Hey, it's Helga! Here's my story that I got around to writing! I know I don't like Rae/BB, but I decided to give BB a chance. I mean, Terra the $#& traitor isn't good enough person, you know what I mean? So he'll have a chance w/ her. More chapters to come, but I have semi-writers block, so just bare w/ me...
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Helga Moon

Beast Boy's Not so Secret Secret

It was a cool clear night, and the Teen Titans were at the carnival. Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven were at the ring toss booth.

"I'm going to get you that cow Raven," Beast Boy said. Secretly, he had kind of had a thing for Raven.

"Why would you get me a cow? I don't think it would go along with my d├ęcor." Raven said in her usual moody voice.

"Well, it would match the chicken," Beast Boy replied. He tossed a ring and it got on a bottle.

"Score!" he yelled, giving a high five to Cyborg. "The cow please," he told the booth operator.

"Here's your cow," he said, handing the stuffed animal to Raven.

"I have a chicken?" she asked Beast Boy. (A/N: In the episode "Sisters", Raven left her chicken behind at the carnival to help Starfire.)

"Never mind. At least you have a cow now," he replied stiffly.

"Whatever." Raven said. She looked around. "Where's Robin and Starfire?" she asked.

"Who knows... wait, there they are!" Beast boy said. "they're at the... Tunnel of Love."

He paused. "Hey Raven, want to go with me?"

She had a shocked expression. "Why would you want to take me?" she asked him.

"Eh, no reason," Beast Boy said, a huge sweat drop falling from his head.

"Uh-huh. Well, at least it would be dark and moody in there. Sure, I'll go." Raven said.

"Okay. We'll see you at the end of the ride, Cyborg," Beast Boy said. So they walked over there. Robin and Starfire were right before them in line.

"Okay, here we go!" Beast Boy said as he and Raven got in their swan boat.

"Swans. Why do they have to make the boats swans?" Raven asked. "my favorite animals are bats, ravens, and crows. Certainly no stupid swan."

"Heck, I dunno," Beast Boy answered. "oh, we're going in the tunnel!"

In the tunnel, it was dark. There was some music playing, but Beast Boy couldn't find any speakers.

Up ahead, Starfire and Robin were in a swan boat, and Star was entertained by the whole Love Tunnel.

"Oh Robin, this is wonderful," Starfire said. "this tunnel is so... amusing."

"The most wonderful part is being here with you, Star," Robin said, putting his arm around her.

Okay, go in for the big finale! He thought to himself. "So, Starfire..."

"Oh Robin," a high pitched voice said. "you're so manly and strong!"

"Huh? Who is that?" Robin said, turning around. "Beast Boy!"

"Oops, you're not supposed to see me," Beast Boy said, laughing his head off. Raven rolled her eyes. Why I'm here right now, I'll never know, she thought to herself. Being next to Beast Boy was bad enough, but did he have to play pranks the whole time?

Robin turned forward. "What's wrong, Robin?" Starfire asked. She was eating cotton candy, her new favorite food.

Robin was literally fuming. "Nothing. Can I have some cotton candy, Star?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied, then started pulling some off.

"Oh, I meant something else. Never mind." Robin said, blushing a little.

"Oh... I know. Okay," Starfire replied, then kissed him on the lips.

Behind them, Raven and Beast Boy were having an awkward silence. Robin and Starfire made it even more awkward, since they were lost in their own little world.

"So... Raven... how's it going with you?" Beast Boy said, desperate for conversation. It sure did beat watching Robin and Starfire.

"Nothing much. Just the usual," Raven replied. Even she was embarrassed by the oblivious couple in front of them.

"So Raven, I have to ask you. Do you really think I'm funny?" Beast Boy asked. He was fidgeting in his seat.

"Why do you want to know?" Raven asked. "I mean, you should know..."

Beast Boy remembered when he and Cyborg got stuck in her mind. They had met her happy personality, and said she thought he was funny.

"Oh yeah. Well... how come you act moody all the time?" he asked her.

"Why do you make jokes and try to get attention? It's your personality." Raven replied.

"Hehe, I forgot," Beast Boy said, another sweat drop falling off. "Well, here's the end of the ride. What do you want to do next?"

"I don't know. What else is there to do?" Raven said. She got out of the swan boat; then Beast Boy.

"Hey Robin, very smooth back there," Beast Boy said, giving him a sly look. "how's it going between you and Star?"

"That's right. I forgot that I'm going to beat you up." Robin said calmly.

"Hey, can't you take a joke?" Beast Boy said, turning into a cheetah.

"That's no fair; I can't turn into anything!" Robin pouted.

"Okay, I'll be fair," Beast Boy said, turning back into himself.

"I'm still beating you up," Robin said.

"Oh crap," Beast Boy replied. So Robin kept chasing Beast Boy, and the rest of the Titans watched.

"Will Beast Boy and Robin ever get along?" Raven asked. Starfire and Cyborg laughed.

"It doesn't look like it anytime soon, for Beast Boy's sake." Cyborg said, eating some popcorn. So they laughed as Robin and Beast Boy ran around the carnival.

Yay! My first chapter! I'll put more on here if you like. Actually, I better put Chap. 2 up, cause that's were we first see the main plot. So, I'll write later.

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