"The man of shadow and the man of fire are locked away but they are not forgotten!" A deep voice echoed through a dark room. "They will soon be released and the whole planet Earth will shake! No one will be able to stop them" Another voice echoed through the room. "We will have to send someone to stop this from happening, but who?" The first deep voice said, green eyes now appeared in the darkness. "There is only one person who has defeated them before... so we send him" A third voice said and a door opened nearby filling with light. A figure stood in the doorway, "You summoned me my lords" The figure said and bowed to the high lords.

"Rubberband Mnyone could react, the rubble was blown up and Onyx was thrown against the wall where he stuck there.

Gear and Rubberband Man were shocked, Puff and Carmandillo were both unconsious and Onyx was fighting against..."The static cling? How...Gear?" Rubberband Man asked, stretching his head over to look at Onyx more closely as Gear landed. Gear looked at the power holding Onyx to the wall. "Backpack analyse and see if it matches any database" Gear said, his voice steady. Backpack leaped off his back inst..."The static cling? How...Gear?" Rubberband Man asked, stretching his head over to look at Onyx more closely as Gear landed. Gear looked at the power holding Onyx to the wall. "Backpack analyse and see if it matches any database" Gear said, his voice steady. Backpack leaped off his back and climbed up to where Onyx was attached to the wall.

"It can not be him! He has been dead for over a year!" Gear said, using some rope to tie the metahumans up. "Take it easy! We do need to undo the knot once the police arrive!" Rubberband man said, stopping Gear from tying the gang up too tightly.

Richie rubbed the tiredness from his eyes, pushing his glasses back up and stared at the data that was displayed on the screen.

"Boo, I have to keep an eye on Richie so that he doesn't overwork himself" Adam said talking on the cell phone. "Yes Sharon, I will bring him around once we are finished here at headquaters" Adam said looking at Richie, who looked at his computer barely blinking. Shuddering a little Adam continued to talk to his finacee. "Ok, relax Sharon please! I will get Richie away from here and head over to your place... Ok Sharon, I will see you soon" Adam said pacing in a little circle and hanged up. "Anything?" He asked rubbing his temples.

"I am running the search with the data I recorded two years ago but it is taking a while to find a one hundred percent match" Richie said, taking his glasses off and rubbed his eyes before putting them back on.

"If you couldn't guess, Sharon wants you over for supper" Adam said, changing out of his costume. "Sharon? I really do want to get this data sorted out but I know you are all worried about me... give me a minute to transfer this program to Backpack and change into my street clothes" Richie said typing something on his computer then got his street clothes, that laid in a pile by the desk and placed them over his costume.

A figure sat on the roof of the gas station and smiled. 'Same old Same old' He vanished from sight, using his teleportation powers to keep an eye on the car that left HQ and headed through the city and parked outside of the Hawkins residence.

The figure faltered and then remembered his orders, 'No matter what!' He thought and teleported inside and looked around, he could smell an old familiar smell. 'Some things never change' The ghost thought and walked through the wall into the kitchen.

Richie was sat opposite Adam at the table playing with his food while paying most of his attention to Backpack, who was set up on the table next to him along with a empty chair to his left. Adam, Sharon and Mr Hawkins throwing looks of worry at each other, "Richie you do need to eat you know" Sharon said. The ghost winced and then looked over to Richie who slowly ate the meal of sausage and mash, just then a hologram of the city emerged from Backpack.

'That is new, he has been busy...' The ghost thought and quickly looked it over before Richie and Adam got out of their seats. He teleported to where the trouble was located, 'armed robbers'

Richie grabbed Backpack quickly and thanked Mr Hawkins for the meal and left the room to get changed. Adam followed close by but kissed Sharon before transforming into Rubberband Man, left the house and bounced down the street with Gear flying above him.

Rubberband Man and Gear flew into the center of town, and looked for the source of the disturbance, which according to Backpack was the first national bank. "Anything?" Rubberband Man asked Gear who landed and numbers flashed across his visor. "There was something here but there isn't now... and it can not be a fire drill as it is after hours!" Gear said, finishing the scan of the area.

A big gust of wind sweapt along the street where the heroes stood, newspapers blew by them in the wind.

"I don't get it! Backpack picks something up and we get here to find there is nothing!" Gear said, kicking a nearby trashcan.

"Gear! Rubberband Man! Great job! Thanks for that! Those armed robbers were nasty but I am glad that you are still here in Dakota" A security guard called out from a nearby security office waving, in his hand was a tape. "I kept the security tape away from those newsreporters so I can give it to you!" The security guard said coming out of his office and gave the tape to Gear.

"Uh Thanks, we better get going!" Gear said, taking the tape and nodded to Rubberband Man who took his cue and started heading back to the Hawkins Residence with Gear following above.

"Don't you think that was a little wierd? Armed robbers attack that bank and then that security guard said that we fought them when we didn't" Adam said, a little confused as they headed back hoping to finish the meal.

Gear was deep in thought and watched numbers run across his visor as he unpaused the scan program and didn't hear what Rubberband Man had just said.

"Gear?" Rubberband man asked, stretching out of his ball shape and changed his legs to be longer so he could talk to Gear.

"Hm?" Gear said, noticing that he was being talked to. "Sorry Rubberband Man but I was watching the scanning program, still no match" Gear said, shaking his head a little and allowed Backpack to do most of the work once again.

"I said, that wasn't it a little wierd for there to be reports of armed robbers yet by the time we arrive that there was no sign of it ever happening?" Rubberband Man said, and noticed that they had arrived at the Hawkins Residence.

"We can watch the security tape and see what that shows us while Backpack finishes up!" Gear said, landing and went towards the back so not to drag attention to himself.

To be continued...