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Chapter 8: In Which More Talking Is Done

Mamoru watched in amusement as the military half of the table blinked in confusion at his beloved's abrupt statement, while the senshi argued over how best to go about getting to the moon. He was unsure at this point what to make of these people. The things that astonished them and the things that they took in stride confused him. He looked over to see what his Usako thought of the tumult her statement had caused.

General Hammond chose that moment to interrupt his train of thought. "Alright lets all settle down for a moment. Putting the idea of visiting the moon on hold for a moment, why don't we discuss what you folks know about the star gate and how exactly you all knew that Colonel O'Neill was Ms. Serenity's father."

"The answers to both questions require that you believe in reincarnation General. You see a very long time ago, we all lived very different lives." Rei spoke calmly and with great certainty from her place at the table.

Luna interjected from her place on Serenity's lap, "If you are against going to the moon General, the tale is rather long. The only other easy way to tell it is through magic."

Sam finally broke, all the talk of magic, reincarnation, and on top of that the talking cats, was too much for her. She needed answers now! "How could you possibly be reincarnated? And if it was possible, how would you retain memories of your previous life? If, as you say, magic is real, how is it that you can use it? Can you use any magic you wish? Could you teach me how to use it? What…"

Jack interrupted before Sam could get anymore questions out. "Carter take a deep breath and calm down. If you would let them get a word in, I think they might be willing to answer your questions."

Jack glanced at Mercury as he said this. For some reason he felt she would be the best one to answer at least some of Carter's questions. Mercury understood his look and took a quiet breath before she began.

"We were reincarnated through the power of an object called the Imperium Silver Crystal. It is an article of power which…"

Jack missed the rest of Mercury's explanation. As soon as Mercury had mentioned the crystal he had had a memory flash in his brain. Someone was telling him something important…

"The Silver Crystal is passed down from mother to daughter in the Lunarian royal line. It is as powerful as the heart and spirit of its wielder, and is just as fragile. Should the heart of the wielder fade, so too would the crystal. So too would the life of the wielder, should she use the entirety of the power of the crystal, as the power of the crystal is the heart of the wielder…"

Jack snapped back at this, as it struck him. He was still unsure who had been speaking to him, but the information he had gained was important in the here and now.

"You would die if you used that thing?!" Jack all but yelled, infuriated at the thought of a child, possibly his child, using something so dangerous. The room was silent as the members of the SGC wondered what O'Neill was raving about, and the senshi wondered how Jack knew that.

Serenity smiled sorrowfully, and as Jack looked her into her eyes, he was again struck by how much knowledge was hidden in those silvery blue orbs.

"The Imperium Silver Crystal is tied to the life force of its bearer. I have given my life, or come close to doing so, in the use of it more than once, and would do so again if it was necessary to protect this world."

Again there was silence. Daniel was horrified at the thought of anyone dying from the use of an artifact. Teal'c thought that is was honorable that these young warriors would be willing to give their lives in such a noble cause.

"What does this crystal look like? The quantum mechanics of such a device are incalculable." Sam tried to picture the size and capacity of a device that could drain the life from a person.

Serenity sighed and closed her eyes in concentration. She cupped her hands in front of her chest and the members of the SGC were amazed to watch as a golden crescent moon flashed into being on her forehead. Then slowly a beautiful and brilliant crystal phased from Serenity's chest and into existence between her cupped hands.

"This is the Imperium Silver Crystal. It fused with my Star Seed when I fought against Chaos. It is now a part of me, and I a part of it."

Daniel blinked in understanding. "You have a symbiotic relationship don't you? Neither of you could exist without the other."

"At this point in time you are correct Dr. Jackson. In the past the Silver Crystal was simply an object of power used by the royal family. That changed when the crystal passed to Serenity," Artemis said almost sleepily from his place on Mina's shoulder.

"My connection with the Silver Crystal is unique. However so too is my position. I am the only member of my family to ever be a senshi. I use the crystal as a focus for many forms of magic, and therefore my connection to it is far stronger than those that have come before me." Serenity paused at this point and looked as though she would say more on the subject, but mentally shook herself and changed her focus.

"However I believe we have drifted off topic. General, I believe it would be easiest to fully explain who we are and where we come from if you would permit the use of the Alliance gate in your charge. I can give you the codes necessary to access the lunar gate."

Jack spoke up. "General I want to go. I know that there are answers we need there. There are answers that I need there."

Jack spoke with such conviction that General Hammond almost gave in then and there. He stopped himself at the last moment.

"I need to get this ok'd by the White House. In the mean time why don't we take a break and continue the meeting in a few hours. Ms. Serenity, you and your team are more than welcome to stay in our VIP courters."

"That would be lovely General thank you," Serenity replied.

Hammond nodded brusquely. "Very well, SG-1 will escort you to your rooms and help you with anything you may need. We'll reconvene as soon as I here back from the White House."

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