A Hobbit Named Scooby-Doo.

By: Dream dog

AN: I have not read the books, so this is based off the movies. This story is going to be a lot longer than my other story (Dognapper Catchers), so I might not be updating soon. But this story is going to be really good. It starts when Frodo and Sam are at Mount Doom. Hope you like it. Please review.

"Hurry, Mr. Frodo!" Samwise Gamgee calls out from the entrance, "Throw it in!" Frodo Baggins stands on the edge of the cliff overlooking the sheer drop into the volcanic heart of Mount Doom. "Mr. Frodo hurry!" Sam calls out again. Frodo looks at the ring in his hand paying no attention to his friend in the background.

"Why must I throw it in?" he thinks to himself, "When I could have it all for myself?"

"Mr. Frodo!" Sam's voice came calling to him.

Frodo turns to his fellow Hobbit and looked at him with the look like he was in a trance. "It's mine!" Frodo yells out. With that, he slips it onto his finger and abruptly disappears into thin air.

Just then, Gollum runs through the tunnel and confronts the Hobbits. He instantly knocks Sam down to the floor. He then looks around for Frodo. Seeing Frodo's footprints, he leaps on him in hope of getting the ring. Sam just lies there on the ground and looks hopelessly at the struggle. Finally, Gollum bites off Frodo's finger thus receiving his prize and leaving poor Frodo in great pain.

"We'ves got it!" Gollum cries in victory, "We'ves got it, me precious! Ha ha ha!" He suddenly begins to dance around the platform. Frodo looks at the creature, and not accepting defeat, leaps at Gollum thus tossing both of them off the ledge.

Gollum falls instantly into the magma along with the ring, which he clutches tightly in his hands. Frodo looks down into the volcano. "Come on, Mr. Frodo." Sam calls as he pulls his friend up, "We need to get out of here."

As they reenter the tunnel, they can feel a violent earthquake. "She's gonna blow!" Sam yells. The two Hobbits quickly run out of the mountain only to be confronted by flowing lava. Once they were in, to what they thought would be a safe place, Frodo looks down into the lava and see Gollum's bones floating down. Frodo keeps his eyes fixed on the scene as he and Sam slowly drift into a deep sleep.

Gollum's bones drift down with the lava until they reach a stream, which hardens the lava into rock. There, the ring is to wait until archeologists find it while excavating around the ancient volcano in 1762. The leading archeologist, Sir William Gilligan, gives the ring to his wife as a birthday present. It remains in the family until their great grandson, who during a shipwreck in the Pacific loses it.

It isn't until a hundred years later, that a treasure hunter, Bob Hanford, finds it while on a scuba diving trip. He keeps the ring in his collection until his wife objects it to being in her house saying, "It has no real value."

The ring has gone through many other owners until it finally finds it place in an antique jewelry shop. Where it waits to bought by Coolsville's Daphne Blake.

"Wow! What a gorgeous ring." Daphne exclaims as she walks up to the owner of the shop. "How much is it?"

"About a hundred and fifty dollars." The elderly man replies.

"I'll buy it." Daphne says as she pulls two hundred dollars out of her purse "Keep the change."

"Holy Moley!" the man exclaims. "That's enough money to get my dog a new fur coat!"

Daphne just looks at him with a slightly confused look on her face and says, "Good-bye."

The man smiles and says "Goodbye my dear."

Daphne walks over to the men's clothing store where she had seen the cutest top for Freddie.

Afterwards, she quickly drives over to HQ where the rest of the gang was relaxing.

They didn't have any mysteries at the moment, so they were pretty bored. The only thing that kept them busy was: eating, for Shaggy and Scooby; for Daphne, reading her fashion magazines; Freddie, writing his autobiography; and Velma, making stink bombs with her chemistry set.

"Hey, guys!" Daphne calls out as she enters the living room.

"Hi, Daphne." A moan echoes out throughout the building.

"Anybody call about a mystery?" Daphne inquires.

"What do you think?" Velma asks as she sits down.

"Nothing, huh?"

"Correct, my dear." Fred joins in.

Daphne sits down next to Freddie and says, "Look at this ring I bought."

Fred looks at it and says, "It is lovely, but not as lovely as you, my precious."

Daphne just smiles and says "Oh, Freddie."

Velma takes a look at it and says, "It reminds me of the ring from Lord of the Rings."

"I know," the red head replies, "that's why I bought it."

Shaggy and Scooby come in from the kitchen. "Like, where did you get the groovy ring Daphne?" Shaggy asks.

