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General Barogen was one pissed off undead. Wakka and his accursed ball of hell was the bane of his existence for the past 5 minutes, and it was time to put an end to this madness.

Wakka too, had decided that it was time to finish the job, and so he launched into his multi hit overdrive. Grabbing his ball, he began spinning in circles like a madman. Amidst his cyclone spin, he let his ball fly, and did it ever fly. The ball was going so fast it seemed to multiply and become multiple balls pelting the General in an endless rain of torment. But before Wakka finished his assault, Barogen hit the floor, and the ball went sailing over his collapsed form,

Not missing his one opportunity to gain the upper-hand, Barogen picked himself up and raced toward Wakka.

"You made me do this" said the general, and he brought his knee straight upward in between Wakka's legs, into the ever so important family jewels.

The force of the blow actually lifted Wakka off of the ground. His eyes wide with shock. Before he could even recognize theexstent of the damage, Barogen palmed him in the chest, sending him flying.

Wakka lay on the ground a few feet from the general, who stood with a triumphant grin on his fat face.

"That… is possibly the most inhumane thing you could have thought of to do," croaked Wakka, "you shall be punished".

Barogen only laughed as he walked slowly toward the doubled over Wakka, who seemed all but immobile.

In the events that followed however, the tables once again turned dramatically. Wakka popped up from his fetal position and was upon the general in a flash.

He had leapt from his position on the ground and went spinning into the air, clubbing Barogen with both fists as he flew by. Then he landed swiftly on his hands, and horse kicked Barogen in the chest, sending him staggering backward in a daze.

"First rule of blitzball, ALWAYS WEAR A CUP!" shouted Wakka as he proceeded to give the general the same treatment to the testicles as he had just received. Wakka too, however received a big shock when Barogen barely flinched.

"Never send a man to do a women's job…" he said with a weird smile, "I ain't got no balls."

General had all the time in the world to hit Wakka, because the blitzer's mind was a vortex of "OMFG!"s and "tha… that's not right"s .

Barogen landed two blows to the stomach and one to the head and Wakka went down in heap. But there was still fight left in the Besaidian as he rolled out of the way just in time to avoid Barogen's incoming boot. He got up and sprinted toward his ball which lay on the other side of the bridge in which they were fighting.

Barogen raced after him but was no match for Wakka's speed. A dark buster later and he was on the ground. His eyes cleared just in time to see the ball slam down into his unprotected stomach. He turned over and began coughing up blood. He kicked out Wakka's legs and they both went into a brutal fist fight.

Before a minute had passed, both contestants were sporting black eyes, broken and bloody noses, cut lips, internal bleeding, and broken bones.

Wakka was worn out. He wasn't as physically strong as the general, and he couldn't keep up the fist fight much longer. The opportunity to win presented its self after Wakka dodged a rather large rock rocketed at his head by Barogen. The rock crashed through a near by window, shattering shards of glass everywhere. He dived through the broken window and rolled into the house he then picked up the largest shard of glass he could find and waited for the general to come.

Barogen burst through the door of the house, and seeing Wakka cornered, took a charge. He didn't even feel the glass shard pierce his skull between the eyes. He slammed into Wakka, nearly crushing him, and thought he had won it all, but then noticed his vision going blurry. He looked down at his nose to see a large red spot running off the end of his blurry face. He never knew what really killed him, as the shooting pain in his head lasted but a second before he hit the ground, cross eyed and tongue out.

Rikku and Captain Lucil were engaged in a duel of which blade was quicker. Amazingly, Captain Lucil was able to keep up with Rikku's double daggers, which danced around her like a million buzzards pecking away.

The Captain's sword was failing back and forth blocking off of Rikku's many attacks. Once Lucil almost took the battle when she blocked one of Rikku's daggers and dropped down low to avoid the second oncoming thrusts. Lucil swept Rikku's legs out from underneath her own left leg, and tried to impale the fallen thief with her sword. Rikku managed to avoid this in a flash when she dug her daggers I into the ground and scooted her self backward out of the way.

In the same motion she rolled backward onto her feet and before she was even properly standing up straight she threw one of her daggers at Captain Lucil, who was caught off guard. Before the damage could be done however Captain Lucil threw her arms upward in an attempt to bat of the incoming projectile. Her sword missed the dagger by a fraction, and the dagger lodged its self into her left arm with the sickening sound of metal piercing flesh, muscle, and bone.

