disclaimer: i do not, and never will, own sesshoumaru - er - i mean inu- yasha co. heheh! [nervous laugh]

descriptions: higurashi kagome: 19 years old bar tender in nights, business woman in day, lives alone in an appartment. no father. miko

takimoto sesshoumaru: 21 years old business man, divorced parents. lives with rin in a mansion. inu youkai

takimoto inu-yasha: 19 years old business assitant in day, cop at night. lives with kikyou in an appartment. Hanyou

izuma sango:19 years old bar tender in nights, clothes designer at day. lives alone in an appartment. orphan. taijya

mokighanto miroku: 20 years old loyer at day, cop at night. lives alone in an appartment. orphan. houshi

higurashi kikyou: 19 years old lap dancer on nights, waitress in day. lives with inu-yasha in an appartment. no father. miko

higurashi souta: 11 years old high school student. lives with mother and grandfather and grandmother.no father. human

izuma kohaku: 11 years old high school student. lives with uncle. orphan. taijya

kakemuno hojo: 19 years old health inspector. lives alone in an appartment. human

goshika rin: 11 years old high schoold student. lives with sesshoumaru in a mansion. orphan. human

hokubuto jaken: 43 years old business assistant. lives alone in an appartment. toad youkai

higurashi kaede: 55 years old grandmother. lives with granps higurashi. miko

motokite kagura: 21 years old lap dancer. lives alone in an appartment. orphan. wind youkai

atahime naraku: 31 years old bar owner. lives with wife and kanna. hanyou

atahime kanna: 12 years old high school student. lives with naraku and mother. soul youkai

waka kouga: 20 years old body guard. lives with ayame in an appartment. no father. uruhu youkai

yoichi ayame: 19 years old bar tender. lives with kouga in an appartment. orphan. uruhu youkai

takimoto inutaishou: 51 years old business man and high boss. lives with izayoi. inu youkai

takimoto izayoi: 46 years old clothes designer. lives with inutaishou. human

what fate decided

chapter: one

the alarm clock rang troughout the vast appartment room indicating 6:30. the woman laying in the bed groaned irritably.

"i thought i turned it off yesterday....damn, it's sunday! need sleep!" she exclaimed while bashing the alarm clock into shreds.

'oh well, i'll just have to buy another one later' she thought as she went back to sleep.

an hour later, the phone rang beside her bed.

"can't i get sleep here!!" she shouted getting up to answer.

she looked who it was calling her at 7:30 in the morning.


"what do you want lil' pest?" she said jokingly.

"aww! sango! c'mon you gotta get out of bed before i drag you out myself. you said you were gonna fix me another suit today." kagome said cheerily.

"but it's only 7:30 kaogme!" she whined back.

"yeah so? i've been up 'till 5:00 this morning! and i guess you broke your fifth clock sicne last week ne?" she smirked.

"i'll buy another one, now let me sleep more" she lazily said, laying back down into bed.

"no. if i let you do that, you'll sleep over too late and i have an important meeting at 10:00, giving you enough time to make me my suit sango!" she retorted.

"ugh!! fine! but when i have time, i'll teach you how to sew!!" sango said.

"okay but until then, you'll have to make mine and eat breakfast with me at the corner today! chow!" kagome said giggling and hung up.

sango truned the phone off and threw it at the other end of the room. she started to get up, took her clothes off and proceeded to her bathroom which was located in her room. after a good shower, she heard the main door opening and smiled.

'she got impatient again.' sango thought.

the door to her room opened to reveal kagome holding cofee cups and breakfast. sango only had her blue bra and a matching thung.

"aww, kagome! can't you knock?" she said

"hey! it's nothing i ever saw before" kagome replied, lunging on sango's bed and bouncing madly on it.

sango sighed and took a silk blue shirt with buttons and white streaks on it. she took out a pair of low jeans that revealed her stomach and her bat belly-button piercing. she took black shoes and pulled them on. kagome was waring black silk army pants with a bright pink odd shirt-like top. it was like pink cloth laces that adored her body's curves. she wore black army boots and her hair had red high lights and was tied in a high pony tail leaving strands of hair to frame her face along with her long bangs.

"stop jumping on my bed with your boots kagome. or i will have to call the army to retrieve their lost private." she mocked.

"sir yes sir!" kagome stood up straight and took an army-like stance.

they were like sisters playing all the time. sango grabbed a cup and sipped at her coffee, took a toast and popped it in her mouth. kaogme follwed and giggled.

