Never Scared

John's POV

We're at Bobby's house right now. He decided he needed to tell his mommy and daddy that he was a mutant. Big mistake if you ask me...BIG mistake. But no one ever does ask me so why should I even waste my breath trying to warn them of how real people react to you being a mutant. They're not all like the Professor: giving you a place to stay, giving you an education and feeding you so that you don't have to run the streets every night just so you can stay alive, and that's if you're're really lucky if some psycho dude doesn't walks up to you, offering you a job to live off of, and then out of no where pulls out a gun and uses it to rape you at gun point.... Yeah, it's exactly what you're probably thinking...I was raped before I got to the Professor's place. Every night after that was hell because, now, I was meat on the market and every whacked out freak knew it.... I thank God everyday that he took me away from there, but why'd he have to stick me with this shit list of people? Ah well, beggars can't be choosers.
"Have you tried...not being a mutant?"
Are you fucking kidding me, lady? You gotta be fucking kidding me! 'Have you tried not being a mutant?' What is this, Ignorant People Ask Stupid Questions Day? Fucking dumb ass bitch! No wonder Bobby hardly ever talked about them...they were a disgrace!
Logan's phone rang, but it took him a while to answer it...probably still shocked at that stupid question....
He went outside to answer it and Bobby's mom just stared at her son...well the one that stayed. Ronnie had gone upstairs as soon as Bobby decided to show off his power.... How come he gets to show off and I don't?
"We gotta go. Now!"
"Why? What's the matter?"
That little shit called the cops! Fucker! I swear I'll make him rue the day humans decided mutants were dangerous.
We ran outside onto the porch and, waiting out there for us, were armed cops.
It all happened so fast: They gave us a warning, Logan showed them that he couldn't 'put the knives down', they shot him dead and then all of a sudden Bobby and Rogue were obeying their order to get on the floor.
My breathing quickened and I instinctively pulled out my lighter.
"Get down, Kid!"
"We don't wanna hurt ya, kid!"
Yeah, no shit, Sherlock! Click
"You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about on the news?"
I took one last look at the young cops' fearful faces and unleashed my power upon them, relinquishing ever single hate I felt for those humans ever since the day my dad raped me in that alley for being who and what I was....
".... I'm the worst one...." FWOOSH!!!

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