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Summary: Ok well this fics about Sakura who after a lot of hateful words from Sasuke finds she doesn't like him anymore. Sasuke finally realizes that uh oh he does have feelings for her (sound familiar) I know I know there's been a lot of fics like this but mines different! There's a twist later in the fic Sakura will lose her memory and Sasuke has to decide whether or not he wants her to remember him and what his feelings are. Enjoy!

"blah" =talking

'blah' = equals thinking

[blah] = inner Sakura (not a lot of her in story) or Author's Note.
Chapter One: Strange Happenings

It was 6 am in a day warm with the smell of spring on it's way, and team 7 [after the chuunin exam but before he left to find Orochimaru for power...pretend it's like any day]was coming together for a training session. Sasuke was of course there first. Followed by Sakura. The other 2 seemed to be running late.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun!!!" Chirped Sakura as she finally spotted Sasuke in a high tree.

"Hn.." muttered Sasuke, but Sakura didn't real expect anything more.

It was silent at first, but Sasuke could see the giddy-ness Sakura was displaying out of the corner of his eye. Sakura was thinking about how hot Sasuke was and how they would definitely get married when they were older. [YES! SASUKE-KUN'S GONNA BE MINE!]

"ne Sasuke-kun..." Sakura spoke softly.

"hmm?" Sasuke said closing his eyes expecting what was coming up next

"uh...ah...Will you go on a date with me after training?"

"no...I've told u many times you annoy me to no extent...y won't u realize it...even your mind is weak" Sasuke said rather harshly his eyes still closed. Sakura remained quiet even though Inner Sakura was rampaging [WAT'D YOU SAY?!?!? YOU...YOU...YOU BASTARD]. He waited for Sakura to run away crying but heard nothing. He thought maybe she didn't have the energy to leave and would just start sulking here. He heard nothing. All this thinking and trying to listen for any movement from Sakura started to make him wonder if maybe he was a little to harsh on her. He decided he'd say something to her later like 'u did better today' or something stupid like that, then she'd be all giddy and happy like she usually was. Sasuke stopped thinking for a moment. 'Why do I care so much about whether or not she still likes me?' Sasuke thought to himself for a second. Then shook it off. Still no movement from Sakura. He slowly opened his eyes looking down at a crouching Sakura her head slightly leaning against the railing sleeping. She didn't look sad...she almost looked Sasuke thought still staring down at her face.

Soon after a rampaging Naruto came running towards them. "SAKURA- CHAN!!!!!!! OHAYO!!!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed running up to Sakura. Sasuke turned his head away and closed his eyes once again he waited for the customary smack in the head from Sakura. It didn't come, Sasuke turned his head towards the two.

Naruto had his face way in close to Sakura's, inspecting her face. Way to close for Sasuke's liking. Sasuke felt anger rising up in him, what was this feeling he kept asking himself well aware of this feeling deep within his chest.

"What the hell are u doing? Dobe..." Sasuke said trying to keep his cool. Luckily Naruto was as dumb as a doorknob and didn't sense Sasuke's anger. [A/N: Don't take this personally Naruto fans there will be no more Naruto bashing]

"DON'T CALL ME A DOBE!!!! SASUKE-BASTARD!!!" Naruto retorted quite loudly waking up poor Sakura who was quite close to Naruto as he was yelling. Instead of shoving Naruto away and telling him he was an idiot she rubbed her eyes and said "Ohayo Naruto". Now this was quite a surprise for Sasuke. Who wasn't able to see why Sakura would be saying good morning to Naruto of whom she used to hate.

"Ohayo Sakura-chan" Naruto said brightly.

"Naruto...y were u yelling?"

"Sasuke-bastard called me a dobe"

"Oh, I see"

Now this was a huge surprise to both Sasuke AND Naruto. Sakura always used to beat up Naruto for ever saying anything bad about Sasuke.

Sakura got up slowly and stretched, she yawned slightly and sat on the railing. Naruto got up and sat beside her. Sasuke got tired of this strange morning and headed off to the forest near the bridge.

"Oy, Sasuke-bastard where are you goin?" Naruto asked loudly.

"I'm going to go train." Sasuke said half the volume of Naruto.

"hmmph...what's his problem...can't stand his team mates that much?" Naruto muttered quietly to himself. Sakura was able to hear though and she still didn't beat on him for saying such bad things about her precious Sasuke. Naruto pondered on this thoroughly. Now that Naruto thought about it Sakura did seem very frigid this morning. Not really towards him...but towards Sasuke. Naruto stiffened 'What'd that bastard do this time...what ever he did...I wont let him get away with it.' Naruto thought to himself missing the fact that if Sakura forgot about Sasuke then there'd be more of a chance for himself, but Naruto wasn't that kind of person...he wanted the best for Sakura even if that meant that she'd never think about him again, he wanted her to be happy. [A/N: Now I know this sounds like it's going to be a NaruSaku but it isn't he's just her really good friend -] Naruto peered at Sakura through the corner of his eye, she was staring hard at a speck of dirt on the ground.

"ano...Sakura-chan?" Naruto said inquisitively.

"hmm?" Sakura mumbled still staring intently at the ground.

"ah...daijoubu desu ka?" Naruto said softly. Sakura turned her head slowly to look at Naruto's blue gleaming eyes.

She paused before she answered, "hai...daijoubu desu" she smiled lightly and turned her head back to the ground.

Kakashi FINALLY arrived 2 hours late.

