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chapter: two

sango picked up the phone in the afternoon. she was getting worried about kagome. apparently, inu-yasha hadn't called her to say she was going with izayoi and rin. she dialed the number and waited for her to answer.

"he - hello? oww! aaahh! rin! watch out!!" kagome answered as a few of the many bags she had, fell.

"kagome? what's wrong? who's rin?" sango asked puzzled.

"oww! i'm shopping with Izayoi and rin." she answered, finaly dropping the bags.

"who are they?"

"izayoi is takimoto inutaishou's wife and rin is takimoto-san's adoptive daughter." she answered.

"you mean that you are shopping with the takimotos?" she asked stunned. "are they making you pay for everything like greedy bastards?" she added.

"NO! actually, they don't want me to pay a cent!" she said.

"REALLY?! i thought of them like people who are greedy and that can't get enough of money!" she exclamed.

"well, you got it all wrong!! i got to go, rin's gettin anxious to hit the toy stoor." she said between giggles. and in the backround, sango swore she heard: "kagome-chan! if you don't hang up now, it's a ticle fight coming!" but she shrugged it off as she heard kagome laughing like crazy.

kagome on her part was rolling on the floor and holding her ribs. rin was laughing at her and izayoi laughed a bit but kept smiling. as for sesshoumaru, he just looked at them both and didn't flintch.

once kagome had calmed down, she got up and dusted herself. she saw that sesshoumaru was staring at her and flashed a big bright smile at him. teh only reaction she got was him turning around and walking towards the next shop. she looked disapointed and picked up the bags lazily.

upon seeing this, izayoi explained. "don't worry dear, he's always like that. that's why we looked for a dynamic woman to work with him, just to melt his cold heart." she said the last part softly, sweetly and touching kagome's heart.

they heard a "feh" from him and looked at each other. rin saw this and asked a silent question. they both nodded giggling and rin went running towards her "father". she stealthily creeped beind him and jumped at his side, tickinlg every part she could reach on him. the women were behind, hoping he could smile or glimpse a smile. nothing. he just stared at her coldly and continued as if nothing happened.

rin returned to them shrugging disapointingly. they looked down and sighed. sesshoumaru smirked inwardly.

'so, they thought i, sesshoumaru, would be tickleish? that's absurd!'

'hm, that demon's really antisocial....' kagome thought.

at the toy store, rin ran right to the dress-up corner and dug out a detective hat. (like one of those tranch-coat detective's) she ran back to sesshoumaru and asked him to put the hat on.

"pappa! put this one on pul-eazeeee?!" and use the-all-mighty-can't-say-no-expression. (puppy dog eyes reinvented...)

he sighed and put the hat on.

'though, he ain't a bad father...' kagome sweat dropped.

the black hat went great with sesshoumaru's figure. it assorted his amber eyes. his silver hair seemed shinyer. and his oh-so-serious-blue-suit. he wore a normal smoth dark blue pants with a loose shiny silver blouse and his tie hung loosely, white with a blue cresent moon on it. his sleeves were rolled up and his coat was in one of the bags.

"wow takimoto-san! you only need dark shades and you're perfect." she said giggling. her answer was a "feh"...again.

"here kagome-chan, try this one!" rin said.

kagome looked at the hat for a moment and then at rin, the from the hat to rin again. it was blood red with a black bat on it. kagome liked the hat though, but she was kind of shy do accept it. she undid her bun, making her smooth black and red hair cascade down to her mid-tighs. rin and izayoi gasped at her lovely hair and sesshoumaru stared wide-eyed at it. it was long.

it was like a blood red cow-boy hat with a big bat on the front with emerald eyes. she put it on and turned towards the others. she tucked her hair behind her ears and the same usual strans of hair that was alway framing her face, let loose with her long bangs.

"wow! you look great kagome-chan!" rin exclamed.

"yes! i know the perfect place to find a matching outfit!!" izayoi said at her turn, clapping her hands together joyfully.

kagome seemed happy but she felt like she was trouble when izayoi mentioned more money spending. she was sure she would cost alot of cash to those people and would get kicked out.

"um - i don't want to be rude by declining but i don;t think i should. you have lost alot of money already because of me, maybe i should pay for the hat and call it a day?" kaogme hesitantly suggested.

"no! you are not spending a thing here! you have given us this treatment all day now, and there's no way on earth i'm making you pay for anything!" izayoi said. almost shouted.

"just accept it, you'll get nowhere if you don't" sesshoumaru retorted.

all three looked at him.

"what? sis you think i went mute or something?" he said innocently. he smirked and waited for a reply.

kagome shook her head. 'to be honest, i did....' she sweat dropped and accepted with a nod.

"good" izayoi grabbed teh hat and payed for it.

"but i still think i should..." she never got to finish.

"SHUSH!! i don't want to hear anything more about this little one!" izayoi said. one could run for it if one heard her voice tone.

saying no more words, she headed straight to the next stop. the three others followed suit not saying a word. well, they didn;t have any choice anyways. they passed by a weaponery shop and kagome couldn't help but look at it while she walked. if she didn;t have good reflexes, she would've had bumped into sesshoumaru.

