Chapter eight: Journal Entries

Journal Entry One:

I don't know what day it is as you can see by the fact that there's no date, and I don't want to know. I just woke up today in a bright ass hospital room in a bed across from Wolverine. He's staring at me as I write this. He looks pissed. I must've done something to him. Well, whatever I did, it wasn't enough because he's not dead! Maybe I burned him bad enough to make the doctors think he'll have to stay a few days in here. Hehehehehe! He deserves to be stuck in a hospital like me for what he did to Mystique. Hopefully in the process of sticking with a bunch of needles to keep him stable after I burned him they stuck him with something that'll turn off his X gene. He's still looking at me with that deadly glare. Why? He's going to heal from the burns, so why is he staring at me like that?

Looks like I'll have to answer that later. Mags, Pietro, Wanda, Toad, Sabertooth, Avalanche, and Blob just walked in along with the X-Men.



Journal Entry Two:

Still don't know what day it is, but I'm keeping track by counting how many days pass form the day I woke up in the room with Wolverine. Magneto almost told me what day it was yesterday, but I stopped him just in time. Anyway, I found out why Wolverine was in the hospital room with me and why he kept glaring at me: he has the Legacy Virus…just like me. He got it when he licked my blood off of his claws. I also fond out that Wanda had gotten worse and that she was going to have to stay here with Wolverine and me. Mags, who I thought was going to be pissed was not. He actually just accepted my apology for getting his daughter sick and said that I should get some rest. Before everyone left, the X-Men gave me the meanest glares and then Bobby, who was still going through skin grafting, gave me the finger. I flipped it back a few times and when he left I flipped it again. Now I'm just sitting here, waiting for the nurse who always brings me my food so that I can annoy the hell out of her by just picking at my food and telling her it's disgusting and to bring me some cookies and milk. Until the nurse comes, I think I'll tell you about a miracle. I survived being stabbed by Wolverine! I honestly thought I was going to die because of my weakened state because of the disease but I didn't and that's a miracle.

Uh-oh! Wolverine was just brought in from his examinations and he's giving me that glare again. I'm not sure if his healing factor is gone or something but in the last two days he's grown very old and wrinkly and ugly. Maybe it is gone. Good. At least he going to die and suffer for what he did to Mystique….

Okay, here's my nurse with my food – chicken today – so I have to go.



Journal Entry Three:(Three weeks after last entry)

Hey, sorry I haven't written in you in a while. Look at me; I'm talking to a book. Anyways, I haven't been able to write because of constant examinations done on me and the after affects of the drugs…they put me to sleep really fast. I should tell you what's happened so that just incase I die (I know I will), you'll be able to tell the world exactly what had happened to me and see if these quacks they call doctors are doing something wrong. For the last three weeks, it's been the same exact tests over and over again: a test to see how the disease is progressing, a test to see how my organs are doing and a test to see what can help with the disease. The results always come back worse and worse.

Whatever, onto another subject. It's official; Wolverine's healing factor is gone and Dr. MacTaggert was the one to tell me…. She says she doesn't think she's infected, but she'll do tests anyway. Wolverine is getting older and looking more like his real age everyday. He told me his real day one day at the institute when we were both drunk off our asses and I was still cool with him. But that was a long time ago…. I'd tell you his age, but I promised him that I'd never tell anyone and I always keep my promises…whether they're made with friends or mortal enemies.

He's staring at me right now. He spends much of his time doing that. He hates me and he'd kill me if he could but the doctors won't allow him to extract his claws because it takes too much energy and they don't want to be bothered with having to take care of some mutants, so he can't kill me…. He wouldn't be able to kill me even if they'd let him extract his claws because he's so old and brittle and weak…. I kind of feel sorry for him; he looks weaker than the professor does in that chair of his…. It makes me fear aging…not that I have to worry about that anymore.

Wanda is dying faster than the rest of us…. The doctors can't figure out why, but she is and I want to apologize for doing this to her, but she won't let me even say a single word to he before she goes on about me being irresponsible and how I should've watched out for her. After a few days I just stopped trying and didn't even talk to her anymore until Dr. MacTaggert came up to me in her idiocy and told me that she too was infected…. Wanda flipped! She went on for hours, yelling and screaming at me. I'd stopped caring completely by then and just ignored her.

Right now, she's glaring at me as I write this and being scorned by her nurse for not eating. I laughed just now and she flipped me the birdie.


Well, here comes Mags with our crew to visit so I'll see you.



Journal Entry Four: (A month after last entry)

So many things have happened since last time…. They stopped testing us to see if they can cure us, but kept going with the other two tests…. Every day that passes is worse than the last. My flesh…God! It's burned and it has rashes and some of it is falling off. It's disgusting, I know. It's painful, too. Everyday my temperature gets higher and higher and sometimes it even gets too hot even for me. Sometime I set myself on fire and the doctors have to put me out and afterwards it hurts so much.

Wanda and Wolverine keep glancing at me as though waiting for the moment I die. It sucks, but I can understand how they feel. I'm waiting for them to die too. Wolverine is shriveled up and is more likely to die of age before he dies from the Legacy Virus. Wanda is causing things to get hexed all over and now she need to be wearing this thing they call a Genosha Collar to shut her powers off so she won't hurt anyone and that's killing her too. Her flesh is also rotting and not eating isn't helping…. Dr. MacTaggert, a human, died a few weeks ago…. Her immune system wasn't string enough to take it so she just died.

At the moment it's very painful and tiring for me to be writing and I know I'm going to die any minute now so I'll be writing less and less….

I guess the proper thing to do now is say goodbye.

Goodbye, …everyone who was there for me…everyone I loved: Wanda…The Brotherhood… and everyone who cared…. Goodbye.

I can feel death sucking the energy out of me, causing me want to end this entry quickly…. I have one more thing to say: It's pathetic how a teenager has to have his life ended by a disease that he would've never gotten if he had never had panicked or done any of the stupid things he's done. It really is. All I can say now is I'm sorry for that and I wish I'd have done better or made something of myself before this minute…. That's it…. I'm done…. Goodbye.


Joh –

Third Person's POV

John's hand fell limp upon his journal and Wolverine and Wanda watched as his body gave up and burned out. They were, in a small way, sad and were going to miss him a little. Soon, a few minutes later, it was there time.

The doctors came in soon after Wanda's body gave up and marked it their time of death. They thought them all pathetic for dying in such a way and for being angry with each other all the way up until their last minutes when they should've made the best of them, like civilized people. But no, they chose not to, but instead choseto hold grudges and die with them…miserable…and alone…and pathetic.