The Hero Boy

Alone he Stands,

Again to fight.

A hero who rose

To the greatest might.

At the end

With the evilest foe.

If the hero defeat him

The whole world will know,

of the boy

Who saved us all.

More than a name

If he not fall.

In the corner

The cruel man stood

And a cold laugh

Came from under his hood,

"It is time, Potter,

Now you shall die."

He was wrong,

Unknowing his lie.

You may call it chance

or even just luck,

but when the boy smiled

The Dark Lord's grin sunk.

"It is time,

that's were your right,

But it will not be me

Who dies tonight."

Wands were raised

And spells exchanged,

Our Hero's victory

Was almost gained. E


Voldemort had no wand.

The hero approached

He raised his hand.

"I do not want your

Blood on my hands.

But I am the one

Who can destroy you alone

The mind of the boy

Wandered around

To Cedric, to Sirius

To those not found

When he pictured his parents

His love was so great

He would finally avenge them

Following his fate.

The Dark Lord felt

The love amazing

And died from the love

He never knew so unwavering.

The hero boy won

Because of his love

Harry Potter succeeded

To stop the Dark one.