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One of these nights (part 6)

Brennan dodged another punch, diving to his right effortlessly. His retaliating blow landed heavily on Jesse's ribcage, nearly knocking him out. The molecular backed off stumbling, a hand on his stomach surprise and pain written on his face.

"Ouch, I didn't see that one coming."

Brennan took his towel from the nearby bench and wiped his forehead smiling. He had avoided nearly all of Jesse's elaborate attacks without being hit more than three times. The day was starting really well.

"You're no more twenty Jesse; next time, I'll send a mail to warn you."

"Very funny Brennan. Do I have to remember you that you're older than me?"

"Nah. Don't make me hurt you bro"


On the upper level of sanctuary, Adam watched the scene unfolded before his eyes. It was not uncommon for Brennan to beat Jesse. But it had been too easy; the molecular had barely been able to touch him. Something felt wrong; it was as if Brennan could foresee Jesse's attacks. Adam shook his head, softly chuckling. 'Age is getting to you; you've become paranoid about nearly everything and everyone. Now go back to work. Emma is waiting for you.'


As Adam entered the lab he found Emma already at work mixing liquids in small vials following the procedure he had established the night before. The young woman was moving swiftly with confidence knowing exactly were everything was. Fatherly pride surged in him. In less than a year she had become a good assistant, a very good assistant; someone who could work on her own without directions or supervision. He focused back on the vials she was carrying to the centrifuge. The liquid in one of them curiously turned blue. Before he had the time to feel the fear or react, the vial exploded soon followed by the others sending glass shards in every direction.

Adam rushed to Emma, stepping on glass shards. Most of the liquid was spattered on her lab-coat. His medical training kicked in naturally, crushing the fear. He took the opened vial container from her hand and put it down on a nearby counter. Adam turned her hand palm up to see if there was any damage. Small glass splinters were encrusted in her skin and tiny blood droplets were starting to ooze from the cuts. 'Only superficial wounds'. Adam let out the breath he had been holding.

Emma was too shocked to speak or even move. The young psionic let Adam guide her to a nearby chair. This was not supposed to happen, such a stupid accident had never happened to her before. She heard Adam taking the first aid kit and ruffling to find a pair of tweezers. Her daze was so complete, she didn't feel him remove the shards and put some betadine on her wounds.

"What happened Emma? What kind of liquids have you mixed?"

The woman looked up not fully understanding what had gone wrong. She had followed the instruction to the letter, checking the amount of reactants twice before putting them in the different vials.

"I don't understand. I…"

The redhead looked down at her bandaged hand. It could have been really more serious.

"It's ok Emma. Sometimes, accidents happen, especially when you 'play' with chemicals. I'll check what went wrong. Now go and get some rest. The wounds will heal quickly, but don't put your hand in water for a day."

Before she had the time to step over the threshold he called her back.

"Emma, leave your lab-coat here please. I want to make an analysis of the liquid."


Emma silently sat on the kitchen counter watching Brennan preparing their evening meal. The sight of her lover diverted her attention from the morning incident. Seeing him so domestic, so perfectly at ease in a kitchen had always mesmerized her, giving her a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. She could easily picture them in another kitchen a few years ahead with children playing around them. 'Wow Delauro! Where did that thought come from? Children? A few years ahead?' The thoughts were not unpleasant, on the contrary. Emma mentally kicked herself. They had been together for a month and she was already planning for children. She loved him, deeply, but with the recent events who knew what might happen. What if one of them got hurt during a mission?

The moment she stepped in the kitchen he felt her presence and had to smile. It was one of their routines. Every time he would cook, Emma would come in the kitchen and watch him. They would not exchange a single word. She would stay till dinner was ready and help him dress the table for the team.

However, tonight her presence felt different; it did not have the same peaceful, loving golden glow, it was tainted with grayish worry. Brennan had never questioned the fact that he was able to feel her wherever she was. It was a natural side effect of their love, something he cherished because it was a part of her that never left him. He put the knife on the cutting board and turned around to face her.

"What's wrong Em? Are you still worried about the incident in the lab?"

The young woman smiled, Brennan could always put a finger on what was bothering her as if he could read her mind. It should have bugged her, make her run away. Yet it was a part of their relation. A small part she gladly accepted.

"Reading my mind again… yeah, I think something happened in the lab. And there is the incident with my hairdryer this morning."

Brennan crossed his arms on his chest waiting for her to explain the whole story. He watched her playing nervously with the bandage on her left hand. It took all his will not to cross the distance to the counter and wrap his arms around her. But whenever the others were around they would not dare touching the other in a more than friendly manner.

