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By: M-X


...Your body felt so good in my arms... The ideal shape, the correct weight, we fit so perfectly, I almost couldn't believe it. I looked into you sky-sea eyes while your head rested in my arm... they were so clear, so pure. Untainted.

As you always were, as you always will be.

You know? I could look at them all night, and the next day, and the day after that one. It'd be so easy to get lost into them forever, just marveling at your beautiful eyelashes, and looking in awe at my own image reflecting in your bright irises.


[Knock knock knock]

The knocks were soft, vacillating... almost pleading, as if the one who made it didn't really wish them to be heard.

No one answered in the other side.

A sob escaped, and then another one, but they were quickly silenced by a shaking hand or a diminished will. It had been that way all night... just furtive sobs, neither daring to break into a cry.

[Knock knock knock]


You always remembered me of the sun, so bright, so warm. All my day could be brightened just by looking at your smiling face, I'd feel in heaven right away.

I brushed your silky hair behind your ears so nothing would hamper your pink cheeks, your perfect little nose.

And your hair... How I loved your hair, long and shiny, dancing in the wind. You remember me of a goddess. You were my own private golden goddess. Did you know that?

No. Of course not. I never told you, until now.


[Knock knock knock knock]

The wait kept going, but they knew they would have to interrupt it. They were tired... so tired. How had it happened? How?


I brushed my fingers over your parted lips, they were so soft, warm yet. Their lovely shape called me and I couldn't stop myself, my heart rushed as I drew closer to you and finally, I planted a little kiss on them, so light that I wasn't sure if we really touched at all.

I smelt your essence. How did you manage to smell always so good? Like a fresh spring morning, like a wild flower, with that unrecognizable aroma that no one can sense unless you are looking for it, and then it becomes yours, and it stays with you forever.

Now you smelt salty too... salt and copper.


[Knock knock knock]

Finally some one had cracked up and released his cry over a sympathetic shoulder. More followed soon.

"Boy, hear me out." The knocker said to the impassive door. No sound came from the other side. Again.


I intertwined mi fingers with yours. Your hands were so long and slender... so delicate, so fragile. The perfect hands for a ballerina. You were my beautiful ballerina, with your long neck and your fair figure. I wish I could have seen you dance in a scenario.

I'd give anything for you to have accomplished your dreams, for you to be happy.


[Knock knock knock]

"009. Open this door boy. You can't stay there with her forever."

Everybody expected for an answer, but once again, the door stood in front of them. Immovable. As if the world ended up right behind it.

"Joe... please."


Just hear them! How can they say that? There is no way I will let you go.

Not now, not ever.

You made yourself an eternal sanctuary in my heart since the first time you smiled at me. How can they say I can't stay with you? You are my very soul.

I caressed your arms, they were so slim. How did you manage to go into battle knowing yourself in disadvantage? Weren't you afraid? Didn't you fear for yourself?

Or was it that you trusted us?

That you trusted me?

Why? Why did you? I didn't deserve your trust.


[Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock Knock]

"Joe! If you don't open this door we'll bring it down!"


Did you hear that? They want to get in. They will come and they will tear you apart from me! I made them leave before. I took them all out of here so we could be together and now they will try again...

No… no… No! They can't! I won't let them! You are mine! My angel! My sunshine! My only hope in life! How can I live without you? Answer me! ANSWER ME FRANCOISE!


Joe Shimamura shook Francoise by the shoulders which such a force that he could have broken her neck. Not that it would have mattered in the end.

His eyes were streamed in tears that slid down his reddened cheeks and fell into his ripped uniform. The wetness washed away some of the blood as it descended. Not his blood.



He kept on shaking the fragile body of 003; his hands were trembling, his eyes were wide in horror, pain, denial and sorrow.

How much sorrow can a man tolerate without losing his mind?

The door suddenly burst open and the giant silhouette of Geronimo appeared at the threshold. They had finally decided to enter after hearing the anguished cries from Joe.

