"How come?" Dawn chimed in. She was now sitting at the same table as Robin and Xander.

"Because the victims all acted extremely out of the ordinary before they died and…" Robin was cut off by Xander.

"Some went psycho and then killed themselves, some just killed themselves, and others…" Xander was then cut off by Robin.

"Had sex 'till they dropped." Both men glared at each other.

"That doesn't automatically make it supernatural. Ok, maybe the last part. I mean people kill other people and themselves all the time."

Finally, Willow spoke up, "Not perfectly happy members of the community. All the victims were either charity workers or some kinda public figure, all in which were married with happy families. It's bizarre. I mean none of these men and women even had so much as a parking ticket. I don't see why they would just lose it like that."

"Well, what have we found out so far? And hey, where's Faith and Kennedy?" Buffy asked looking around.

"They're training the Slayers. We have nothing. Except their backgrounds which I just told you. Oh yeah and how they died." Willow said.

"Ok well fill me in there. Dawn, you better go home awhile. This could take some time."

"Buffy! I can help. I help all the time. Willow tell her I can help."

"No. We don't even know what we're looking for yet and you have homework, but I do however promise you can help when we find out more. Now go home."

"Yes, yes. I love you. Wait you're making me walk?"

"Don't fret Dawnie I'll take you. I'm headed home myself, big job tomorrow. Bye, guys." Xander said wrapping an arm around Dawn's shoulders.

"Bye" Buffy said and Xander and Dawn left. "So now with the info."

"Ok well…" Willow was interrupted by the sound of Faith and Kennedy arguing.

"You did not have to kick that girl so hard." Kennedy said as they came around the corner.

"Of course I did. How the hell else they gonna learn." Faith spat back going over to Robin and kissing his head, Kennedy going over to sit next to Willow. She took her hand.

"Hey babe." Kennedy said and then turned her attention back to Faith. "She is only fifteen. You could have broken something."

"Even if I did she would heal fast anyways." Faith said as she grabbed a donut and sat in the seat Xander had been in just moments earlier.

"Yeah, but you still could have…"

"Ladies can you please stop your bickering we have something serious going on." Giles said sounding more irritated then before.

"Sorry, Giles." Both Slayers said in unison.

"Wait hold up. We found something out about those murders?" Faith said with a donut in her mouth.

"No, but I found out about their backgrounds and I was about to tell Buffy about how they died when you two came in." Willow said.

"I'm sorry, babe." Kennedy said kissing Willow on the cheek. "We didn't mean to interrupt."

"Thank you, so…"

"How many murders have there been?" Buffy asked.

"Nine, three died while in the middle of…um…it."

"That's how I wanna go." Faith interrupted.

"Yeah, I'm right there with you." Kennedy agreed.

"Will you two please shut up?" Buffy said, now irritated. "Keep going, Will."

"Ok, four died after committing violent acts to loved ones, wives, kids etc and then killed themselves. The other two just killed themselves. Both of them were happily married businessmen with two kids a piece."

"Well I am starting to believe the whole "supernatural oriented" deal, but what kind of demon would do stuff like this or for that matter, how? What does he like kill the people and set it up to look like these events?"

"No but he might drive them to that point." Giles said taking off and cleaning his glasses before putting them back on and grabbing another book.

"Huh? Did anyone get that?" Faith asked.

"What do you mean, Giles?" Willow asked closing her laptop and going over next to Giles.

"There are rumors of a family of demons called Fraternidad de Emocion, or Brotherhood of Emotion. These three demon brothers magnify their victim's emotion. Rather the emotion they have power over. The one name named Lust has the power over…lust. He can magnify a person's lust and make them so sexual that they will drain their entire life out of them." Giles explained.

"Kinda like that time Riley and Buffy were human batteries for that house. Where they were going at it so much that it almost killed them." Willow said.

"Wow, B. Who knew you had that much stamina?" Faith teased with a grin on her face.

"Anyhow, the other two have the power over gloom and anger." Giles added, the irritation returning to his voice.

"The suicides and the violent acts then suicides." Buffy added.

"Exactly, but how do we stop them." Willow asked.

"Can't we just slice their heads off? I mean hey, me, Buffy, and Faith could so take these guys." Kennedy asked with a huge grin on her face.

"You know I think you need a slaying intervention or something, yo. Red, I think your girlfriend's a tad morbid."

"Oh yeah like you weren't thinking it." Kennedy spat back at Faith.

"Guys, stop. How do we stop it?" Buffy said.

"There is no known way. Wait a minute. It says here that there are three scrolls in existence that hold the answer as to how to kill this Brotherhood. The scrolls are hidden at the ends of three different labyrinths. Each labyrinth is filled with demons who were put there to protect the scrolls from the brothers' acolytes."

"Wait. Acolytes? The psycho three have followers?" Faith said shoving another donut in her mouth.

"Apparently, centuries ago a witch cursed the brothers into three different hell dimensions to keep them apart. Without at least two of them none of their magic will work, although they can still kill normally. They have great strength and are not affected by the weapons of man."