Rikku however, was now short one dagger, and the captain charged like a beast, with her sword straight out in front in traditional phalanx form. Rikku however, stood confident, as she reached for her item bag, ready to hit Lucil with a water gem as she rushed. But to her surprise and disappointment, her bag was empty, as she had already used it on the fields leading to Guadosalem. So she had no choice but to take the charge. In a last ditch effort to dodge, she tucked into a ball and was in mid roll when Lucil's sword slashed through hip, cutting through the flesh and putting a slice in her pelvic bone just above her butt.

Luckily, she was ready, and she still had her healing items left. She grabbed an X-Potion amid the roll and was gulping it down while running after she finished her roll.

Lucil darted after her, only to be met by the energy stealing items thrown at her by Rikku. She felt weak and drained, and reached to her own item pouch to find a hi-potion for a quick fix, but found it missing. She looked up to see Rikku standing 40 feet away, holding the captain's item pouch.

"Finders keepers" she said with her trademark grin, and quickly fastened the pouch to her own waist.

"Let's finish this," said Lucil and brought back up her sword. But she knew she had already lost. Rikku was standing too far away to reach before she was hit with another mass of soul, stamina, and mana springs. She charged in vain, and the hail of items hit her like a brick wall.

Captain Lucil stumbled into striking distance with fogged vision and a blurry mind. Her first swing was easily ducked by Rikku who came back with an upward slash that tore through her gut. The captain was a very tough woman however, and managed another swing, this time parried by Rikku's dagger. She dropped her sword and leapt at Rikku, and they both went crashing to the ground. But that was her last stand. As they hit the ground, Rikku recovered first, and plunged her dagger into Lucil's chest.

It was all over, and to make her death quick, Rikku made he final stab into her head. Silencing the once honorable and respected Captain Lucil.

Yuna and Trommel, High Summoner and overly devoted body guard. A match made in hell. After the initial punch landed by Trommel, the match became a bob and weave contest. Yuna desperately trying to keep her distance from the charging Trommel, while Trommel was trying to avoid the hail of bullets bursting from Yuna's guns, which was no easy task.

Trommel seemed to have the upper hand though, with the battle being at close range. He took a hit from three of the bullets which bounced off his armor, but he managed to hit Yuna a good 8 times.

"Alright, none of this." Thought Yuna after seeing her lucky hits bounce of harmlessly. "I wonder if I can still do this"

She turned and ran from Trommel hastily firing scatterburst rounds at him. It didn't delay him much, but it would hopefully be enough.

She raised her hands into the air and began focusing on her energy's she hadn't used in many years. The powerful white magic she used to know, now without the aid of a staff, would be very difficult to pull off, but she was not going to try to fist fight her way out of this.

The energy surged through her body with a smooth yet fast sensation. She was going to try to perform a most complex feat and something she hadn't done for years…


Trommel was charging, and Yuna wasn't ready. She knew she wouldn't be able to finish it in time. So she chose to get out of the way just before he crashed into her.

Still concentrating on her spell, she kept a wary eye on Trommel who was coming back again. She dodged again, but was too slow this time. He caught her in the legs, and sent her spinning across the floor. The white orbs around her dissipated.

She was angry now. They both rose to their feet. She ran away again, and once again he charged, but she was ready this time. After running but a few feet she stopped and dived backward. She hit Trommel's legs and sent him sliding across the floor. But she didn't bother to rise though. Again she began forming those white orbs.

While charging them she pulled out her gun and began firing poorly aimed shots at Trommel, keeping almost all of her focus on the Holy spell. By the time he was ready to attack again, she was ready to cast.

His fist was no more than 3 inches from her face when the white orbs hit him sideways. He fell over, clutching his ribs and side. Then Yuna opened fire.

The hail of bullets, pumping into his defenseless body while they were non-lethal thanks to his armor. But they did hurt. And they did cause damage. Trommel was writhing around on the floor as the endless hail of metal slugs began to tatter and tear his armor.

For a brief moment, the bullets stopped, and Trommel had thought somebody else had dispatched the Lady Yuna. This was not so however. Yuna was in fact, quiet fine, and making another Holy attack. This time there were no delays. Trommel heard the expulsion of magic and looked up to see a multitude of white balls flying at his face. Before he could duck down the first one hit him square in the face, nearly taking his head right off, and lifting his prone body an inch into the air. The second hit slightly lower, hitting his exposed neck, a lethal blow.

The rest of the orbs crashed into his body but made no difference. His crushed windpipe had already doomed him to die. After he had stopped flailing around and the gurgling noise had stopped , she turned around and left him, but not before giving him a parting gift. A ball of white spit on his face, complete with mucus and all.

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