"what's wrong?" she asked.

"the toast you're eating is burnt underneath!" kagome replied.

sango looked under her toast and glared at it before narrowing her eyes at kaogme who had a perfect golden brown toat in hand. kaogme grin evilly at her and kept eating. soon, a pillow connected to her face and she fell flat on the face with the bed. good thing her coffee was resting on the table though or it would be good bye white sheets.

sango smirked and went to get what she needed to amke kagome's suit. kaogme wanted long blue silk pants with a silk lawyer-like jaket. she would ware a tight silk spagetti top underneath but in silver. the meeting was about being a business assitant at a high business place, she would be the assitant of the big boss over there and had to look her best.

this job was the most important of her life. kagome was a highly respected business woman on top of a clothing company. sango was the main designer in the company and if kaogme got the job, she would give the entire company to sango. the company's name was: the red rose.

they requested she ware their company mark on her, qwuestion of honor. the cresent moon was another clothing company but with more things attached to it. they owed hotels, restaurants, they were everywhere you looked. the mark was of course a dark blue cresent moon. and the company colours were blue and silver. sango would sew a giant cresent moon on the back of the jaket and another one in the front on kaogme's shirt.

it was now 9:45 and the phone rang, indicating miroku. kagome went to answer the phone.

"hi miroku!" she cheerfuly said.

"hey kag! what's up?" he asked. miroku was sango's boyfriend after annoying her for like four years or so.

"noting much monk." she replied.

"can i talk to my love?" miroku then said.

"sure thing miroku!" she giggled and skipped to her friend.

"hello!" sango said.

"hi my love! what are youd doing?" he asked her lustfuly. she sighed and said.

"i'm making kaogme's new suit. now i have to go cuz she has to try it on! bye!" she replied.

"aww!" he paused and a perverted thought crossed over him. "what are you wearin'?" he asked. she sighed again and said.

"bye miroku!" she shot back smiling.

"good bye! talk to you soon! i love you!" he said and waited for her reply.

"me too! bye!" and she hung up on a smiling-like-crazy-monk.

sango turnes to kaogme and handed her the clothes. a sleeve from the jaken hung in the air and automatically, kirara who had been watching the whole morning, came out of under the bed adn tugged on the sleeve. kagome giggled and sango only smiled and picked the kitten up. kirara purred madly from her mistresses ministrations in her fur.

sango put the kitten back down and looked at kagome saying: what are you waiting for? and invitation? as she meant about the clothes. kagome reluctantly took her clothes off the reveal her naked body with the exception of a black thung with a red spider in the front. she went to her bag, which she brought earlier, and took out a matching, revealing, bra with red spiders on each breasts.

when she turned around to pick the pants from the bed, you could see a very long and very large black and red dragon snaking up her back. it had a huge dark blue cresent moon behind and the dragon had a long silver line going down it's back. kagome said she had the moon and silver line added in in honor of her soon-to-be-job.

kagome always felt confident she could get the job one day. no one ever doubted she could get a job period! she and sango were very close friends and were both very seccessful in evrything they had set their minds on.

once she had the outfit on, sango went to her and quickly rid her friend of the eccess strings hanging out and smoothened the frabric flat. by the time she was done, kagome had 10 minutes left to get to the meating, which was just enough time to get there.

"well, see ya! i'll call you later sango! wish me luck!" kagome said, kissing her on the cheak, grabbing her coffee and suit-case.

"do i have to wish you luck? heh! good bye!" she said back and kissed her back as well.

kirara joylly ran behind kagome until they reached teh door. a quick pat on the head and kagome was headed out. she jumped inside her black and red ferary convertable and sped off to the company's bulding.

sango watched until kagome was out of sight and went back inside with kirara hot on her heels.

kagome's cell phone rang and she answered.

"higurashi" she said in her micrphone thing. (i dunno how they call it but it's an ear-phone that's connected to the phone itself)

"oi kagome!" a boy said

"ah, inu-yasha, good to hear ya!" she said.

"yeah, when are you gettin' here?" inu-yasha quickly said.

"i'm on my way. why? are you with an un-wakeble kikyou again?" she smirked.

"no, we've been early today and were wonderin' when you'd be there." he answered.

"the meeting's at 10:00 hun!" she giggled out. her car halted as she pulled in a parking spot.

"keh! i know!" he replied.

kagome closed the door and proceeded to get into the building.

"we're waitin' at the front doors for you!" as he said that, the line was cut off and kaogme was behind him. she leaned to his ear and whispered.

