" Fox… Can you PLEASE take the blindfold off? "

Fox Crane chuckled and shook his head. Then of course, he remembered that Theresa couldn't see the simple defiant motion so he answered her by gently pushing her forward towards their destination.

" Theresa, what kind of a surprise would this be if I just allowed you to see? "

" One I knew about? "Theresa said, sarcastically, rolling her eyes beneath her blindfold. Theresa hated the dark and hated not knowing what she was doing, where she was doing it, when she was doing it, etc. She was naturally inquisitive, always had been and always would be. Her mind wandered to that amazing Valentines day that she had spent with Fox and she sucked in a breath, wondering what the occasion could be that he would go to so much trouble to keep her in the dark.

" Smart ass. " Fox replied with a soft snicker, leaning in and kissing her softly on the neck. Theresa let out a small gasp and turned around in Fox's neck, searching out his lips with her fingertips first and then kissing him softly, then with more passion. Fox was momentarily distracted by her sudden onslaught of kisses and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up a little bit higher as to make the kissing easier. Slowly, Theresa leaned her weight on him so he stumbled back towards the wall of the building, so he was pressed up against it with Theresa wrapped in his arms. Theresa pressed her body closer to Fox and brought her hand up to his head, running it through his short blonde hair. Fox attempted to pull away. " Theresa we-… " He was silenced by a rough kiss on his neck and he shut his eyes. " … C'mon Theresa were going to be late. " He could feel her soft lips on his neck, the gently sucking movement and he shuddered. " God Theresa… " She chuckled against his neck and reached around her so she could unclasp his hands from her. Slowly, she slid from his hands, still pressed up against his body and came to stand on her feet. Fox bit his lip, restraining a moan.

" Okay, we can go now! " Theresa said, smirking. Fox opened one eye and peered at her, and then the next. He looked at her with a look of shock, shaking his head.

" You're god damn lucky it took me forever to plan this surprise. " Fox muttered, turning her around and swatting at her behind playfully. " Or we'd be here all night after that. It's a surprise I can even stand. "

Theresa chuckled softly and nodded, squealing as he swatted at her and she jolted forward. Unfortunately for Theresa, she was not aware of her surroundings and if it weren't for Fox's quick hands retrieving her from danger, she would have accidentally tumbled over the edge of the building. " THERESA… God, be careful. "

" What the hell was that? "

" A ledge. "

" God damn it Fox. " Theresa cringed, trying not to imagine how high up they probably were and how it would hurt to tumble over the edge and hit the ground.

" Do you honestly think I would have let anything happen to you? " Fox said, poising his hands over the knot at the back of her blindfold. Theresa didn't answer, mainly because she was waiting for Fox to untie the blindfold. Fox took this as hesitation and released his hands from the knot, without untying it. He crossed his arms in indignation over his chest and stood back.

" Fox? " Theresa asked, clearly confused about his whereabouts.

" I'm here. " Theresa noted the edge of hurt in his voice and wondered what she had done to offend him.

" What's wrong? "

" You hesitated. " He replied simply, arms still crossed across his chest, lips drawn tight in a hurt line. " I would die before I let anything happen to you. "

Theresa choked back tears and nodded, reaching her hands out to feel for Fox. He raised his hand out and felt her fingernails graze his fingertips. She clasped her hands in his own and walked towards him, placing her head on his shoulder. " I know Fox. I was only hesitating because I want to see where I am. "

" But you do know that? " Fox asked, needing to assure himself and Theresa that this was the one place he belonged in the world. He needed to be with Theresa, needed to support her and care for her. Need to make up for the biggest mistake he ever made by confusing his love for Theresa with his infatuation with Whitney. " I'd die for you Theresa. I know I screwed things up in the past and you'll never know how sorry I am for that. There aren't enough words in any of the languages in the world to explain just what I feel for you. I just need you to know that if it takes me forever, I will make up for what I did to you. "

Theresa nodded her head, and wrapped her arms around Fox's shoulders. She stroked the back of his neck with her fingers and smiled.

" You don't have to make it up to me Fox. " Theresa whispered against his t-shirt. " You waited two years for me. You've always supported me. I love you for it and I will always love you. "

" I love you Theresa. " Fox said against Theresa's smooth ebon locks. He brought his hands to the blindfold and untied it. Bending down, he brought his lips near her ears and whispered, " Open your eyes Mi Amour. "

Slowly, her eyes fluttered open. Her lips parted and released an amazed sigh. She whirled in Fox's arms and reached up and pressed her lips roughly against his mouth, knocking him backwards with so force that they both landed on the floor.


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