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Beast Boy sat in front of the Titans television next to Cyborg doing what was supposed to be his favorite thing in the world, playing a race car video game. But his mind wasn't on the race, or beating Cyborg today, he wasn't even focusing his attention on the race track, but out the window into the vast sea below. He was only able to see the track in the corner of his vision causing him to run into the walls repeatedly.

Glancing around the room quickly he had half expected to see Raven there sipping Herbal Tea, half expected to see her face buried into a horror volume only looking up to taunt Beast Boy about how he hadn't noticed her till now. But there was no Raven, it was late afternoon and all day there had been no Raven. No sounds coming from her dark room, no alarms forcing her out of it. But what surprised him most was the fact that right now he wanted to see Raven, why, so she could make a snooty remark about how he and Cyborg played to many video games, so she could tell him he was wasting his mind on a pointless device. He smiled to himself as he tried to recall all the things Raven thought were pointless, too many to count.

Cyborg didn't even realize how far behind Beast Boy was, he was too used to the young changelings car being only a few feet behind him, if he was not in the lead, to notice. Determined to win a game he hadn't realized was already won, he didn't remember the dangerous u-turn that was just in front of him. Leaning as far as he could to the side opposite Beast Boy as if turning with the car would make the car turn sharper itself. He dug the small arrow into the controller trying to make the wheels move themselves into a right angle. He began to mumble to himself about the car's design. He didn't hear the cracking sounds within the controller until it was too late; the small device had broken into hundreds of tiny pieces scattering to find a dark place they could wedge themselves into never to be touched again.

Lifting himself off the couch he glanced around the room to make sure there was nobody there except the absentminded Beast Boy and spun his body towards the door whistling, hoping not to look suspicious. Maybe Robin would blame it on Beast Boy, he thought to himself before he retreated into his own room.

Beast Boy didn't even notice what Cyborg had done to the controller till he lay back on a shard, yes, he had heard the crack but he was to lost in thought to actually see it happen. "Great," he sighed to himself, "there goes the last possible form of entertaining myself." Brushing the broken Controller of the couch he lay on his back. Trying to think of something to do, he began counting the stains on the ceiling trying to recall who made them and when. This entertained him for about three minutes, and he was bored again. Maybe there was someone else in the tower as bored as he, and wanted to do something with him.

He went in search of Cyborg first for though they had just finished playing a video game together Cyborg was Beast Boy's best friend and was always looking for something to do. As he approached Cyborg's room he pleaded that he be in there. When he wasn't in his room he was usually working on the car he and Raven had built. He knew how much Cyborg loved his car but for some reason Beast Boy hated it. Maybe it was because Cyborg spent so much time around it rather than Beast Boy; maybe because whenever he was near it he had to be on his best behavior; or maybe because it was Cyborg and Raven who had built the car together. Shaking that thought from his head he knocked on Cyborg's door. It hadn't been closed all the way so the force of his knock had opened the door into the room.

Cyborg was sitting at his computer typing rapidly. To Beast Boy's disappointment there is not a video game on the screen but what seems like hundreds of boxes overlapping each other, all containing bits of information. "Hey man, what do you, say you forget all that junk and go get a pizza with me? Maybe Robin and Starfire too, but I seriously doubt it's going to be easy to get Raven out of that-"

He was cut off in mid-sentence by the sound of Cyborg's yelling and a red, flashing, sign on the computer, alert... alert. Beast Boy decided not to stick around. Sneaking out the room he slammed the door behind him and took off down the hall at full speed.

He ended up just in front of the workout room. Robin was in there as well as Starfire. Robin appeared to be teaching Starfire some of his martial arts and was obviously rather enjoying himself. His arms wrapped around her waist, his hands gripping her lower arm, he half-whispered into her ear showing her how to block an oncoming punch.

"Could I not simply hit him with a star bolt before he got close enough to attack me?" Starfire questioned beginning to step forward out of Robin's arms.

Afraid of losing one of the few chances he had to be this close to Starfire he pulled her back in. "No," was the only response he could think of.

Beast Boy could no longer hold in laughter but he continued to try creating a muffled snort. His confined laugh alerted the two he was standing there. Starfire, Robin blushing under his mask, was the first to speak. "Hello Beast Boy! What is up?" She started gleefully, but continued very confused, "I mean besides the ceiling, and the sky, and the clouds, and the other planets, and oh, yes, Tamaran, and-"

She was cut of by Robin. "What do you want Beast Boy?" He seemed moody that Beast Boy had interrupted his "training session". I guess I can't blame him though, at least he has someone he cares about, and who cares about him.

"Just to get some pizza." Seeing the grim look on Robin's face he decided not to bring up how close he just was to Starfire or how funny it looked to see the two of them standing together Robin being so much shorter than Starfire and the clueless look that had crossed Starfire's face when she heard the tone of Robin's answer. "Come on man, It'll be fun!"

"No," was all Beast Boy got from Robin before he was given the cold shoulder. Sighing Beast Boy began to wonder if he had held in his laughter a little longer he might have someone to hang out with right now.

Walking down the hall once more he glanced at the door marked Raven. The last Titan in the tower and the one he new before knocking would only shut the door in his face without even supplying him with an answer. When he thought about this he chose not to knock. Let her stay in her room all day, it wasn't his problem. But he did wonder what she had been doing in there all this time. He had been in Raven's room before, and unless she had hidden lights somewhere, it was to dark to read, and wasn't that all she did besides meditate. Putting his ear to the door he heard no sound coming from the hidden room. Maybe she was gone. He shocked himself with the thought. Where would she go? Why? Leaning closer to the door the sound of the Titans alarm going off startled him making him jump into the air.

Afraid Raven would come running out and spot him so close to her door scared him but before he could take off down the hall himself Robin yelled to him. "Make sure Raven gets out of her room."

"Me? Why me? You do it." Beast Boy didn't want to have anything to do with Raven right now. Coming out of her room for the first time today she was probably in a worse mood than usual.

"Because you're standing right next to it." Robin answered in a matter of fact way.

"Oh right." He began to knock on Raven's door preparing himself for the oncoming insults and readying himself for a decent comeback when he realized no one else seemed to be in a big hurry. He listened more carefully to the alarm and realized this wasn't the one alerting them of an emergency down town but letting them know there was a phone call for that was coming in through the t.v. rather than the regular phone line. He relaxed a bit and knocked once again on Raven's door a little louder this time.

"Don't be so impatient, I'm coming." Said Raven in her usually monotone voice cleansed of all emotion. Beast Boy sighed to himself as he backed out of the way giving her a passage into the T.V. room. To his surprise Raven staggered a little while exiting the room and before Beast Boy could say anything or offer a supporting hand she glared at him daring him to do just that. Looking away from her and into her room for any clues he saw the mirror he and Cyborg had accidentally fallen into on there last visit in there and felt a shiver run down his spin in memory. The mirror was glowing with a faint black as if it had recently been used. Before he could examine her room farther, though, a dark, wavy, glow engulfed the door slamming it shut. Smiling innocently he followed the glaring Raven down the hall.

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