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Shinobi Magic

Chapter 4: The First Day of Horror

(Naruto POV- Gryffindor)

I woke up before the sun rose the next day, yawning. I was a little shocked for a moment, forgetting where I was. It was a habit for me to wake up early, due to Kakashi-sensei's meetings, but I usually got enough sleep, for Sakura and I would fall asleep waiting for Kakashi-sensei.

But today was a little different. All of the genin, minus the three ninjas and the Sand siblings, were to meet on the school grounds at dawn for a training session. I wanted to speak but realised how early it was, and decided to keep my mouth shut. Better to get on good terms with the others than to be their enemy.

As I glanced to the beds surrounding mine, I realised Shino, Haku, Neji and Sasuke were already awake, waiting for their turn to occupy the bathroom. I took off my pyjamas, and wore my new set of clothes, similar to the one I wore yesterday. For some strange reason, Kakashi-sensei had insisted we get some better clothes before leaving Konoha. I had put up a good argument with Kakashi-sensei until majority won, as several hands shot up for me to wear the new clothes.

Now I wore an orange sleeveless shirt with a dark blue T-shirt underneath. For pants I had black shorts (Kakashi had offered me one of his masks but I declined after I'd tried it on. Man, was it tight!) Once Haku came out of the bathroom I jumped in as the rest sat on their beds waiting for me.

When I was done we went downstairs quickly, leaving our robes in the dorm since we still had to go back up to take a shower before going down to the great hall. We got lost quite a few times, but thanks to Neji's Byakugan, we made it before we were totally becoming late, like Kakashi.

We found our Ravenclaw friends coming down the stairs just as we did. Seems Hinata had also helped them but would have been faster had Shikamaru got his lazy butt out of bed. But the Hufflepuffs were late; they didn't have anyone in their house with a Byakugan, so it seemed they had to ask someone for directions, for I caught sight of Hagrid going to his hut and smiled at us.

Once we were all on the training grounds, we heard an explosion near the Forbidden Forest, though not loud enough to penetrate the magical barriers of Hogwarts. We ran towards it. It was actually the three Sand siblings, practicing their abilities. So we decided to train together, Gaara and his siblings becoming much nicer since the Chunnin Exams.

We were about to finish up when Kakashi just walked up, smiling, glad that we were practicing. He said he was getting ready for his next class.

When it was time to go the great hall for breakfast we managed to get up the stairs to the Gryffindor dormitory just as the others woke. We quickly grabbed the showers, switching our sweat-soaked clothes, wore our robes and got downstairs before we missed our meal.

Downstairs I settled my self down on a seat, slightly disappointed that they did not have ramen. I wanted to ask Professor Dumbledore yesterday, had Haku not kept his hand on my mouth. I was stuffing a piece of bacon in my mouth, ignoring the disgusted look Neji was giving me.

"Don't stare at me, look at them," I said and pointed to Chouji and Ron Weasley, the red head in my year, who were stuffing- no, shoving eggs into their mouth. Ron was spraying bits of food across the table as he tried to reply to his friend, the girl who had asked us a question on the school train.

Suddenly an entire flock of owls burst into the hall, choking me as I was drinking my orange juice, spitting all over Shino who was across from me. Believe me, he was not amused. Shino took off his glasses, wiped them and put them back on before I even saw his face.

Professor McGonagall started passing out the schedules for our classes and as I glanced down at my sheet, I saw mine. I noticed we had double Potions first, then Herbology, lunch, Kakashi-sensei's class, Transfiguration, and lastly double Charms. We had Potions with the Slytherins, Herbology with Hufflepuffs, Kakashi-sensei's class we had with the Ravenclaws, and Transfiguration and Charms we had by ourselves.

I realised the others were done and were actually waiting for me. I finished my bite and ran to catch up to them. Haku had asked Professor Snape where his classroom was and had immediately regretted it. He had snarled and said in a very harsh tone: "Dungeons."

We hurried, knowing by his tone that we would not be appreciated for being late. When we went inside we were met with a blast of cold air.


(Flashback to the Akatsuki meeting about 3 weeks before, no longer in Naruto's POV)

"Itachi, Kisame, you are now receiving an important mission. I have gotten a notice that your assignment, the Kyuubi vessel, is going to a school called Hogwarts, in account that the headmaster is Tsunade-sama's friend. Also, Shukaku's vessel, Gaara, is going.

"You are to go and kill these two shinobi from the Hidden Clouds," he handed out two photographs and continued. "They have also been invited to the school. Take their identities and capture the vessels. Do not arouse too much trouble; these wizards are different from what we've ever handled before. Make sure you complete your mission and don't disappoint me again, Itachi."

Even though it was dark in the room, you could imagine Itachi's scowl. "Of course, Akira-sama," said Itachi as he and Kisame retreated from the room. (A/N-Akira's only going to be mentioned a few times so don't bother getting the complete details. I'll just say he is a somewhat commander of the Akatsuki)

(End of flashback)


(Flashback to about 3 weeks before, in the Riddle house)

"So, Voldermort-san, what you want to say is, you want me to help you kill the boy called Harry Potter, and you have a way to force Tsunade to heal my hands?" asked Orochimaru, as he settled himself down in a dust covered armchair.

"Yes. Do you agree to the deal?" asked Voldermort as he accepted a book from Wormtail.

"I will, but how will we be able to go to this certain school where the boy you are looking for is?"