Dr. Gilmore entered the room. The rest of the cyborgs stood next to Geronimo, just looking at the scene. Reddened eyes and suffering faces not moving their attention from the young man sitting on the infirmary floor, holding their teammate's bloodied body... The body of their sweet Francoise.

Dr. Gilmore went to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Joe, It's over."

Joe crushed the lifeless body to him. The hug was so fierce... so desperate that some of her ribs cracked under the pressure, but he didn't diminish his hold on her.

How could he? If he kept her tight enough to him, maybe he would be able to keep her wild flower aroma, her slender hands, her untainted eyes... He might impregnate his whole being of her, and she would never leave him, and he would never be alone.

"Joe, son. It's over, let me take her, will you let me take her?"

Dr. Gilmore spoke softly, the waves in his voice preventing him from using any other tone. His eyes were teary, his face reflected his huge sadness, his nose was red, the hand on the shoulder; unsteady.

Joe looked at him as if he just had noticed he existed. His big brown eyes blinked a couple of times, its owner surprised maybe at the fact that there were other beings existing in that world of pain.

Dr. Gilmore took the gesture as an approval and knelt down next to him. He removed one of Joe's arms from Francoise's torso. Joe didn't make any effort to prevent it, his eyes lost now into some empty space.

Dr. Gilmore retired then his other arm and tried to retrieve the body.

Joe felt her heat leaving him, he felt her weight being taken away. He became frantic.


He wrenched her back from the doctor's arms and crutched her to him one more time, rocking backwards and forwards, his cries renewed, his tears flowing freely.

"Don't take her away don't take her away don't take her away don't take her away please please please DON'T!"

The cyborgs could do nothing but let their own tears fall and release the knots they had in their throats, letting themselves cry at last without refrain. 005 knew what he had to do. Dr. Gilmore had prepared him for the painful task.

"No no no she is mine, Francoise wake up! Don't leave me! Don't go! I failed you I FAILED YOU! Forgive me please!"

Joe kept crying. His hand caressing her cheek in tender adoration. He whispered to her while he kissed her forehead once and again.

"I love you I love you, don't go, please."

Geronimo stood up at his side, next to the doctor, and took Joe by the shoulder in a strong but gentle grip. He spoke, unable to hold the emotions in his voice.

"It is time Joe. She is gone. You know it. Let her go."

005 took Francoise's arm and pulled her up, snatching her from Joe's hug while he kept the boy down with his other strong arm.

She seemed like a rag doll.

Joe was too weak, too tired... so defeated. For a moment, he kept holding onto her arm... her wrist, her hand... the tip of her finger. Finally she was out of his reach. He then let himself fall to the floor and there, he wept.

Geronimo placed Francoise's body over one of the tables, over that one where a black bag was already prepared and there, he stared at her for a moment, then he closed his eyes and murmured some words as he entrusted her kind soul to his earthly spirits. After that he took his hand to his face, attempting to retire some wetness from his eyes. How much pain he felt, and how much felt the others.

After that, the giant picked up Joe from the floor as if he were a little child, and took him out of the infirmary. The rest of the team followed them as well. For some moments, Joe's drowned cries could be heard, muffled against Geronimo's chest.

Dr. Gilmore watched the door being closed and then he turned his eyes to the girl that just hours ago had been laughing and dancing, and who now laid there, cold and lifeless in a plastic forensic bag.

He remembered of the first time he saw her on an operating table, and how he, Isaac Gilmore, had lowered the scalpel to her flawless skin without any remorse.

That very same skin was now covered on bruises and blood.

It was his fault, all of this, and he knew it. How could he live with himself from now on?

The moment he had transformed her in a cyborg, the moment he had killed his little girl.

Dr. Gilmore looked for a last time at the gorgeous eyes of Francoise Arnoul, and then, he closed them forever with a shaking hand. A tear fell on her eyelids, and then another one.

"Sorry child," he whispered.

At last, he zipped up the bag and with a last look over his shoulder, he left the infirmary.



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