This is a SM/Stargate-SG1 Crossover

After the finial battle with Chaos, the scouts discover traces of remaining dark energies in the Colorado Mountains. When they decide it is time for a vacation in Colorado Springs, will they discover more than they bargained for? Moreover, will the members of SG1 be able to deal with the fact that their greatest threat has been on Earth with them all along?

Standard Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Sailor Moon or Stargate. The plot and any OC's are mine.

Tokyo, Japan

Ami Mizuno sat at her desk deep in thought, it had been almost a year since her princess had freed Galxica from Chaos grasp, and in the process freed all the star seeds. There had been for the most part peace since that time, except for the occasional stray demon. Beep! Beep! Beep! Ami was pulled suddenly from her thoughts by the alarm on the Mercury computer. She quickly put down the book she had been attempting to read and went to see what had set off her computer. Ami froze upon seeing the readings that flashed across the small screen of the computer. It was not possible! Breaking free of her shock, Ami pressed the all call button on her communicator and nearly shouted, "Red Alert! Emergency meeting at the temple in one hour! All scouts must be there."


Usagi Tsukino sat quietly within the arms of her beloved, Mamoru Chiba, watching her fellow scouts and closest friends interact. Normally she would have been the most active of the group, but with Ami's message less than an hour ago, had come a sense that something in their lives was about to change in a fundamental way. She was not usually the one to have such feelings, and so had tried to dismiss it, but it would not go away. She and Mamoru had been the first to arrive at the temple, having been out for an afternoon drive. They had followed by Makoto Kino, Minako Aino, and Rei Hino (whose grandfather owned the temple), who had been at the local mall. Next, the two moon cats Luna and Artemis had shown up both looking slightly out of breath from their run. Soon after that the outer scouts, Haruka Tenno, Michiru Kaio, Setsuna Meio, and Hotaru Tome had arrived. Surprisingly enough Ami had been the last one to arrive at the temple. With Ami's arrival, a hush had come over the group as they waited for her to be settled and deliver her news. "Come on Ami spit out will you!" stated a very impatient Rei from her place on the porch. "Come on Rei, give her a chance to catch her breath," this from Minako. "I'm fine Minako, thank-you. I'm afraid I have some disturbing news for everyone." Ami sighed. Everyone looked at her worriedly for a moment and then Mamoru spoke "What's going on Ami?" Ami remained quiet for another moment and then spoke, "The Mercury computer has picked up some very strange and most likely dangerous energy signals. They are very close to the signals given off by Chaos servants." The entire room froze much as Ami had when she had first seen the readings on her computer. Finally Michiru spoke, "Where are the signals coming from Ami?" "The area near Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the United States." This caused a great number of outbursts among the scouts. When everyone eventually settled down somewhat Usagi spoke up, "Then I guess we need to take a trip to Colorado." "What?" "You're kidding!"
"How are we supposed to do that?"
Setsuna clapped her hands and then said very quietly, "Let's listen to what our princess has to say."
"Thank-you Setsuna, and please don't call me princess." Usagi sighed. "We are on summer vacation now so its not like school will be a problem. It's just convincing our parents that we need to go to the U.S. and then funding the trip there."
Haruka spoke up, "We can take care of the funding if you guys can figure out an excuse for your parents."
"I may have an idea for that," Makoto said from her spot next to Minako on the steps. "If Ami can forge the papers we'll tell the parents that this is a school funded trip open to the first five students who can get parental consent. And if they ask about adult supervision we have Setsuna, Mamoru, Haruka, and Michiru to back us up."
"Wow Mako-chan I didn't know you could be so devious," giggled the until now silent Hotaru. "It's a gift," stated a blushing Makoto.
Rei stood up, "That settles it then, we're headed for the U.S. and the Chaos readings!"

That is it for chapter one. WOW! By the way, the ages for the scouts are inners: 18, Haruka and Michiru: 20, Mamoru: 21, Hotaru: 16, and Setsuna: 25? I know that does not exactly make since with the SM timeline but that is the way I want it! Thanks for reading! Please review!