Mourning Doves

Author: Pumpkin Belly

A/N: This is the 6th installment of the Maybe Series.  It's been awhile since the last story, like 6th months or so.  Buffy and Spike are getting married.  This is Buffy's POV. 

Summary: And as I looked into Spike's eyes gleaming in the sun I know that it's a new beginning for us. 6th story in Maybe Series 

When I use to think about my wedding as a little girl, I always imagined mourning doves being thrown in the air.  I relieve now how odd that seems.  Weddings are supposed to be a time of rejoicing not mourning.  But here I stand in my beautiful white gown staring into the mirror wondering why at the end of the ceremony a mourning dove is going to be released into the sky. 

"Buffy you look so beautiful." Dawn said as she came into my bedroom.  The wedding itself is going to take place outside while the reception is going to be indoors in a near by hall.  Ever since Spike became human again he loves spending time outside.  He wanted the reception to be outdoors also, but not knowing how late it's going to run we didn't want to be interrupted by any vampires. 

"Thanks, Dawn." I said as I turned around to face her,  "You do too."

"Well being the maid of honor has its perks like getting to help pick out the dress." She said smiling.  As I look at her I notice how grown up my sister has become.  I missed so much since she started living with our father. 

He's here today, my father, but he isn't walking me down the aisle.  I know it sounds harsh but he was never much a father.  Giles is giving me away and I don't care how much it breaks my father's heart.  It's my day not his. 

"Is Spike ready yet?" I asked nervously. 

"Yeah I think so." Dawn said, "Xander just went to check on him."

"OK, good, good." I answered her.

"Buffy are you ok?" She asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine just you know a little nervous.  Big day and all." I resisted the urge to bite my newly manicured nails.

"You love Spike, right?" Dawn said moving to sit next to me.

"Of course I do."

"And he loves you?" She continues.

"Yeah." I said slowly.

"Then there is nothing to worry about.  You guys are going to live happily ever after." She finishes as if it was the most apparent thing in the world. 

"But what about all the bad things that have happened between us, what if they aren't over?" I asked, thinking about all the times Spike and I have tried to kill each other. 

"They are over.  You both are different people." Dawn assures me.

"Yeah you're right." I say as I allow her words to comfort me.

"Of course I am." She says giving me a smile. 

"Knock, knock." Xander says, stopping any further conversation, "You ready?" He says entering,  "oh Buff you look great." He says when he opens the door revealing me in my dress.

"Thanks, Xand." I love my dress.  It's simple really, but I think it suits me, "Yeah I'm ready." I said standing up.

"Good cause we're waiting." Willow said appearing behind him.

"I love you guys." I said as I pulled them both into a hug, "Thank you for everything." And then I was ready.  We all made our way downstairs.  Xander went out first, standing next to Spike; he was the best man and all.  It still surprises me how Xander and Spike put aside their differences and become friends. 

Willow went next followed by Tara and Anya and finally Dawn.  Then the organ player started to play the Wedding March.  Giles offered his arm to me and we walked into the daylight where my groom was waiting.  As we walked down the fabric that had been laid over the grass I understood why Spike and I had chosen to have a mourning dove released.  We weren't mourning anything or anybody we were acknowledging all the people we had lost over the years and letting go of all the hate that once existed between us. 

And as I looked into Spike's eyes gleaming in the sun I know that it's a new beginning for us.  We are going to live happily ever after, or as happily ever after as you can get on the hellmouth.

A/N: I'm thinking that next I'm going to do Spike's thoughts on his wedding so look out for that.