Of Things Lost and Found

Written by. Miss Melody

Disclaimer: Alas, I do not own them. Good Lord knows that I would not mind owning Fox in more ways than one, but I do not. So, you can't sue me.

Rating: That remains to be seen.

The stars dotted the onyx sky like a tapestry of twilight, bathing the Wharf in a dim glow. It was a biting cold autumn night. Leaves blew casually in the fierce breeze, whipping around the figure of one young woman standing on the railing, both hands clasped in a vice grip-like hold on the metal of the fence that protected the people of Harmony from the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald watched with wide eyes as the vast, crashing waves of the ocean jumped high and engulfed the rocks under the dock in a spray of white ocean foam. Gusts of wind whirled around her and lifted her near ebon locks off her shoulders, whipping them wildly around her honey hued face. Crimson Lips were moving, but the words were inaudible whispers against the roaring of the wind and the loud thrashing of the waves below.

So much had happened during the span of only four short months. So much had changed in Theresa's life that it overwhelmed the young woman, burying her deep in the depths of depression. Every moment in her life was agony, as she attempted to go through the motions, forever fighting the memories of the past four months. Fighting desperately with her mind not to remember every devastating breakup, startling revelation, heartbreaking departure, and blazing tragedy.

It had been four long, lonely months since Theresa and Fox had mutually ended their relationship. Mutual, a word that did no justice to the pain that Theresa felt afterwords, as she stood in the bushes of the hotel where she was staying and heard the words escaping Fox's mouth, declaring his inner turmoil and contempt for god at the situation he was currently in with the love of his life, the mystery woman, Whitney Russell.

Theresa has put on a brave front, pretending that in truth, both she and Fox had known that they both craved for another and that one day, the relationship would end. However, Theresa had been forever fading from her dreams of a life with Ethan and quickly threw herself heart and soul into her relationship with Fox. When it ended, she shrugged it off, told herself she wasn't really feeling the pain that was ripping through her like a serrated knife.

But the truth of her pain had come out for all to see shortly after she had moved into the Crane estate to wait having her and Ethan's baby. A quick trip down into the cellar to retrieve some odd food that she was craving ended in heartbreak as Theresa yanked open the cellar door and found Fox and Whitney stark in the middle of the illicit act. The vivid sound of Whitney's surprised shout echoed throughout the cellar as Theres turned on her heel and stumbled up the stairs, ignoring the door slamming shut with a click of the lock and Fox banging on the door and screaming her name.

She had managed to make her way into the middle of the Entrance Hall before giving into the great, gut-wrenching waves of body shaking tears.

Gwen came bolting down the stairs, having heard her first howl of pain and mistaking it for an injury or something wrong with the baby. But when it became apparent that something was upsetting Theresa, Gwen swallowed most of her hatred for her enemy and moved forward, rubbing Theresa's back soothingly and requesting to know what was the matter. And Theresa sobbed her heart out, confessing what she had witnessed to Gwen. Gwen sat for a moment, still rubbing Theresa's back, with a look of utter shock on her face. After a moment, the expression softened and then brightened as if it had been her and not Theresa that had finally come to a turning point in her life.

Gwen took Theresa up the stairs and lay her down in bed, urging her to rest. But Theresa couldn't rest, not when she heard the frustrated voices of Fox, Whitney and Gwen floating up through the vent just behind her bed. Theresa leaned her head back and listened as Gwen's rage filled voice floated up through the ventilation system.

" Finally, she's changed. Finally, she has found another man who she is in love with. And that man sleeps with her best friend. Her best friend who is currently engaged to a man she claims to love very much. " Gwen had paused, taking a deep breath and allowing her voice to become even and calm. " I want you the hell out of this house. I forbid you to see Theresa and hurt her again, in the process endangering my child. If I were you, I'd leave town and never come back. "

And unfortunately for Theresa, Fox and Whitney took Gwen's advice and she had seen neither of them since. She had only the story of the confrontation that had occurred between Fox, Whitney and Chad at the former Russell residence the night of the cellar incident. Dr. Russell and Julian had finally found the identity of their child. When they revealed its identity to all those present that night, the blow that had been delivered was mind-blowing. The love child of Dr. Russell and Julian Crane was none other than Whitney's fiancée, Chad.

And then, Fox had seen fit to deliver his own form of shock to everyone assembled. He declared his love for Whitney in front of everyone at the Russell house and only received a painful slap to the face by Whitney as she and Chad fled into the night to pursue their incestuous and forbidden relationship. Fox disappeared shortly afterwards, and Theresa had received no letters, e-mail or calls to inform her of his whereabouts or his well-being.

Sadly for Theresa, that would not be the only loss she would suffer. A few weeks after the departure of some of the most important people in her life, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald had a miscarriage. The child she had once been carrying inside of her was revealed to be not one dead child, but two. The second miscarriage in Theresa's maternal profile was devastating enough, but when Eve had walked into her hospital room and informed her that her ability to have children had been compromised by this miscarriage and that it was now impossible for her to have children, Theresa broke down. She, like Gwen, was now barren.

Still, the knife of fate that Theresa had once believed in so much would not release her as its victim. On August 30th, Paloma was kidnapped. After attempting to rescue his sister from Alistair's henchmen, Luis had been lured into the middle of an area that an explosion was set to rock. He was placed in the hospital under the labor of a sucking chest wound and had been in a coma for the past several months. Harmony and Mexican Police could not find Paloma. After a few months, both police departments gave up hope in ever seeing Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald alive again. Pillar died the night of the kidnapping, after overhearing Theresa on the phone with Sheridan, frantically discussing the events of that night. The funereal had been held only weeks before, but now, as Theresa stood on the railing of the Wharf, the memories were one. One single memory of the past four months that would torture Theresa until the day that she died.

And that day was upon her.

It would all be over soon.

With one last steadying breath, Theresa stepped up higher onto the railing and released her death grip on the metal bars. She swayed unsteadily and began to lean forward just as the sound of footsteps reached her ears. Fear of being caught rang out in her mind and she lunged forward, wanting to end all the pain as quick as possible, without interruptions. Her body plunged forward and dropped with amazing speed towards the raging waters just as an alarmed yell rang out through the Wharf.


It was already too late for her to stop herself. Her body was already fully submerged in the sub-zero waters. She could feel the cold taking its toll, numbing her limbs and making her heavy with fatigue. Her lungs burned with the effort of trying to stay alive, even though she just wanted to die. Call it force of habit but Theresa couldn't give up her life so easily! So, even as every part of her screamed to die, her lungs kept resisting, beating hard against her throat to consume any air that they could. Bitter salt water filled her mouth as she reliezed she couldn't hold her breath any longer and that the end would come sooner if she just let it. Theresa's eyelids shuddered to a close just as a crash resonated under the water, signaling the arrival of another person into the frigid waters.

Theresa fell unconscious just as strong arms wrapped themselves around her nearly lifeless body and pulled her onto the rocks below the Wharf.

" Theresa, please don't do this to me! "