Purified Water Part 1

This is my first RW/YST fic. Very likely to be OOC, and I also have not exactly decided what happened between them. YET! Any comments are welcome! Thanks for reading :)
May 2000

Purified Water

By Zuzanny

Part one:


Sai ran as fast as he could, pushing himself faster and harder until he thought his chest would explode. Tears started to pore down his cheeks, only adding to his desire to go harder, faster, stronger. /How could they do this to me?!/ He cried out soundlessly, trying to voice the anguish he felt. They had just ripped his heart out and laughed as they showed it, still pumping, to him.

/They may say I'm weaker, but I'll show them. I'll become strong and hard, then no one can rip my heart out again. But first, STOP CRYING!! STOP CRYING YOU WEAKLING! HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO GET STRONGER IF YOU CRY ALL THE TIME? STOP IT!!/ He slowed his run to slap himself across the face. /That hurt? No? Well, here's another one./


/And another!/


/And another!/




/Hurt yet? Well you deserved it, you useless weakling. You're pathetic./

He stubbornly wiped the tears from his eyes and for the first time looked around at his surroundings. He was standing before an awfully bad smelling lagoon that was covered in slime and algae. Around the lagoon was a small area of grass, then thick forest. Sai realized he was lost. He laughed at the irony of the situation and stepped up to the murky liquid to kneel in the mud and look at his reflection. The slight breeze was enough to distort his image into a swirling mass. He grit his teeth, and with his simple will, the surface solidified like perfect glass. Bright green eyes, tinged with red from tears looked back at him through the face of a pale boy with red/brown hair. He sniffed, and wiped his nose on his hand, the released the water with exasperation. He sat back against a tree, head bowed, knees up, arms dangling loosely by his sides.

"Why am I so bothered by this?" He asked out loud. "After all that has happened, why should something like this upset me?" He looked up through the tall trees branches into the evening sky. Stars were just beginning to come out. It had been hours since he had fled their cruelty. The tops of the trees swayed and swirled in the breeze. "This is just more proof of how much weaker I am compared to them. Just one reason out of thousands for them to show me contempt. So why should I be bothered?"

"Because they are supposed to be your friends." Came a smooth, watery voice from in front of him. "BECAUSE they are your comrades in arms." Sai raised his head and saw a figure standing in the center of the pond. ON the center of the pond. He blinked. The figure was vaguely humanoid in as much as it was shaped like one, but this looked like it was a person made out of water. Dirty, stinking, putrid water, but water none the less. It moved forward, closer to him. Not walking, but floating almost. Flowing like a wave does. The water it was made of rippled as it approached, and he saw that the closer it came, the circulation of water purified the muck out of the body, until when it was standing right before him it was a pure being. Like glass or ice, but flowing still. The movement inside it was like a waterfall, and where it met the surface of the lagoon was where the water hit. It bent down to his level. Human shaped, but no colored eyes. Just smooth edges like a stone carving.

It continued speaking. "They are supposed to be your friends, and yet they delight in hurting you. You have every right to be upset."

"Who are you?" Sai asked slowly. He was not scared, just curious.

The thing seemed to smile. "No one. Just a figment of your imagination."

"Am I hallucinating then?" /Now I'm not only weak, but I'm seeing things too. No wonder they hate me./

"No." It replied softly. "You are just dreaming. You have been running for so long, that your mind has just shut down for a while. Just relax now, and sleep. If they are really your friends, then they will come out and look for you. If they don't. Well, just rest and find out in the morning."

Sai blinked. His eyes were sore, and his head ached now that he thought about it. "Oh. Okay." He yawned and curled up at the base of the tree, falling into a sleep so deep that he could not hear the four voices of his friends calling his name.


To be continued...

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