"So no swords and crossbows?" Faith asked.

"That's correct."

"Ok, hold up. I get everything here except how the hell do they infect these people with increased emotion? What is it some kind of spell?" Robin asked stealing the donut from Faith.

"Hey!" She yelped at him and then smacked him in the back of the head.

"I don't think it is any kinda spell. I mean if that was the case then it could be undone. It says in this book that this effect cannot be undone by any kind of magic or supernatural force." Willow answered with an expression of confusion on her face.

"Kinda like when you were Big Bad Willow." Buffy said teasingly.

"Let's not deja that vu, shall we?"

"Yes, please. I think it may be some kind of object or charm that is looked upon or…" Giles was interrupted by Willow.

"Or maybe injected into."

"Huh?" Everyone but Giles and Willow asked.

"Ok my thought is what if the charm or whatever it is, is released into its victim and then once the charm has done its job, it goes back to the demons." Willow said.

"With a soul." Giles added.

"What soul?" Robin asked.

"The victim's. I mean it makes sense. Why else would they go to the trouble? I mean, it would take some work keeping up with the charms. That must be their prize."

"Stealing peoples' souls because they have emotion. Who would have thought?" Kennedy quipped as she reached over and got a donut.

"Clever." Robin said, receiving weird looks from everyone in the room. "And you know demented."

"Yo babe, you're just as morbid as she is." Faith said waving her hand in Kennedy's direction.

"Where are these labyrinths anyway?" Buffy asked, sensing the fact that Kennedy was about to retort.

"It does not say here, but it does however say that it can be sensed and is magically cloaked."

"That means I would be able to sense it. I'll hit the 'net and see if I can find any mystical hotspots in England." Willow said going over to her laptop. "You wanna help me?" She asked Kennedy with a grin.

"How can I resist?" Kennedy said, wiggling her eyebrow. She then kissed Willow and went over to the three other computers that were behind them.

"Ew…gag me now." Faith said getting a glare from both Willow and Kennedy.

"Where do you want us?" Robin asked standing.

"You two may go. As can you Buffy. There is no knowledge of where they might be and it is best not to confront them directly until we have information on how to stop them so go. Be back here by eight o'clock tomorrow morning though, so we can fill you in on any findings."

"Cool. Let's go, sexy." Faith said grabbing Robin's hand and heading toward the exit. "You need a ride, B?"

"Yeah, thanks."

The three of them leave and Giles goes over to a bookshelf on the other side of the library. Willow and Kennedy continue on the computers, they don't notice the brothers teleport in behind some selves. Each hold their arms outstretched and each have a sphere like object in their hands. One says something in Latin and the sphere leaves his hands and goes into Willow. She doesn't notice. Another one of the demons says the same words and his sphere is released and goes into Giles. The third is about to do the same, when his brother stops him and shakes his head.

"Not that Slayer. I want the last guardian of the Hellmouth." The brothers teleported out just as Giles came around the corner.

"I think I have found something. It says here that they can only affect three people at a time and that once you have been infected you will start to feel the affects of it almost instant…"He was interrupted by Willow turning around and kissing Kennedy, very passionately. "…ly"

Kennedy pulled away. "Ah Will, Can you try and refrain from groping me in front of Mr. Giles?"

"Sorry I don't know what came over me." She then kissed Kennedy again. This time her hand noticeably going up Kennedy's shirt.

"Willow!" Kennedy said swatting away the wandering hand. "What's gotten into you?" All three stopped and looked at each other.

"Lust." They all said in unison.

"Oh, no. This can't be…" She once again kissed Kennedy, this time trying to unbutton her jeans.

Kennedy once again pulling away, "I think it is safe to say you are under these freaks spell. I think we should get the others back here." Willow tries to touch her breast. "Fast."

"What's the point we're all going to die anyways." Giles said as he slumped into a nearby chair.

"Oh Lord, not you too." Kennedy swatted away another of Willow's advances. "Let me call the others."

She grabbed the phone and began to dial. Giles laid his head down on the table and sobbed. Willow began nibbling at Kennedy's ear. On the line, the phone began to ring and then Andrew picked it up.

"Hello, Summers' residence. This is Andrew speaking."

"Look screw boy put Buffy on the phone."

"Good evening, Madame Kennedy."

"Andrew, I'm not kidding. Put her on. Now!"

"Ok, ok. Geez. You're a pushy woman." His voice faded and Buffy's came on.

"What's up, Ken?"

"Look, Buffy, Willow and Giles have been infected and…" Willow moved downward and began kissing Kennedy's stomach. She unbuttoned her jeans. "Willow! Willow stop. Hey, hey. Stop! Buffy, please you have got to help. Willow's extremely l-l-lusty. Willow stop. Giles is…Willow...very depressed. Just get the others fast."

Willow grabs the receiver and hangs it up. She then pushes Kennedy onto the table. Kennedy tries, but can't resist Willow. She kisses her back. Giles continues to sob with his head down at the opposite table.