SaiyanWarrior200: These are a series of fights between the Robot Masters you can see how well the two go up against each other send in your reviews to put in a fight between which Masters to go at it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Megaman if I did Megaman 9 would have been out a long time ago.

Fight 1 Guts Man versus Grenade Man

Summary: We all know that these two are not the brightest bulbs so these two would get it on for no reason so LET'S GET IT ON!!

Guts Man was strutting around the Power plant when suddenly he got hit on the hard hat he wore by a small bomb. "Who did that?!" Shouted Guts as he looked around saw a dark blue robot wearing a vest and had a Grenade Launcher. "YA HA HA!! Say hello to my cute bombs!" Grenade Man fired his flash bomb move. "Hello Mr. Cute Bombs I'm Guts Man OWWW!" Guts Man not very smart took the blast head on which hurt him. "That does it! You got the Guts to take me on!?" GutsMan charged at his foe ready to knock him silly picking up a large metal box he used his unbelievable strength and threw it at GrenadeMan. Grenademan very quick however dodged the box and charged at Guts with a shoulder tackle. Gutsman used to tackles grabbed the robot and threw him away. "That takes care of that." Snorted Gutsman. "I think not!" Shouted Grenademan who come back and fired his Flash Bombs. Guts however dodged it and landed a punch that would of made Evander Holifield blush. Sending his foe flying Guts rubbed his arm, which hurt. "Grenademan Strong Gutsman stronger!" He bellowed pounding his chest.

"Crazy Destroyer!" Grenade fired some blasts at the floor and the two fell onto a junk pile continuing their battle. "Aha! No where to hide this time!" Shouted guts. Grenade Man jumped and fired more blasts at guts arms hurting them. "Super Arm!" Picking up a large crate he threw it at Grenade and hit dead center. Grenade man leapt up from the dust and replied, "That felt good!" Both robots were in critical condition and decided to end this. Grenade jumped up but Guts grabbed him and was in a bear hug. "WAH HA HA!" "What are you going to do now?" "This!" Grenade managed to free his launcher and shouted "Flash Bomb!" At that close range the two were caught in the blast and went flying.

There was a big blast as the power plant shook and the robots running the plant went for cover, as there were explosions ever were those unfortunate enough were caught in the blast. The two masters were still alive but barely Guts had lost his hat and missing part of his face and Grenade looked like he tried to stop a train. Guts knew he had one chance to end this and charged at him using his only good arm. Grenade however caught it look Vegeta does Zarbon and replied: "Strange you're stronger than me yet you can't hit me oh way time to finish this." Firing a Flash Bomb Which destroyed what was left of Gutsman face Grenademan calmly left the power plant looking for something to heal him.

Author: A flash bomb to the face poor gutsy well send in who you want to see fight and I'll put them against each other Grenademan wins his match but barely I'm thinking of a battle between Freezeman and Shadowman would be good so send in your reviews.