"Well, my hairdryer fried. I don't know how but Jesse examined it and said it was because of a small electrical charge. Don't ask for the detail. I don't think I could explain it."

Brennan rubbed his chin. Things were whirling in his mind at light-speed. That morning he had nearly foreseen Jesse attacks as if he was in his head and he could sense her. Somehow, it would make sense.

"I think we have shared part of our powers. You're able to produce electricity and I somehow captured part of your empathy."

The couple locked eyes knowing perfectly how and when it had happened. Emma couldn't help but smile at the memory of their first night together. Then reality downed on her like tons of rocks. Her smile faltered. Tomorrow, they would have to face Adam and one of his quarterly scan. Their secret would be in the open. How could they explain that they had exchanged part of their powers without revealing the whole truth? Shal and Jesse impromptu arrival didn't even seem to distract them. The couple was lost in thousands silent questions, possible routes.

"Hey guys. Is dinner ready?"

They both stopped on the doorstep, watching Emma and Brennan rigid stances. Their friends seemed to be having a silent conversation, a serious one. The air around them was crackling with static electricity and they could feel emotions drifting their way. Shalimar felt the hair at the base of her neck standing; instinctively she grasped Jesse's hand in hers. The haze wrapping the couple became tangible, waves of emotions merging with electricity passing between Brennan and Emma. Shalimar closed her eyes; she had to stop this before it could get out of control.

"Brennan, Emma, is something wrong?"

Emma finally heard her feral friend and turned her head. The near-fog and the tension dropped instantly. The sad smile gracing her lips made both Jesse and Shalimar shiver. Something was definitely going on between the two.

"Nope Shalimar, nothing is wrong. Brennan and I are just taking the night out."

Jesse watched them not fully understanding what he had just heard. The young woman jumped from the counter and took one of Brennan's hands intertwining her fingers with his. Her next moved stunned her three friends; she placed a light kiss on Brennan's lips. The elemental kissed her back hungrily. Their secret would be out tomorrow. Why bother with it anymore.

The couple was ready to leave the kitchen when Jesse called them back finally realizing what had just happened.

"And what are we supposed to tell Adam?"

Brennan had to smile at his question. He had never felt so sure about something in his whole life.

"Tell him we'll be here in the morning for our scan. We'll talk tomorrow."


Adam watched the results of the scans for the second time and couldn't believe what he was reading. This was simply impossible. But it was the only explanation for all the weird things happening lately around Sanctuary, like the incident in the lab. An electric discharge was the only thing that could have affected the composition enough to make the vials explode.

'They would not have…'. He nearly jumped from his seat and started pacing. There was only one way to know the truth.

As he entered the living area he found Emma playing chess with Brennan. Except from the sound of fingers drumming on the table, the silence was unusual, overwhelming. 'Calm before a storm.' It was not going to be easy; Adam gathered all his strength.

Emma felt their father enter the room and readied herself for the battle. As usual with Adam, it was better to make the first move, never let him take the lead.

"It was not planned Adam. It's… an unexpected side effect."

Adam stood there dumbfounded, his hands on his hips looking at the ground. For the first time, he was unable to find something to say. How could he be mad at them? He didn't have the right to deny them this love. Who was he to believe he had the authority to do so?

"How and when did it happen?"

Brennan watched Emma turning beet red. He understood all too well her reluctance to tell their 'father' how it had happened. There was no way he could explain the exact truth without embarrassing her.


Eying Emma's bent head and Brennan elusive gaze, Adam instantly understood. Before Brennan had the time to go on he stopped him.

"It happened while we were in South Africa; am I right? For the how, drop it. I don't want details. I highly doubt those changes are permanent. Your scans only display minor alterations. However, you'll have to learn how to use your new abilities."

Emma had been prepared for everything, everything except his agreement. She had even convinced herself and Brennan they could leave mutant X if things turn out badly, start a new life. The tension she had felt since the incident in the lab vanished in the blink of an eye. Happiness flooded her heart, nearly giving her wings. She crossed the distance and hugged Adam. This was too good to be true.

"You don't know what it means for me, for us to have your blessing."

Adam smiled and hugged her back. All his fears had been unjustified. Brennan and Emma had proven to him they could have a relationship and work well, if not better, together.

Emma's relief and joy surged in Brennan and for the first time he allowed himself to make plan for the future, their future. It would probably not involve a two storeys house with a white picket fence but they would be together and that was enough for him.

The End (if I don't change my mind…)