"uh! sorry takimoto-san!" she said quickly bowing.

"damn it! we've known each other for almost a day, call me sesshoumaru!" he said harshly.

"uh - okay?" sh hesitantly answered.

he nodded and turned back to his "follwing the step mother" journey. rin skipped happily next to izayoi. sesshoumaru was loaded over his head but never broke a sweat. kagome kind of admired him like that.

when they arrived at the shop, izayoi barged into the sized six women and looked for a pair of red or black pants. she found one but kagone prefered silk so they found a red one.

there was a red silk, skin-tight legging. (if you don't mind me saying that) that had flame outlines in beads coming from the bottom to mid-tigh. they were low pants that izayoi matched with charkoal black cow-boy boots. instead of those round stars, it was replaced by a normal star. studs were planted on top of the boots, giving kagome mean attitude.

they picked a black belt with a black widow, with red eyes and silver spider webs going all around the belt. there was studs at some places there too. her stomach was exposed until half way up.

they found a black shirt with a red lizard on it. it had deep blue eyes. they found a silver necklace with a dragon on it. she had five silver bracelets in each arm and black and red feathers as earrings.

izayoi ordered kagome to keep her hair down and to put the hat back on. kagome did as she was told and slipped her hairbad out of her silky hair. with the deep blue and amber eyes kagome had, she looked teh most beautiful.

when she turned, they all saw the dragon's tail from her back and decided to ask about it.

"kaogme, what's that on your back?" rin asked.

"huh? oh! it's a tattoo." she explained.

"can we see it?" izayoi asked.

"i wish i could but it's so big that i would need to undress for that. maybe when we go swimming one day, i ware bikinis so you would be able to see it. i added teh company's color on it since i anticipated to be getting the job."

"and if you didn't get the job?" sesshoumaru asked.

she slightly glared at the floor and answered. "first, i never before have been refused a job and second, if i didn;t get the job, i would have had the colors anyways and wouldn't regret a bit of it." she proudly said.

"why is that kaogme?" came izayoi's sweet voice.

"because i've been wanting this job for so long." she answered.

"that's nice, why?" izayoi pressed

"i - i -" she sighed 'i guess it would've came to this anyways' "i have admired this company for my life, i have studied hard and long jsut to get there. at least be part of it. even if i was a janitor or a secretary, i would've taken it with open arms. i sacrificed my company for this. i gave it to sango" she said.

"how ironic" sesshoumaru sarcasticaly added, rollying his eyes.

"oh sush sesshoumaru!" izayoi reprimanded.

to sango:

she danced to the music she had put on in the living room. the phone rang a few times before she noticed it and raced to answer.

"hello?" she said between pants.

"hey sango!" the voice said.

"hey inu-yasha!" she cheerily said.

"yeah, kaogme said i had to call you to tell you that if you needed anything you have to call her cell phone, she's trapped with my mom, rin and my half bro"

"i already called her, i suppose you're lat eon news again...what's it this time half-boy?" she jokingly said.

"my dad, he wanted to know more about kag so i had to stay and kikyou wanted to shop again." he responded.

sango sighed and said. "she never change does she?"

"nope!" inu-yasha said. "so, that's that. i gotta go, see ya later san!" he said and hung up.

sango hung up too and scratched her kitten behing her ears only to earn a longful purr. she played with teh demon for a few minutes with a chew-toy and got up. kirara was following her. sango started to jump and run around the humungus living room, it didn't take a genious to guess sango wanted to play some more. it was one of their favorite game.

sango had to jump and run while kirara had to try and tackle her with her paw. sometimes, she would transform and tackle her to the ground and transform back only to sit victoriously on her chest. she was always a cheater for this game and liked it.

between laughing and meuwing, kirara percepted the door bell and ran towards the door. that was her usual signal to sango to say someone was on the other side of the door. she would scratch at the door or just sit there and mew like crazy.

sango opened the door only to be ambushed my white roses.

"uh - hi miroku!" she said. it was quite apparent she had played with the fire cat demon.

"hi darling!" he threw his arms around her waist and hugged her.

sango held the flowers at her side and smiled. "what are the flowers for miroku?"

he deeply kissed her and said. "first, dress elegantly and come with me" he kissed her passionetly again and let her go.

"uh - okay?" she replied hesitantly and turned around to change.

she came out thirty minutes later dressed in a long yellow dress. it started very dark and as it went to the top, it went paler. it was a strapless dress that went to her ankles and had big slits on both sides that went to her knees. the rest of the dress went down to her ankles.

on her back was a big pink kanna. (yes, kanna was also named after a japanese flower)

kirara purred at her mistress and rubbed her head against her leg. her hair was held up on her head and the rest of it was cascading down to her mid-back. she had a silver hair-pin that held a beautiful kikyou. (so kikyou is a flower name too...very pretty, i have some at home!)

the only thing miroku could do was gasp. never had he seen her so casual. it made his silver and black silked tuxedo look like news paper. (keh!!)

he held out his arm for her to take. she smiled and gently took it.

once they arrived outside, a limousine sat out in the street. sango looked at it and searched with her eyes for miroku's blue porch.