"EH!!!! SENSEI UR LATE AGAIN!!!" Naruto hollered at the top of his lungs swinging his fists wildly at his teacher. Sasuke walked back over to the group and leaned on the railing of the bridge bored. Everyone waited for Sakura to back Naruto up but she just stood there immensely concentrated on this speck of dirt.

Kakashi turned away from Sakura and back to the wailing Naruto. "Ah gomen gomen , I saw this helpless little girl and she need my help getting her kitten from a tree."


"heh heh...Anyways! Today we are going to do the tree climbing exercise." Naruto started wailing again.

"We already did this SENSEI!!! Gimme a hard mission! Or an extremely tough task to do!!!" Naruto

"Ah! But we're doing it differently this time...this time we're going to do it with weights." Kakashi smiled...or at least that's what they thought through the mask. Naruto kept whining and complaining this was to easy and Sasuke didn't seem to excited either although when was he ever excited? Sakura...was still paying close attention to that dirt. Kakashi paid close attention to this. He handed them each 2 large metal plates attached to large ropes with loops for them to hang onto, which magically appeared before them. [just to clear up any misunderstanding]

"Alright! Each plate weighs 100 pounds; you must carry one in each hand, and climb the tree. This will not be as easy as the climbing tree without hands practice, One u must concentrate an amount of chakra into your feet to hold you to the tree. Second you must concentrate chakra into your biceps and hands. I highly doubt you can carry 100 pounds with one hand without the use of chakra. Ikimas!"

Each team member chose a tree and hung onto the ropes of their large metal plates. Naruto stuck his feet too the tree he started climbing up but the weights still rested on the ground he slowly molded into his biceps and slowly lifted the weights. He took two steps further with the weights off the ground and fell on his head. "Ah! This is hard!" Naruto cried.

Sasuke wasn't having a great time either, but he wasn't making a fool of himself like Naruto. Sasuke thought maybe speed would help with this. So he quickly molded chakra onto his feet and biceps and tried charging up the tree he got farther than Naruto did but wasn't able to hold it and he slipped and landed swiftly back on his feet. "kuso" he mumbled quietly.

Now we know Sakura has the best chakra control but how would she hold out with this much weight added. Sakura didn't start right away. She closed her eyes and molded the a lot of chakra into her biceps. She knew she wasn't as strong as the other two and probably would need a lot more chakra in her arms. She then molded the right amount of chakra into her feet. This was quite a slow process and she took more time to prepare than her two team- mates. When she was finally ready she leaned as far forward as she could toward the tree so that the upper half of her body was almost parallel with the tree. She clenched her teeth and started lifting the weights off the ground she stepped slowly and carefully controlling the chakra coursing through her body. She kept telling herself 'don't be weak you can do this'. She made it half way and her arms and legs gave out entirely. She started falling and was pretty high up. Her body was too weak to break her fall. She slowly expected the pain of her body crashing to the floor but it didn't come. She instead felt warm and protected. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Sasuke staring down at her holding her in his arms, 'he looks...scared...' she thought slowly. Then the harshness of his earlier words crashed down on her and she opened her eyes widely. 'but this warmth and protection feels so good...' she thought meekly 'NO! Get away this will only make you weak again' she practically jumped out of his arms but the stretch and pull of her muscles and the pain she felt coursed through her body again and he legs gave way and she fell on the floor.

'Sakura...what is happening to you' Sasuke thought to himself as he stared at Sakura who usually would love to be held by him and would be giddy with happiness. Kakashi made his way over and crouched down so his face was in front of hers. Her face was beaded with sweat and her teeth were clenched trying to keep from screaming, her face was furrowed with both anger and pain and she took deep breaths trying to regain her strength.

"Sakura that was excellent! Demo you seemed to half pulled and stretched your muscles way beyond their capacity. I don't think you can continue today." Kakashi said trying to keep the cheery mood.

"EYEAH! I can do this!" Sakura said trying again to stand up failing and falling back down.

"Sakura! Wanting to become stronger is good, but if you tear out your muscles than you won't be able to train and become stronger." Kakashi said wisely. "Sakura go home and rest and when your muscles are ok again than you can come back to train."

Sakura looked like she wanted to say something back but knew better than to argue with her sensei so she kept quiet.

"That's a good girl! Sasuke take Sakura home." Kakashi said happily. Sasuke looked at him for a second and turned his attention back to Sakura. Sasuke felt something he hadn't felt for a long time. He felt scared...he didn't know why he was so scared for Sakura all of a sudden. He was scared for her life...what if he hadn't caught her? What would he have done. Did he care about her?
Before Sasuke could answer the questions running through his brain Sakura spoke up. "I can get home by myself" she said coldly just as coldly as Sasuke usually spoke. Kakashi opened his eye wide Sakura would have loved the chance to be with Sasuke alone. Sakura stood up slowly and started limping towards home, by this rate it would take her forever to get home which wouldn't do her any good. Sasuke was struck dumb what was he supposed to do? Follow after her like a puppy dog? Kakashi knew exactly what was on the poor lads mind so he said quietly to him.

"Sasuke go follow her" Sasuke nodded slightly and followed after her.

OK! That's the end of my first chapter! This chapter is really boring, but hopefully the other chapters wont be so bad. Heh heh...Anyways! If any of you have any good suggestions on what should happen next chapter to spice things up that'd be nice! No flamers though please -' My wittle heart couldn't take jks I hope the characters didn't seem too OOC but if they did then tell me and I'll try and fix it.
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Japanese Dictionary Check!:

Daijoubu desu ka? – Are you ok?

Daijoubu desu –I'm ok

Hai - yes

Gomen - sorry

Ikimas - Begin

Kuso - shit

If I missed anything just tell me or if I made a mistake. -'