What if two people were trapped inside Sanctuary because of a virus infecting computers and locking all exits. Pairing: E/?

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One of these nights...

A welcomed silence stretched through Sanctuary empty halls only disturbed by the sounds of running water and someone tipping on a computer keypad. The quietness of the place was unusual for the two remaining members of Mutant X. The three others had left two days ago for a mission in South Africa. Since that moment, the two had avoided contact not wanting a fight to erupt between them like it had just a few days ago.

Emma was jerked out of her meditation by an angry voice cursing against the computer central system. The young woman shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. She had a gut feeling that she would need a lot of patience this time. 'You're not going to yell at him. Be patient.'

Hearing her footsteps, he slightly turned his head to look at her, a hopeful grin plastered on his face. Maybe she would be able to repair what he had done wrong.

"What happened?"

"This happened."

He turned the screen so that she could take a look at it. A small message, red on black, saying: System error 19. Emma breathed deeply, it was worse than what she had feared. That could not be true, they were trapped inside Sanctuary, trapped like two caged tigers. The thought brought an ironic smile on her lips. It would have been funny if she had been Shalimar.

"What does that mean? Do you think you can do something, maybe fix the problem?"

The man in front of her was clearly annoyed and angry mostly with himself. But she also felt another feeling coming from him. Something she could not quiet place.

"It means we're trapped. And nope nobody showed me how to fix this type of system error. We'll have to wait for the others to come back."

"Do we have a way to tell them what happened?"

"No. They disabled all communication means in order to avoid being detected."

Realization downed on them. They were trapped together. It was not going to be easy, they were friends but both needed space to breathe. Especially lately; the tension between the two had reached new levels, the playful teasing they would usually exchange had drastically changed into something more suggestive, sometimes even aggressive. Emma doubted they could avoid an argument during those three days of forced isolation but above all, she feared the words that would be exchanged. 'Take a grip Emma, the place is huge, you will not bump into him every two seconds. Relax. All you'll have to do is avoid teasing him or respond to his.' She began to play with a lock of her red hair wondering if she could find a way to contact the others without using their comlinks. She feared being trapped with him; she feared her reactions to him.

Seeing her reacting like an animal cornered by a hunter his smile grew wide. He was going to enjoy those few days. Slowly he got close to her, put a hand on her bare arm and whispered in her ear slightly caressing her skin.

"The company could be worst. I promise I'll behave."

Emma froze on the spot, her breath caught in her throat. She resisted the urge to close her eyes. Before she could react, he was gone. He was doing it on purpose, to unnerve her. Sometimes, she wondered how he could read her so well and know which buttons to push to embarrass or get her flustered. She was the psionic not him. The young woman shook her head. It meant nothing, nothing at all. They were friends, nothing more. He would never consider her in that special way.


Something cold was dripping down on her left shoulder. Without bothering one second with the annoying source of the problem, Emma moved the chair and the computer screen so that she would not be under the leak anymore. It stopped for a few seconds, only to restart on the same spot on her shoulder. The young woman breathed deeply repressing the smouldering anger against her friend. While playing with the computer, he had locked all exits and on top of all he was teasing her.

"If you wanted to catch my attention, you've got it all and undivided."

She whirled her chair so that she was facing him. The young man was holding a melting ice cube in his left hand, a playful smile illuminating his face. He was standing in front of her not saying a word visibly enjoying her annoyed reaction. Emma tilted her head to the left as an invitation for him to speak. But he remained silent, his eyes locked on her face searching for her eyes.

"I'm sorry Emma. I know that you were supposed to go on a date tonight. It's not the same but... I prepared something to eat and we could watch a movie after that."

'No, you're right. It's worse for my sanity!' She stared at him, instantly forgetting her anger; when he looked at her that way she could not stay mad at him. Besides, he was desperately trying to make up to her and he was on the right way. But he still needed to make a small effort. She turned the chair so that she was facing the screen again, a playful mood invading her mind. Was he going to fall in her trap?

"What kind of movie did you have in mind?"

Hearing her question, he smiled. This time he was not going to make a mistake and let her choose.

"The fifth element. Is that ok?"

"Yeah. I think it's ok. What time do we eat?"

"8 PM. Don't be late."

Emma was no longer watching the screen in front of her. She was having a pseudo date with her best friend. 'Oh god, what possessed me to say yes?'

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