"ahem!" he said. "the limousine" he hinted to her and sent her a wink.

"what?" she gasped. "how could you afford THAT?!" she exclaimed disbelievingly.

"i DID buy a porch and besides, this is only a rented car. driver and all!"

she didn't say anything but only stepped inside.

miroku followed suit soone after her. the driver started and miroku pooured both of them a glass of champaigne.

"now, will you tell me what this is all about mirou?" she asked.

"not just yet my lovely sango" he responded as he sipped silently at his champaigne smilingly.

she stared at him waringly and took a short sip. miroku saw her getting anxiouis as she fidgetted at her outfit.

"you will find out in due time my love" he said as he kissed her temple gently.

the car made a stop at a rich restaurant and miroku stepped out, again, holding his arm out for her to take. as she did, he took her inside and took his reserved table.

once dinner had started, he held her hands and said. "i got a prommotion sango, i'm the new top lawyer." he said.

sango let out a breath she didn't know she was holding in. "that's good!!" she said, holding her giggles of joy back.

she noticed someting was wrong when he bent down next to her and grinned at her.

"izuma sango, will you marry me?" he asked.

she gasped. her mouth opened and closed repetedly like a fish in need of water. she didn't know what to say.

he opened a little box to reveal a golden ring with her name carved in it. all around her name, there was small deep blue diamonds and on each side of her name, before the blue diamonds, there was two big diamonds.

"i don't know what to say miroku."

"then just say yes my love!" he soothingly said.

she nodded slowly. "yes then, i will marry you!" he placed the ring in her finger and kissed her with the most passionate kiss he ever gave a woman.

they went to sango's for the rest of the night to celebrate. it was nearly 1 in the morning and sango jumped for her phone and called her best friend on her cell phone.

"hello?" kagome said. she heard a squeal and automaticaly pulled teh phone away from her ear.

"sango? what's wrong? what happened? did he do something nasty and had you drunk again so he could make move? if so i'm.." she never got to finish since sango cut her off. rudely i might add.

"HE PROPOSED!! YOU HEAR ME??!" ok, maybe not....sweat drops

"he what?" she spat out.

"miroku asked me to marry him!"

"really? what did you say?" obviously, the drinks she had earlier started to kick in for kagome. as for sango, she's just too strong spirirted for that.

"duh! i said yes!!" she shouted back at kagome.

"i think i need an eardrum replacement now..." she sighed.

then she heard miroku call out to sango. "c'mon babe! i'm still waiting! come while it's still warm" in a seductive voice. (makes me wanna go too)

"ok dear, let me a few seconds ok?" she replied to the seductive voice.

"yeah" he said back, with maybe a tinge of eargerness or more like whinning, eigther way, he was disapointed.

"guess i have to go kaggy....sorry, talk to you tomorror ok?"

"say, can i make the dresses?" she asked anxiously to her friend.

"nooooo!! last time you got your sleeve stitched up with the pair of pants you tried to fix."

kagome whined, said her goodbyes and hung up.

kagome patted rin's head which was resting in her lap sleeping like an angel. she couldn't help the smile it brought her.

sesshoumaru looked at her form patting his precious adoptive daughter. a tilt of jealousy tugged at his heart. just looking at kagome caring for her made him feel happy in some way. that's the part that won his inner war. the simple picture that was drawn with kagome and rin made him feel like he had a family.

actually, rin was the closest part he had to a family. but upon seeing this, he couldn't but let the smile that was tugging at his lips go.

He continued looking at the beatiful black and red creature brush his daughter's hair soothingly. Good thing Izayoi was sleeping though.

The car they were in made a halt at his mansion and they all shot their heads up to look outside the window.

"We're here" was sesshoumaru's impassive, cold silence-breaker.

Kagome shot her head up and looked at the vast mansion through the car's window.

"Uh, i'll wait in here..." She said.

"Unless you wish to sleep in my car, i do not mind"

"What are you talking about? I thought you were going to take me home?"

"Apparently not"

Kagome looked at him puzzled then at Izayoi who was smilling innocently. She sighed and walked next to Rin.

'Why? Do i have to stay here? He's my boss!!!' She thought. She walked on slowly then came up to the big, gold painted oak doors. An old woman opened them and bowed respectfully to the head of the house.

"Welcome home, Sesshoumaru-Sama" Kaeded said while nodding her head to the others.

"Konbawa, Kaede-San" Still, his cold voice rang through the air in a bone chilling rumble. Kagome resisted the urge to shiver and bit her bottom lip.

She followed Izayoi to a gest room and bid her good-night.

"Thank you for everything Izayoi, i don't know what to say, i mean, i got really cool clothes and didn't have to pay, then, i get to sleep at my new boss's house!"

"Do not think any of it child. Now, go to sleep, work tomorrow."

Kagome got into her pajamas and slipped into her silk covered bed for a much needed sleep.

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