Ocean Girl - A New Beginning - Foreword



If you are reading this, you are one of the many who have watched and enjoyed the television series 'Ocean Girl'. Although inevitable, following the show's departure after the forth season, I always had some ideas on where the show might go.
One of the things that I have tried very hard to do was to preserve the original intent of the series while at the same time adding something new. There have been other good 'fan-fics' written, but I feel many exceed the boundaries of what could have actually happened in the series. There is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to write something that people could say, "I could see this happening on the show." That was one of my driving instincts.
Of course the other aspect I had to keep in mind was that the series was designed and written for a young audience, and I didn't want to turn it into an adult-level story. I felt if I did that, it would be taking away part of what made the show enjoyable.
To a limited extent a person should be familiar with the series up to this point in order to understand the story as it develops.
All in all, I hope you enjoy the story. It may not be much in terms of the 78 episodes that were written, but if this can add 4-5 virtual episodes onto that, then I'm happy. Lastly, thanks to Tom for proofreading this story.
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Five years ago, Neri's life changed in a way she never dreamed. She had been living on this island for over a decade, yet never came in contact with any people. Ever since her father died she lived alone, and her only companion was a whale with whom she learned to communicate. In the language of the Ocean Planet a whale is called a 'jali', and she would come to know her whale friend by the name 'Charley'.
Things changed the day she met Jason. She remembered how she screamed "NO!" to him when she thought he was about to hurt Charley. Now nearly 5 years later, he had stood at her side as she was crowned Princess of the Ocean Planet.
A lot had happened in between. She had found her sister Mera, collected the pieces of a device called 'synchronium' to save the oceans of the Opal Planet, and helped prevent a war from starting between the two worlds. The most serious of all was the time when she nearly died in the hands of captors that had taken her prisoner.
She made many friends over the years, but she also encountered much danger as well. Now she hopes things will change for the better.

This derivitive work is copyright to Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Pty. Ltd. and the author Savant, ©2001