Harry watched Neville and his friends from across the room. The relationship that they had was similar to the relationship that Harry had with his friends outside of Hogwarts.

Everyone seemed to think that Neville had the perfect life, fame, fortune, but Harry knew better. Unlike the other boys in his dorm who were heavy sleepers. Harry could hear Neville's nightmares from across the room each night. Occasionally the other boys would wake up to Neville's screams but they never thought anything else of it.

Harry turned back to his homework. He had considered going over to Hermione to ask for help but he didn't want to embarrass himself like he had the last time he asked for help. He knew that he was terrible with schoolwork, he was better at the arts. If his Godfather hadn't insisted that Harry go to Hogwarts then he would have taken his scholarship to Perth Collage Music School in Scotland. He had been playing the piano for nearly his whole life and had taken up the Guitar in year 5.

(Perth Collage is a Dance school in Australia, not Scotland, but couldn't think of a Name.)

He brought his Guitar with him to Hogwarts each year but he never used it unless he was in private so no one at Hogwarts knew that he could play, that he knew of anyway.

At the end of the day when he had finished his homework he would go to the schools music rooms where he would play the piano for a couple of hours. He had never in counted anyone there so he didn't think that anyone knew about it.

Harry packed up his books and took them up to the dorm before leaving the common room towards the music room. He had a free period after lunch and he wanted to be prepared for the 2 hours of torture with Snape afterwards.

"Face it Ginny we are lost."

"No we're not."

"So you've been here before?"

"Well no but we got here so we can get out again."

"No one has been here in years."

"How do you know that?"

"Well just look around you. The whole place has dust 3 inches deep."

"No it's not. You're exaggerating."

"Fine but I think we should yell for help."

"You two shut up and listen."

They stopped arguing and listened. There was a piano playing in one of the nearby rooms.

"Come on the person playing it will know the way out," Ginny insisted.

"How do you know that it's a person it could be magic." Her friend asked.

"Well we will just have to find out. Come on."

They followed the music to a room at the end of the corridor. They opened the door and found a room full of different musical instruments, many of them pianos.

"Hogwarts must have had a band or something."

"Yeah, four hundred years ago."

"Oh shut up you two." Ginny looked around the room for the person who had been playing the piano but couldn't see them.

"Hello? Sorry to bother you but we're lost and we need to get to class."


"Is anyone here?"

"I told you it was a spell."

"I'm not a spell." A voice further into the room stated indignantly.

"Well then prove it."

"Laura shut up." Ginny hissed.

"Look we just want some help to get to class."

"Go back up the corridor then turn right at the portrait of a pig in a wig. Then turn left at the end of that corridor and keep going forward till you find a statue of a fat man with a child on his shoulders. Then go right and you'll come out at the charms corridor."


"No problem, Ginny."

"How do you know my name?"

"I've known you for the past 6 years I think I would know your name by now." There was the sound of a lid being shut then a few moments later a door closing as the person left the room.

Shit that was close. Harry thought to himself as he ran out of the room back towards the common room to get his books.

He had panicked when the girls had entered the room, even more when he recognised Ginny's voice.

Harry had had a crush on Ginny for the last few years but he knew better then to make any moves towards asking her out. The Weasley boys were legendary in many ways but especially in their protectiveness over their sister. She had gone with him to the Yule Ball in his 4th year but he knew that she had only put up with him so she could go to the ball.

So he had watched her from afar and only spoke to her when she spoke to him, which was what he did with most people except his friends from the Muggle world.