Title: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Disclaimer: Please don't; purely for entertainment. None of the characters are mine.
Note:Season 4ish. After the 'Bad Girls' thing, after Faith was stabbed, after the coma. Before the one where they swap.
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Warnings: Adult situations.
Rating: R for reasons that will become obvious

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Part 5

Already I could smell the sensuous aroma of both of our inebriations, and the atmosphere seemed to become more and more claustrophobic as my fingers buried themselves in the hilt of her, then withdrew, buried, then withdrew. Her hips moved up against my hand and my expression stayed still as her face scrunched, and she whimpered my name. My name.

I listened as the soothing sound of her voice reverberated against the walls of her throat, and as I continued at the desperately inebriating motion, I consumed every sound she made. Rushed breaths, her feral-becoming moans, the noise of the sheets screeching as she ran her hands along them.

Then, without admonition, she let out the loudest moan, quickly assuring me she had finally come. For me.

- - -

I had never watched a sunrise before, but it was right outside of my window, and as I held her, as her back pressed up against my front, and my arm covered her, I watched it.

She had hardly moved. Perhaps once in the past two hours. I didn't know. I hadn't really slept. I had watched her as she slept. But she hardly moved that I forgot every time she did, mostly because it was hardly an inch.

I looked down at her slumbering form, finally contented because she was back. That space was gone.

It sounds soppy, I know. But she filled it; I silently thanked her for that.

I ran fingers along her naked skin, beneath the simple white sheet that covered us both. She was so soft. Her skin was soothing to me. It comforted me. I wished mine was like hers. I let my hand linger upon her hip, and buried my face in the space behind her head, he hair in a disarray upon the pillow. But I did not care. Just inhaling her scent was enough to tell me that I was safe, now that I was here with her.

And she was in my arms.

It had never occurred to me what it was. A tingling sensation that awakened the utter most depths of feeling within you. Something that organs could awaken, something that could be suppressed for your entire life. Something that would shorten your breath and stop your heart. It never occurred to me that she was feeling this emotion. For me.

The End