"At an antique jewelry shop." Daphne replies. "Neat isn't it?"

"Yeah, like, totally groovy, man!" Shaggy agrees.

"Reah, roovy!" Scooby parrots.

Daphne puts it on and finds out it is a little big on her but she pays no attention and wears it the rest of the day.

At about 6:45 in the evening Daphne is standing by the fireplace but all of a sudden the ring slips off her finger and into the fire.

"Oh, Crap!" Daphne exclaims.

"What's the matter Daphne?' Freddie asks.

"My ring fell into the fire!" The young woman answers. Fred quickly puts out the fire and uses thongs to get out the ring.

"That's odd." Daphne says as she examines the ring, "There should at least be signs of melting."

Velma, Scooby and Shaggy gather round and look at the non-damaged ring.

"It's not even hot." Daphne says handing it to Velma.

Looking closely at the ring, the gang can see an inscription forming around the band.

"What is that?" Fred asks.

"Like, it looks like Arabic." Shaggy comments.

"It's not Arabic." Velma concludes looking at the engravings, "It appears to be some sort of ancient dialect. Unfortunately, it's so old that I can't make heads or tails of it."

"Like, why not toss it?" Shaggy asks.


"To see if it's heads or tails." Shaggy explains as everyone groans.

Suddenly, a bright blue beam emerges from the ring surrounding the gang.

"Daphne, is this supposed to happen?" Freddie asks.

"I don't know." Daphne replies, "I just bought this thing, remember?"

"Like, does this thing have an instruction manual?" Shaggy asks.

"Uh...I don't think so." Is the reply.

"Well, gang." Fred declares rather shakily, "I think we've finally got a mystery on our hands." Instantly, there is a cry of joy in his companions.

However, the joy calms down as they realize that they are being beamed into the ring.

"Uh, what's going on?" Daphne asks.

"I don't knoooooooow!" Freddie yells as they get sucked in.

"Like, I don't like the looks of this, do you Scoob?" Shaggy asks as he holds his furry companion tightly.

"Ruh-uh." The Great Dane replies shaking his head.

Seconds later, the gang finds themselves going through a black hole. "This is strange, isn't it?" Velma asks. "Like, you got that right." Concludes Shaggy.

"Oooooh." Daphne groans.

"Daph," Freddie asks, "are you alright?"

"I don't know." Is the reply, "I all of a sudden, feel different, like I'm not myself."

"Like, that's funny." Shaggy says, "Scoob and I, like, feel the same way."

"Well, you all look the same as always." Velma says. She then takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes.

"What's the matter?" Fred asks

"Fred," Velma replies, "I'm beginning to get that strange feeling now."

"That's funny," Fred says, "so do I!"

"Like, do you think it's a virus going around?" Shaggy asks.

"Uh-oh..." Daphne says.

"What is it?" Velma asks.

Daphne points to the end of the black hole, which leads into space.

"Hang on!" Freddie yells.

"Like, to what?" Shaggy calls back.

Before anyone can answer, they leave the black hole and find themselves whirring through space.

"Freddie," Velma yells, "we've got trouble!"

"What is it this time?" the blond leader asks.

Velma just points and Fred looks. "Oh boy." He moans. Sure enough, straight in their path is a planet that resembles very much to that of Earth.

"Like, prepare for a crash landing!" Shaggy yells.

"Relp!" Scooby screams out.

Everyone screams as they enter the planets atmosphere and head toward a tiny town with lush meadows, green pastures, and many hills.

"Collision coarse!" Freddie yells as they are about to land in a pile of hay. They hit the pile with a large amount of force making the hay go in many different directions.

Fred and Daphne groan from dizziness from the trip. "My glasses!" Velma cries as she fumbles around in the straw, "I've lost my glasses!" "Like, you mean this things, Velma?" Shaggy asks removing a pair of spectacles from his face. Giving them to Velma he chuckles, "Like, for a moment there, I thought my vision was going bad!" Scooby instantly joins into the laughter.

"Are you alright?" a man asks running up to them, "I saw you falling out of the sky."

The gang looks up at the man. He is a rather plump gentleman and is dressed rather fancily with a pipe in his hand. He is well shaven and has white hair, which is neatly combed. He is wearing no shoes and his feet are hairy on the top.

"And since I appear to be the first to greet you, led me also be the first to welcome you to the Shire." The man continues.

"The what?" Daphne asks.

"The Shire." The gentleman repeats.

"I've heard that name before." Velma says rubbing her chin. She then looks up at the man and asks, "May I ask what town this is?"