Sorry for the lack of updates, but it was due to lack of inspiration

Chapter 6

Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn all ran over to where Angel was. "Is he out?" asked Cordelia. Gunn nudged Angel with his toe. "Yep".

Then he started to stir, and they jumped back. An essence seemed to pour out his eyes. Then it took the shape of Lindsey.

"Gawd, I hate this job" Cordelia said, taken aback. Lindsey turned the sound of her voice and cringed. "Oh, crap!" He said, as the three humans chased the evil lawyer around the hotel.

Across the street, a crowd was gathering, to gawk and laugh. Kate Lockley was in such crowd, and rolled her eyes. She began to shoo people away, as the scene across the street still went on.

"Get him! He's evil!" Cordelia's shrill scream reached Wes's and Gunn's ears. "Damn girl! You gotta be so loud!" Gunn said as she glared at him. Wesley meanwhile got out his trusty tazer, yes he has one, how could you not know he has one? : )

Anyway, Wes got out his tazer and pounced! He shocked Lindsey in the head, and Lindsey screamed.

Then Lindsey used his evil lawyer powers, and brought forth a cell phone! "Get me the freak outta here, NOW!" he yelled into the speaker. A big black limo pulled up and he jumped in.

The end. Yeah, I Know it was lame, sorry, : (