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Lindsey's Revenge, Chapter 1

After To Shanshu in LA

I'm hoping this is a humor fic, like I said, HOPING

Lindsey was pissed. That bastard Angel had chopped of his hand! His freaking hand! Now he couldn't play his beloved guitar! Well, he was going to make sure that blood sucker had what was coming to him.

He laughed evilly as he read threw some books he had bought at the bookstore down the lane. The occult book store that is. Not the naughty books store, though Lindsey did frequent that joint many a time. Everyone did. In fact, that was where he'd seen the English dude that worked with Angel.

Lindsey looked at the book before him, his eyes scanning for the most horrid, terrible things! That was when he saw it, the perfect spell.

It would make it so Angel would be his slave and he could make him do things… bad things…

Lindsey relished the thought. He then proceeded to gather the herbs, and light some candles. He read the Latin just fine, but had trouble with the German. He stumbled, mispronouncing some of the words, but the book said that would be ok.

Lastly but not least, Lindsey threw the herbs into the candles, causing the room to get all hazy. The fumes clogged Lindsey's throat, and he blacked out from lack of oxygen. When he woke up, he noticed he couldn't breath!

He gasped and gasped, but his lungs just wouldn't get filled! Then he stopped. He didn't need air… 'Uh, oh' his mind thought and he looked at his hands, BOTH of them.

"Crap!" he said, and sighed. Well, the spell was true to it's word, it did say he'd have control over Angel, just not how.

Then an equally as evil idea as his earlier attempts came to mind. He could control Angel right? He could destroy his life! That's just as bad as not having two hands, right? Lindsey then proceeded to laugh evilly. He'd make Angel look like a total fool!

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