"What does bored really mean?" Jack asked Sam.

"Bored...when you have nothing to do." Sam said annoyed that she couldnt get her work done because he wouldn't quit bothering her. He had been in her lab for an hour now with nothing to do. He'd also been fooling around with most of her doohickeys.

" Well yah I got that part what would it mean if was spelled backwards?"

"Sir?" She asked him.

"Bored spelled backwords.....D E R O B." He said dumbly. " What does that mean?" He asked then as he picked up another object on her table and began playing with it.

" D E R OB is no such word there for it would have no meaning. " She said as she took the object he'd been tampering with and put it up where he couldnt get at it, at least not from the spot in which he was standing. She had done this with all the other things as well.

"Sir, can I ask you something now?" Carter asked looking him in the eyes.

"Hmmm??" He asked.

"Do you need me to find something for you to do? Because I have work that needs to be done and you're not letting me do that. I promise that when I'm done we can go get something to eat if you be quiet from this point on."

"No Carter you dont need to find something for me to do. I'm perfectly content being here in the same room as you. And yes I'll be quiet if it means we can go get something to eat in the mess hall after words." He said now smiling.


The End....

Well its not much but im bored so its all I got!!!