"i can see that..." he twirled around so fast, she didn't have the time to blink. he had the surprised look on his face mingled with the one you get when you're totaly scared to death.

"KAGOME!!" he said angrily, owning a bored look from her.

"don't shout, i can hear perfectly you know. but if you keep screaming, i won't for very long..." she kept her mask of total bordom and coldness which manages to send chill up and down your spine.

she looked behind him and noticed the three men standing with anoyance in their faces.

"are you gonna introduce me or i have to do it myself?" she asked.

"the lady's right dear brother, it's rude to ignore people!" a white haired man said smirking at him.

kagome smirked and grinned at inu-yasha.

"keh!" he took kagome in front of the white haired demon. "that's fluffy, the gay guy you're supposed to work for." he smirked back.

the man glared and held out his hand to kagome. "takimoto sesshoumaru, inu- yasha's OLDER and richer brother." they shook hands

"pleased to meet you takimoyo-san. i've heard quite of you" she bowed her head slightly and let go of his warm hand.

sesshoumaru took over forinu-yasha and introduced kagome to the others.

"this is my father, takimoto inutashou." she shook his hand and bowed lower.

"i am mostly honored to meet you takimoto-sama." sesshoumaru smirked when he senced her akwardness towards possibly the most respected business man in the world.

"and this is waka kouga, my personal body guard" the wolf demon took kaogme's both hands in his and kissed them

"it is allways a pleasure to meet a beautiful woman" he said with a hot voice.

"nice to meet you too waka-san" kagome said, trying to take back her hands.

"please, call me kouga" he warmly said. she answered with a slight nod of her head and tugged her hands back.

'he reminds me of miroku...' she sweat dropped and backed away, standing beside a still glaring inu-yasha. he hadn't got over sesshoumaru's reply at his insult and wasn't about to.

all five went inside a small cafe to discuss business. after an hour of talking and testing, sesshoumaru stated that she was most qualified to fit in as his assistant. kagome had to stiffle a queal at this. she was most excited.

"are these clothes you would always ware, higurashi-san?" inutaishou asked.

"call me kagome please, it embarasses me!" she blushed and continued. "yes, i don't like dresses or skirts. but if it's not suitable, i can always get sango to fix me a new one." she finished.

"no, no, no! i think it's most suitable. at least you don't look like a whore instead of a negociator! and if i can call you by your name, call me inutaishou amd know that you are most welcome here and if you need anything, just ask" he replied.

kagome bowed low and said. "thank you inutaishou-sama. it is most kind of you but i doubt i will need much help." she kept her tone as respectful as possible.

"it's okay kagome and just inutaishou's fine! my wife heard about you and wanted to meet you today, if you don't have anything else planned that is?" he laughed.

"umm, i don't think so." she hesitantly said.

"good! sesshoumaru will join you then"

"what? i have other things to attend to father and shopping isn't pne of those." sesshoumaru exclaimed indignantly.

"like what?" inutaishou raised an eyebrow.

"papers to fill" he briefly said.

he laughed again and said. "they're already taken care of! take the rest of the day off and try to know your new assistant better bfore you start working with her!" he said still laughing.

sesshoumaru turned away and sulked the rest of the meeting. they were waiting for izayoi and rin to come and get sesshouamru and kagome. after a half hour of waiting, they finaly showed up.

"hello!!" rin cheerfully said.

"hi rin!" kagome said back, patting the little girl's head. "how are you?"

"fine!" she replied.

"you know her?" sesshoumaru asked.

"yes, she's my little brother's girlfriend" kagome answered smiling brightly.

"well, isn't this a small world!" izayoi said.

"hello, takimoto-san, as you can guess, i'm kagome" she brightly said with a huge warm smile plastered on her face. she stood and bowed.

rin only jumped and hugged kaogme so tight, she almost couldn't breath. once she let go, she let a sigh of relief.

"well, are we ready? oh and sesshouamaru, can we use your car? question of space" izayoi asked.

"why not? are you planning on spending a whole card again?" he asked back

"maybe, but i did plan on treating kagome though!" she giggled out looking at the blushing and embarassed kagome.

"you don't have to you know takimoto-san" she said, bowing her heads in embarassment.

"oh no! it's okay kagome. and call me izayoi please."

"okay, if you insist." she looked up and smiled once more. then turned to inu-yasha, hugged him and said. "tell sango i won't be there today and if she needs anything, just call on my cell phone." inu-yasha nodded and watched them leave.