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Try-outs for Quidditch

Danielle Choy was waiting to be tested for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team tryouts. She had played Quidditch with the Weasleys boys ever since she was able to fly a broomstick.

She wore her golden brown hair in a loose ponytail; her lucky necklace was around her neck, she had her mother's old broomstick in her hand.

Danielle was trying out for the Seeker position: Seekers had to catch a golden ball called the 'Golden Snitch'. Whoever caught it would give his/her team 150 points and they would win the match.

As her name was called, Danielle walked towards the two judges for the tryouts. Standing firmly, her hair swayed gently back and forth against the wind.

"Please state your name and the position you're trying out for." One of the judges said.

"Danielle Choy, Seeker."

The other judge looked up and Danielle saw that it was her friend, Casey Ronalds. Casey was a year older than Danielle and looked like Danielle, only difference was her hazel eyes.

"Cassandra Ronalds...I didn't know that you were one of the judges this year..."

"Well, they had to find someone with pure talent and accurate judging....so, you're trying out for Cedric's position, am I right?"

Danielle's mind clicked on Cedric's name. True, he was the seeker before he died. He had died on the last task during the Triwizard Tournament last June. She had seen him die from the Avada Kedavra spell that Voldemort had casted; she had not forgotten the look on his face nor forgiven herself for the death of her friend.

"Yes...that's right, Case."

"Well, then...let's see if you can catch the Snitch...under a timed limit. You have ten minutes to catch it. Good luck." Casey said as Danielle got onto her mom's old broomstick and kicked off from the ground.

Danielle soared back and forth, dodging obstacles and the two bludgers, with a speed of light. She had sped along the lawn as she 'skateboarded' towards the golden ball. She reached out and caught it as she dove into the grass itself. She rolled to a stop and got up and held the Snitch up with her right hand.

The first judge was shocked to see this. The other participants were gasping at what Danielle had done. Casey smiled as she clapped her hands.

"You did that all within the time you had been limited. Quite impressive, you know." Casey said.

"Well, that's amazing, Choy." A voice said behind Danielle.

"MALFOY! You do know that the Slytherin team is not supposed to be here until 6, not 4!" Casey scowled at Malfoy.

"It seems that I have a new challenge this year besides Potter now, do I?" Malfoy said as he and the rest of the Slytherin team left the pitch.

"SO...how did I do?" Danielle asked as she and Casey were walking back to the castle later that afternoon.

"You did great...so great, we've decided to put you on the team as the new Seeker. I wanna see the look on Malfoy's face when you catch the Snitch on him."

"Well, I'll try to do my best to do that, Case..." Danielle said as they entered the castle.