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"Kid, Kid, get up stupid."

"Good job teaching him to get up bright and early"

"Shut up Auron"

Tidus awoke to see to men standing over him. "No, go away, to early" he mumbled, and rolled over. "Tsk, Tsk," Jehct, his father, jested, and proceeded to tip over the bed Tidus was sleeping on.

"Now get up, we got lots to do today" "How could you have stuff to do when your dead?" Tidus asked groggily. Auron chuckled; the kid wasn't quite as thick as Jecht made him out to be.

"Fine lay there, see what I care, she's your girl" said Jehct mockingly.

Tidus instantly bolted upright. "Okay," he submitted, "what's going on." "Less talking, the sooner you move the sooner you find out.

After he got ready they went to go see the fayth of Behumaut. (You know, the stupid kid in purple)

"Hello" the fayth said simply.

"Uhh, Hi," Tidus said uncomfortably

He hadn't seen this kid for a while and whenever he did he usually didn't like whatever it was the kid had to say.

"You remember me of course," so I'm just going to get right to the point.

As you know, Tidus, you have done us all a favor by ending our dreams" said the fayth. Tidus nodded, not really knowing what to expect.

"We have decided that in return we shall give you one more life, as you definitely deserve it." Tidus looked confused, and the fayth went on. "Whenever you are ready, we shall send you.

Tidus hesitated for a moment. "Sooo, your gonna send me back?" he asked stupidly. "Isn't that what he just said?" butted in Jehct, "so are you going, or not?"

"A little bit of prior notice might have been nice, but yeah, of course." Tidus said snapping back into reality.

"Very well." Said the fayth. He looked to Jehct. "Here," said Jehct, "you might want this." He handed Tidus a strange circular machina device from Zanarkand, which Tidus instantly recognized as a music player.

"What for?" he asked. "We have absolutely no idea where your going to come back" explained the fayth, "all my power is going into making sure it's not in the middle of the atmosphere, with no where to go but straight down to a puddle of gore." "That paints a pretty picture," said Tidus.

"I'm not here to satisfy your mind with pretty images, I'm doing you a favor." Geez, I'm dead and he still gives me the same crap as before, thought Tidus.

"So I guess I'll be leaving again," said Tidus, and with that he said his goodbyes, see you when I snuff it agains, and braced for impact.