The X-men sat in the back of the curch as they saw Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker wed. The new couple kissed and the pastor said, "I give you Mister and Mrs. Peter Parker!" Everyone clapped and cheared as the two walked down the isle as happy as they could be.

At the reseption Peter came up to Theressa and Logan and said, "Thank you. I don't know what I would do with out MJ. She's my soul and if I didn't have her then I wouldn't full live."

"Your welcome." Logan said and after Peter walked off, Wolverine noticed that Theresa was gone. He walked out side and found Theressa, in her blue dress, sitting on a bench crying.

"I miss him dad." Theressa said when Logan sat next to his daughter.

"I know you do, Kid." Logan said placing his drink on the ground and putting his arm around his daughter's shoulder. "In a funny way I miss him too."

"Really?" Theressa said still looking at the ground, "Or are you just saying that so I won't know that you never like him?"

"Well, I wouldn't say that. I just thought his pasing was so damn annoying." Logan said with a smile. Theressa showed a small smile and laughed a little bit threw her depressing tears. Her scar was still a deep shade of blue and Logan knew it would be there for a while longer.

"What Peter said really got to you huh, T?"

"Yeah, I guess it did. Everything he said it true."

"I didn't mean to upset you, Theressa." Came a voice from behind Logan and Theressa, who turned around and saw Peter and Mary Jane coming down the steps of the Hall.

"Oh no it's all right. I've been upset for awhile but haven't let it out until now." Theressa said as she and Logan stood to met the new couple at the bottom of the stairs. "Everything you said is true, Peter. It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. If I had never been married to Chris, I wouldn't have four children whom I love dearly."

"Yeah and two of them are evil." Logan added.

"I still love them ad always will." Theressa said hitting her father in the gut. "when Chris and I were together I felt that I was as close to Heaven that I could get to on earth."

"How do you act so calm?" Mary Jane asked taking her husband's hand, "If I ever lost Peter, I'd fall apart."

"At first I did fall apart. I left my friends and had them take care of my children, so I could clear my head. You know what keeps me going?" Peter shook his head. "God. I know that he's always there for me and no matter what I do he will never leave me. The love that I had and have for Chris is what I wish for you as well as the peace God can give in hard times. His love for me is so amazing that I live every day to the fullest, telling God how much I love Him and thanking him for his Son. I wish this for you two. Dad, we really should be going."

Theressa hugged MJ, who by now had tears in her eyes and Logan shock Peter's hand and headed for the Rolls-Royce that would take them home.

That is the end to this story. Hope you enjoyed it!