Chapter One: Haldir

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was deleted, but I have fixed the errors that it was deleted for... Sadly, there is less/no baby talk, because it will be deleted if there is. But for all the baby-filled chapters, e-mail me.

"Legolas, I must go now." Thranduil told his young child. Legolas shook his
head. "Nay Ada! You stay with me, and we will have fun!" the elfling, Legolas, told
the king. Thranduil chuckled at his small elfling's sweet way of speaking. "The lord and lady of Lorien are awaiting my arrival." Thranduil went to fetch his cloak, but found it missing from it's usual place.

"Legolas; Do you happen to know why my cloak is not in its place?" The king
asked. Legolas giggled, but did not reply. "Legolas. . ." Thranduil sighed. "I
hided it! I hided it! Now you can stay home with me!" the prince told Thranduil.

"No Legolas, you say 'I hid it' not hided."

Thranduil picked up the little elfling and began to search for the cloak. "Legolas, where is my cloak?" Thranduil asked. Legolas giggled. "Legolas, I must be off! Now, tell me. Where did you put my cloak?" Thranduil asked. More giggles erupted from Legolas, but no answer the king wanted. "Little Greenleaf, I will tell you now. Haldir, of Lothlorien, will be coming to
baby-sit you with my departure, as I promised you long ago he would one day come to visit you. He shall be arriving any moment now. Now will you tell me where you put my cloak?" Thranduil asked. Legolas loved Haldir, who was a good friend of the young prince's, and to have him travel all the way from Lorien on one of his only months off as duty of March Warden was a large treat for Legolas, as well as a large ammount of money from Lord Thranduil for babysitting was a treat for Haldir.

Legolas gasped. "Haldiw! Yay!" he sang, now trying to escape from his father's
grasp. "Oh no you don't. If you do not tell me where you hid my cloak, Haldir will leave and Cield will watch you." The king lied. He knew that would get his son to show him where
his cloak was, for oddly, Legolas was not fond of his elder brother Cield. Legolas froze. "Oh Ada I don't want Cield! I will show, I will!" Legolas said quickly. Thranduil released the elfling and watched as Legolas ran away and returned in a few minutes with his cloak in his small hands.

"Here you are Ada." Legolas muttered, passing his father his cloak. "And here is Haldir." Thranduil smiled as Legolas spun around. "Haldiw! Haldiw!" Legolas sang, running up to the elf. Legolas outstretched his arms, awaiting Haldir to pick him up. Legolas' smile faded as the elf walked passed the elfling and went to Thranduil. "You best be going as the Lord Celeborn has been waiting your arrival." Haldir told Thranduil after bowing to the king. Thranduil nodded, and went to the door, Legolas quickly following.

"Bye Bye Ada." Legolas whispered, his eyes now brimming with tears. Thranduil picked up the elfling and gently kissed Legolas on his forehead. He gently ruffed Legolas' golded hair as he placed the elfling down on the floor once again.

"Now behave while I am gone." Thranduil ordered, opening the door.

Legolas nodded his head, and waved as his father shut the door.

"Legolas, you WILL behave, as your father asks, wont you?" Haldir asked. He was quite older than the little elfling, but still the young elfling was hyper and never listened to Haldir. Legolas giggled. "I like playing with Haldiw!" smiled Legolas, looking up at Haldir who smiled down and him. Haldir quickly caught the elfling, who began to squirm uncontrollably. He was going to run off, before Haldir had caught him. "Come now, your father left a list on the table of what to do with you until he comes back. Lets see what we have for today." Haldir grinned. Legolas nodded, but continued to squirm and wave his hands and legs. As not to be kicked or hit by the little elf, Haldir held Legolas a distance from his chest, still clutching the elfling's waist tightly.

"Here it is! Here it goes!" Legolas laughed, knocking the letter off the table.

Haldir let the elfling down, but clutched his wrist, as he remembered what happened when he last let go of Legolas. Haldir picked up the letter. "Ok Legolas, this is what it says for today." Haldir smiled.

"First Day List- Lunch. Let Legolas play outside. Bath. Bananas. Nap. More play. (Bath if dirty). Clean room. Supper. Play. Dessert if deserved. Play. Brush hair & teeth. Bed." Haldir read.

"Legolas, go wash your hands, your father has left out your lunch. Hurry now or your - er - soup, will get cold!" Haldir told the elfling. He let Legolas go (one thing he should learn NOT to EVER do). Legolas ran off to his room, to wash his hands, or, so Haldir thought he was going to do. . .

To be Continued

I cant believe this was deleted. I just cant... But, hey, it gave me a week of time-off since I was banned from uploading... I got to play many video games. And if anyone has a back-up of "Haldir: An Elfling's Tale" I would appreciate it if you sent me an e-mail to me with it. Below is some elvish translations, as well as some Legolas translations.

Ada: Dad/Daddy

Hided: Hid

Haldiw: Legolas' way of saying "Haldir".