"Simple: Dumbledore, this year, has invited shinobi like you. You can kill this boy from the Hidden Grass and disguise yourself as him." The dark lord handed him a photo of the person. "We will be taking our leave," and with a sweep of his cloak Voldermort disappeared, leaving Orachimaru alone with his servant.

"Very well. Kabuto, you will be going to Hogwarts to kill Harry Potter, and if Sasuke is there, capture him as well," said Orachimaru to Kabuto.

"But Orachimaru-sama, what are you going to do about.." Kabuto gestured toward Orochimaru's bandaged hands.

"It's going to be alright. The sooner you kill the boy, the sooner my hands will be healed."

"So if Sasuke is there, I capture him as well?"

"Yesss," hissed Orachimaru and grinned in the dark.

(End of flashback)


(Back to the dungeons. Naruto POV)

I must say, in the dungeons it was very dark and you could hardly see anything. I wondered why it had to be the dungeons, really: Seeing today's breakfast, the school should have enough money to have the class elsewhere.

Professor Snape advanced onto us and automatically took off ten points from Gryffindor for being late. I gritted my teeth and wanted to argue when the same sharp voice of the girl Hermione cut through the cold walls.

"But Professor Snape, certainly they were lost, they are still new to this school. They shouldn't get points off for being late, at least not yet."

"Ah, but Ms. Granger, must I remind you that these, 6 Slytherins are also new and were the first to arrive," said Professor Greaseball- I mean, Snape. He was talking about Gaara, Kankurou, Temari, Susumu (Itachi), Namu (Kisame), and Heisuke (Kabuto).

(A/N-I'm just helping you avoid getting headache from straining too much. Naruto doesn't know who is whom really.)

I clenched my fists together. That boy Ron was right when he warned us that Snape favoured Slytherin. How I wanted to slam that greaseball's head into my potion, which I found out wasn't as easy as I'd thought. You had to get the exact amounts and I already saw some cauldrons blow up. Who knew a simple flu potion was that difficult?

By the end of the lesson my potion was bright purple, while the real one was supposed to be green. A Gryffindor girl, Hermione, was the only one who got it right, though Snape didn't seem impressed. Shino got a close shade of green while Sasuke wasn't far off. The rest of us got extra homework.

Next we had Herbology with the Hufflepuffs. I found out our professor was head of Hufflepuff house, though she was seemingly known to be fair. Professor Sprout was waiting for us next to a tree. She led us to one of the green houses, as I chatted with Chouji and Kiba. I tried to start a conversation with Ino, but all she did was take no notice of me and start chasing after Sasuke, who totally ignored her. The professor introduced a weird plant to us, at which point we had to wear earmuffs or get knocked out by the plant's cries. I managed to not mess up too badly.

During lunch I noticed something amazing: there was ramen! The kitchen must have heard my cries. I quickly grabbed some and began to eat. Magic was hard enough, harder if you're on an empty stomach.

Haku appeared through the doors and walked over to us, asking how our morning was. I groaned and said "Something between terrible and dreadful." He laughed and asked why. I was busy eating so Sasuke answered instead. "That idiot turned his potion into purple while it was supposed to be green."

I disagreed with him. "Hey, it's true my potion was wrong, but yours wasn't much better!" Haku laughed again and motioned for Sasuke to continue. "He also put his earmuffs on the wrong way, and nearly got knocked out. Luckily, Professor Sprout spotted it before Naruto ended up in the hospital wing."


Next we had Study of Shinobi Ways with Kakashi-sensei. I saw Hinata, Sakura, and Shikamaru again. I remembered seeing him the day before and he said: "Surrounded by girls. Hopefully they're not as bossy as Ino." I had responded with:

"Hinata may be weird but she's not bossy, and as for Sakura, just don't talk bad about Sasuke and you should get along okay."

I had expected Kakashi-sensei to be late, though it seems he wasn't. By the time we hurried to the 4th floor classroom, nearly all of the Ravenclaw students were there, and so was Kakashi. I scrambled to the seat, and paid close attention. I couldn't wait to see what cool techniques we were going to learn.

Kakashi-sensei began the class by introducing himself. "As you have heard from Professor Dumbledore, my name is Hatake Kakashi. You may call me Professor Hatake-" he paused a moment, glancing at me because I was snickering, then continued. "or Kakashi-sensei. I am going to be your teacher of 'Study of the Shinobi Ways' and will be teaching you how to use combat moves, and what to do while you are stuck in a bad situation. But you will learn to do that later on when warm weather comes. Right now please turn to page 6 in the book you were assigned to get, Ways of the Shinobi by Ritsuko Ayanami, and read the entire chapter. Today and this whole week you will be covering how a shinobi acts."


The lesson was over quickly, because the chapter was long and Kakashi-sensei didn't assign any homework, like our other classes except Potions. It was boring for the others from Konoha and myself, since we were just reading about our lives. Most people took the entire time reading just one page, since the font was small, and single-spaced. It was hard for me since I, well, hate reading. But who cares, I'm a ninja and I can get all of my answers from what I experienced!

Next we had Transfiguration with our head of house, and was she ever strict. Since we were newcomers we had to transfigure a match into a pin. I couldn't but laughed at the other Gryffindors who had to change a rat into a cup. I never made any progress. All I kept doing wasturning the pinit rusty and dull.

In Charms, we had to float a feather, which I found easiest of all the classes we'd had that day. Of course, by the time I did it, Shino and Sasuke had already done it.

During dinner, we all discussed our day. Of course, Sasuke all day had received love letters. But as I got to sleep I thought musingly: "Not too shabby for the first day…"

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