Dear Mr. Cup.

Lol. Get ready for an ulcer much? You need to calm the fuck down sir. People have already commented on the Japanese wannabe-ness. And I'm sorry I'm so incredibly annoying. But you're gonna get a hernia yelling at everyone who does it. If you notice, I stopped using it in later chapters. That was the first fanfiction chapter I ever wrote, and like most people, I improved. Please keep that in mind, next time you feel the need to rant. Read their latest work first. There's one way to make you look like a NOT retard. You're right it's impossible to make the "hn." Noise in japanese. However I didn't mean for it to be a Japanese word. It's a sound affect. Maybe it was a bad idea, but like most people, Japanese people can also make odd noises with their throats and tongues, etc.

One last thing. You made a comment on my not understanding Japanese. You're right. When I wrote that chapter (like 2 years ago) I knew close to no Japanese. But I guess you didn't realize you don't know me at all. You don't know what kind of food I like. You don't know how I think. And you most certainly don't know how I live my life day to day. So here's a little tid-bit I think you ought to know. I've been taking Japanese for the past two years. Every Tuesday. Want to see my certificate? I got a 98 on my last reportcard. So don't make assumptions like that. I mean you comment about me looking stupid? And you come in here like you know me. Who's the one who honestly looks stupid. I'll give you a hint. It starts with a Mr. and ends with a Coffee. I don't know many people with that…unique name. So I hope it doesn't take you TOO long to guess. though it might, from past thinking capability examples provided from none other.

Anyways. I hate it when people flame, and won't give me anything to defend myself. So I have to do this stupid thing. Please come back; KOFII-SAN. And leave an email? So we can discuss this like mature people, that you like to make yourself look like. DOMO ARIGATOU.

P.S Sorry to the innocent bystanders who read my ugliness '' I will update this and Fallen Angel as soon as I can. I tried to update Fallen Angel before I left on Vacation, but my computer was being stupid, so I'll update it as soon as I get back. Yes Coffee-san, I'm on vacation. THANK YOU for making my day.