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Shinobi Magic

Chapter 1: Diagon Ally

"Everyone stick together please," Rubeus Hagrid said to the thirteen shinobis: eleven genins, one chuunin and a jounin. "We are just about to enter this famous place, the Leaky Cauldron." He gestured toward a tiny grubby-looking pub.

"That's a famous place? It looks like an old rundown pub for cowboys of the past," said Inuzuka Kiba in disgust.

"Tell me why we are here again?" asked Yamanaka Ino.

Flashback to 2 weeks ago

It all started on the day Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai and Asuma all met at Tsunade's office.

"Okay everyone here? I have received info that an old (very old) friend of mine will like each of your students to join his school. He is the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He also wants Hatake Kakashi to be the Instructor of the Shinobi Ways," said Tsunade.

"Why does Kakashi get to be the Instructor? All he ever does is read his dirty novels written by that dirty man," said Kurenai glaring at a huge Jirayia that just happened to be in the room.

"I will also be an Instructor for I am Kakashi's eternal rival," said Gai giving his 'nice guy' pose.

Tsunade sweat dropped and said "Sure he only reads perverted novels and he is your eternal rival but he was the only one my friend Albus Dumbledore asked for. I heard he is also enlisting other ninjas from other the other countries."

"Really? That's great! They can meet foreign shinobis and learn new skills," said Gai doing his nice guy pose again.

"You know Gai you have to stop that it's getting annoying and gross. It seems as if you're a green beast winking at us," said Kurenai wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"That hurts, Kurenai that hurts a lot," said Gai dropping his head in disappointment.

"So are you guys agreeing to let your students go to Hogwarts?" questioned Tsunade. "Also make sure they don't cause that much trouble, for the wizards won't like it, I presume. I know Naruto will not go willingly without causing some difficulty for us. So tell him this mission will make them become better shinobis and a closer chance to becoming Hokage, but only if he does cause trouble. Tell them this is an A-rank mission and if they even speak or arouse any chaos in the school it will ruin this highly dangerous mission."

"So your asking if we shall allow our students to go to this school as it is an A rank mission?" asked Asuma speaking for the first time since this discussion was held.

"Yes, the level of danger can be very high or there could be no danger at all."

"Then we will accept," said Gai.

"I will go to notify my students then," said Kurenai.

In a flash all four of them disappeared.

End of flashback

As they entered the Leaky Cauldron the pub hushed their voices. Whispers could be heard such as 'look at that girl's hair, its pink' 'that boy has whiskers' 'a green beast' 'those two peoples eyes look strange' 'that fat boy is sure disgusting and he's still eating.'

"I'm not fat, just pleasantly plump!" yelled Akamichi Chouji looking as if he'll spear anyone else who calls him fat.

"Same as usual I guess Hagrid? asked Tom reaching for the glasses.

"Can't Tom. I'm on official Hogwarts business. These squirts here need guiding to and through Diagon Alley." Kakashi sweat dropped at the word squirts.

"Can't you even stay for a drink, I'm losing business here since You-Know-Who is gone, everyone wants to go traveling and on vacation."

"Sorry Tom no can do."

"Even for a minute? I've got your favorite drink."

"Really, you mean you have it?

"Yah. Your favorite, muggles," joked Tom pointing at the shinobis.

"That ain't really funny Tom and I got to go. Bye," he waved and led the ninjas to a small, walled courtyard that only had a trashcan and weeds.

Hagrid took out his umbrella and taps the required stones as the wall opened up. Hagrid grinned as he saw their astonished faces.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley!"


Hagrid led them to exchange their yen with knuts, galleons and and sickles. As Kakashi (who was the jounin) and his team waited for there turn at the counter, which Naruto had tried to skip everyone, they spoke of how weird this world was including goblins.

"Hey, Naruto I heard a good friend of yours is going to be there at Hogwarts," said Kakashi.

"Who, who?" asked a hyper Naruto which caused him to receive bad looks from the surrounding people.

A disgusted Sakura decided to turn away from the fox boy as Sasuke mumbled the words that can be heard as "dobe."

"Oh just your great friend from the sand, Gaara," said Kakashi his lone eye dancing with amusement.

"M-m-my friend G-g-Gaara," stuttered Naruto horrified.

"And his siblings too."

"What Temari is coming too?" asked Tenten who overheard.

Before Kakashi could answer it was their turn to exchange their money so the question was ignored.

After they switched the money they left with Hagrid to buy their school supplies. They went to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions for their robes. Each of them was measured and got the same package except Kakashi who was a teacher so he got to wear their own robes. He picked a very dark blue as the color. He also found a robe that had the words 'Sorry I'm Late' stitched on.

"How about this people?"

Everyone sweat dropped and fell anime-style.

"Guess not." He shrugged his shoulders and started to put the robe back when all the genins said "NO, Don't".



"I'll buy it as a spare, I guess."

Next they went to the Flourish and Blotts where they bought all kinds of books. It was in a little of mess because, as the assistant said, a guy with a gourd came and somehow managed to knock down three shelves with sand because the assistant forgot to give him his change, that was only a knut. They left as fast as they could for the manager was glaring at them as if they were to explode the shop in a few minutes and they were receiving stares from the customers.

Lastly they went to a shop that had a sign that read Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.

When they entered inside all they saw was rows and rows and shelves of endless boxes.

"Hello everyone," said an old man as he appeared behind a pile of boxes. Clearly no one saw him for they were obviously surprised. "So Hagrid, got me more customers. Who's first?"

"Me, me," said Naruto

"Step right up, which is your wand arm?"

Clearly the others were waiting to see how Naruto will go and mess up. Hinata was poking here fingers up as her 'precious' friend Naruto get his wand.

"I'm right-handed if that's what you mean."

As Ollivanders went to get the boxes Naruto realized that the measuring tape was doing the measuring itself. As Ollivanders found a box he wanted the measuring tape dropped onto the floor.

"Try this, dragon heartstring and willow. Nine inches. Good for transfiguration. Take it and give it a wave."

"S-sorry. I don't know what happened," stuttered Naruto as he waved the wand foolishly, it in doing so smashed a vase.

"It's alright. Try this, phoenix tail feather and maple. 9½ inches. Nice and flexible."

As he waved it, the window he was pointing at cracked. Ino could be heard giggling in the corner.

"That's not right," Mr. Ollivanders murmured as he snatched the wand away from Naruto's fingertips. "Here try this, very rare and unusual combination, fox-tail hair and holly, 10½ inches.

As Naruto touched the wand he felt sudden warmth in his fingers. He brought the wand swishing down with red and gold sparks.

"Perfect that's just the wand for you. Bravo. Seven galleons please," said Mr. Ollivanders hands stretched out.

The same process followed as slowly all thirteen of them got their wands. Lastly they finished with Hinata getting her wand (unicorn hair and maple, 9 inches).

"Okay finally finished. You are all gonna go and stay at the Leaky Cauldron for this week. The Ministry of Magic will sent send a few cars to pick you guys up. I'm running late so got to go. Have fun on your stay here."

Hagrid pushed them inside the Leaky Cauldron and as they went out to see him go, he was gone.

"Now that's magic," said Kiba impressed.

"He has potential to be a shinobi, he just vanished," said Naruto.

"Actually if you ask me, I think he just walked away briskly, he did say he was late," said Kakashi plainly.

Dragonamge27: Man, the first chapter is always the hardest. I decided to begin during Diagon Alley for I can't really think of a way to begin correctly. I deliberately made Naruto get that special wand of a fox but if you think I make something special of it you guessed wrong. Please review!!