The third location they arrived at was located outside what appeared to be some sort of brothel. They could hear people screaming, but in a pleasurable way. The place reeked of smoke and the various smells of a demon bar.

"Dawn, are you sure this is the place?" Faith asked, not certain that an ancient location would be in a place like this.

"The coordinates say that…Oops."

"Oops? No don't say oops. Oops bad," Xander said.

"What's wrong, Dawn?" Faith asked, beginning to panic.

"This isn't the right place."

"How do you know?" Samuel asked.

"I was supposed to read the north direction before the south and now we are completely backwards."


"It wasn't my fault, okay? I don't work well under pressure."

"No? Do you work well in pain?"

"Faith, calm down," Robin said sweetly.

"I can't. I just…I'm sorry, Dawn. I didn't mean to freak. It's just how the hell are we suppose to save them now. We're nearly out of time."

"I don't think that will be a problem, Faith." Samuel said.

"Oh and why is that?"

Samuel smacked Faith backward into Robin and Xander, knocking all three to the ground.

"I think you'll find that we are very easy to find."

Suddenly he began to morph in a very tall, fanged beast. Dawn stepped back in disbelief. Faith lifted her head to watch, wiping the blood from her lip. The other two demons appeared when he was finished morphing.

"Hello, brother," one of the one who had just arrived greeted.


"I told you they wouldn't be able to resist a tortured soul," the one who hadn't spoken yet mocked.

"How many weapons do they have?"

"They have acquired all but your poison, Anger."

"Thank you, Lust. You did well."

"Anything to collect the souls for him."

Faith figured if she stayed down she could get enough information to help them.

"He will be pleased." Gloom stated.

"Yes, he certainly will," Anger laughed.

"We should go to him," Lust suggested, "and see what he wants us to do with these weap…"

He stopped talking and looked down at where his sudden pain was located. He saw a stake sticking straight out of him, a stake that went straight through his heart. His brothers watched in horror as Lust was reduced to a puddle. They turned around and saw Dawn standing behind their brother.


She chuckled nervously and then turned and started to run. Faith decided it was time to get up. She got off of Xander and Robin and ran after the demons. She kicked Anger in the back, bringing him to his knees. Gloom turned around too quickly for Faith to block the kick that landed on the side of her head, sending her into the car. He didn't hesitate for even a second when he went and punched her in the mouth.

Robin finally got up and tried to go to her aid, but was stopped by the other demon, who was now up and lunging at him. He flicked the metal stakes out from his sleeves and slashed Anger with them. He then brought his leg around and kicked him in his head. He wasn't fazed, however. Instead, he grabbed and twisted Robin's leg, causing him to flip onto his back.

"Robin!" Faith yelled as Anger began to pound on Robin's face.

Faith tried to go to Robin's aid, but was stopped by Gloom's fist that knocked her onto her back. He then began kicking her in the stomach and as he brought his foot to her abdomen again, she grabbed it. She stopped it long enough to get up and punch him in the head. He wasn't hurt by the attack, but it still gave Faith ample time to help Robin.

She ran up to Anger and kicked him in the side, flipping him onto his back. Robin outstretched his hand and Faith grabbed him and pulled him to his feet.

"We can't fight these guys."

"Sure we can we just need…"

Gloom, with his claws, slashed Faith diagonally down her back. She hit her knees and then went unconscious. Robin looked for help, but came up empty. Xander had hit his head when Faith had been thrown into them and was bleeding pretty bad. Faith was out and Dawn. She came running up and stopped about 30 feet from Gloom.

"Hey, buddy," Gloom turned around, "catch."

She through the charm and he caught it. He instantaneously burst into and was reduced to a cinder.

"No!" Anger cried, as he went for Dawn. Robin brought his foot up and kicked Anger in the head. He then brought the metal stakes that were up his sleeves to his neck, decapitating him. His body fell limp to the ground as his head rolled away slightly.

Dawn ran over. "I thought you couldn't kill them with the weapons of man."

"I figured that only applied when they were all together."

"Guess you figured right. Do you think everyone back at the Council is okay?"

"I don't know, but I guess there is only one way to find out."

"I'll get Xander."

"I got Faith."

They carried them both back to the car and headed home.

As Willow came, the sphere left her body and exploded. She squealed as the realization of where they were and what they were doing occurred to her.


Kennedy stopped her tongue movement and looked up.


"Oh, my God." She slightly pushed Kennedy to the side and got off the desk.

"Willow," Kennedy whined as she watched Willow put her clothes back on, "what are you doing? We're not done." She went to take Willow's clothes back off.

"Ken, stop we have to…Reverse the spell I put on you." She raised her hand and the red light that hit Kennedy before left her.

Kennedy looked around. "What's going on?"

"I got infected and cast a spell on you. We've been um…you know whating for like…" She looked at the clock on the wall. "8 hours?!"

"Hmm…wait a minute. Do you think everyone else is okay?"

"I hope so."

"Help," Dawn called as she lowered Xander to a chair. Robin did the same to Faith.

Kennedy and Willow came into the other room and received strange glares from both Robin and Dawn.

"What?" They asked in unison.

"You two seem okay." Dawn asked. "Are you done doin' it?"

"Yes. Now what happened?"

"We went to fight the Brotherhood." Robin said.

"We kicked their ass." Dawn added.

"Oh. So, um…what happened to these two?" Kennedy asked.

"Gloom got Faith and Xander got knocked out."

"Clearly. Let me help." Willow went over and took both their hands. She began to heal them instantly. They soon came to.

Faith first. "Is everybody okay?"

"We're great."

"What about Buffy and Giles?"

"I don't know we just…"

"Let me out of this bloody chains." Giles squealed.

"I have orders to keep you two unconscious. I have to. I'm sorry." The slayer raised the trank gun and was ready to shoot, but Faith stopped her.

"But the man said to…"
"I know, but they're better now. It's okay. You can go."

"Fine." She left.

"Are you guys alright?" Faith asked as she unchained them.

"Oh, we're excellent. Why were we chained to the wall and why do you have blood on you shirt. Did the Brotherhood attack?"

"Chill, Giles. We crunched the psycho three and everyone is fine."

"Well, that's cause for celebration." He left the room.

"You did this I presume."

"Me, Robin, Dawn, and sorta Xander."



The music was loud and everyone was dancing. When the song stopped they all sat down.

"So why was all the stuff from my desk on the floor?"

"Dunno." Kennedy answered, her voice slightly muffled by her glass.

Buffy grinned at Willow, who was blushing. "Right."

Willow coughed and everyone but Giles laughed.

"Seriously, what happened to my desk?"

End Note: Well, that's it. Hope you liked it. I know it was kind of a lame battle and I am eternally sorry, but tell me what you think of it anyways.