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Grossness didn't seem very pleased at the Titans presence. She had been giving them annoyed looks and short answers to their many question, that is, if she bothered to answer at all. By now all the Titans were positive she was another of Raven's emotions, and she too didn't want them there. Their assumption of her creating the dreams appeared to be right, and though they could not be sure, they had guessed it was just her way of getting rid of them without putting in any effort of her own. She refused to say what the man or thing had said to her to make her so miserable, she didn't mention anything about the man at all. They did hear her mumble a few times something about sleeping and never waking up, a life not worth living, without a purpose, and other things like that. But how could they help her if she didn't want to talk to them at all. And all this just after they had completely lost touch with one of their own teammates.

Beast Boy hadn't said a word, or even sparred them a mere glance. They had seen an angry side of their teammate when he became the gorilla-like Beast, they had seen an emotional side when he was around Terra, a worried side when he saw Raven in danger, and of course the regular joking, fun-loving teammate they had all grown to love. This side of their youngest teammate had never appeared to them before today. Was it possible a darker side of Beast Boy had always existed, that the jokes were just concealing the pain their friend had always felt? Or was it something he had inherited after spending so much time trying to understand Raven? One reason or the other their teammate had not moved from his spot behind a rather large tree in the distance.

Just as the Titans were about to give up on Grossness and talk to Beast Boy instead, a puff of smoke appeared in front of them hiding four mysterious figures. The Titans jumped to their feet pretending to be ready for a fight when in reality all three of them were wounded not only physically but emotionally and unsure they could win any battle at the moment. But as the smoke cleared, a familiar yellow cloak atop the shoulders of a Raven look-alike stood proudly in front of them, three more cloaked figures at her tail.

The Titans relaxed their guard but still stood in shook. All three the new companions were obviously three of Raven's emotions. The first stood tall, as if she was pretending to be a soldier, her mouth was curved into a huge smile and her eyes danced with excitement. Cyborg obviously recognized her yellow cape and child-like exposure, as well as the girl next to her with a green cloak and wary dart in her eyes. This one had a more mischievous grin upon her face, her cape was dirty but not so much from lack of care like Grossness, but covered in mud and torn as if she had treated it without care on her many adventures, she eyed the Titans daring any one of them to challenge her. The third was new to all three of them, she hid beneath the hood of her brown cape which blended well with the land as if it were designed as a camouflage, though they could not see her entire face they saw her crouched over trying not to be noticed and her eyes darting back and forth suspiciously.

The Titans, still frozen in shock, continued to stare as Intelligence explained, "This is Happiness," pointing to the yellow caped Raven, "Courage," the green cloaked, "And Fear." the brown caped. "I meet and talked with all three of them since the four of you left. Where is Beast Boy? Never mind, it took me a while but I was able to get each of them back to their customary personalities. So that makes four of us, in addition to those you helped since we last met. So who have you talked to so far?"

Robin didn't even meat her eyes, guiltily, as he answered, "Well we're talking to Grossness now and, well, I kind of talked to Raven… the real Raven I mean." Intelligence looked at him expectantly, "And well that's it. But we could really use your help right now."

"You haven't helped anyone yet." Intelligence scolded, "What have you been doing?"

"Don't blame us, we ran into some difficulties trying to get here." Robin answered his eyes darting suspiciously to Grossness.

With a sigh Intelligence reminded them, "That means there are still four emotions left. But you said you talked with the real Raven, h-"

"This is booooooring!" The Pink caped Raven, Happiness, interrupted. "Let's play a game! Oh I know! Tag! You're it!" She giggled happily as she reached out and touched Courage skipping immediately in the opposite direction. But, Courage took the game as more of a challenge and immediately tackled and pinned the yellow caped Raven.

Intelligence rolled her eyes at the childness of the two and looked again to Robin for an explanation. "Well we got stuck in these dreams, and Raven contacted me. She was the one who explained to me where we were and convinced me to wake up. She told me, well, that it wasn't safe here. She told me to get the other Titans and leave, to give up on her. But I won't! I refuse to give up on her after everything that she's done for us! After everything she's been through, we owe her! And even if we didn't…"

"I understand," Intelligence replied, "You all care about her so much. She never would have made it this far without you, every one of you. The only reason she wants you to leave, is because she's so worried about you. I never knew she even had the side I see her expressing when the four of you are near, I've never seen her so willing to give her life, for anyone except the four of you." Intelligence, getting caught up in her own speech and thought, was now staring off into the distance completely oblivious of the chaos going on around her. Fear had made her way on the opposite side of a very large, dead tree from the two other emotions, Courage, who had decided to practice some of her new wrestling moves on Happiness who was complaining that the game was no fun anymore.

Even Grossness had gotten bored and left the scene. Instead she had resorted reaching desperately into a hollowed out tree for something she obviously desperately wanted to get her hands on. Beast Boy on the other hand, could only be seen if you paid close attention to the hint of green and purple that had hidden itself behind a tree in the distance. The Titans attempted to get Intelligences attention again. Robin spoke loudly to her, "I'm pretty sure it was Grossness that put us into the dreams in the first place. She refuses to listen to us. The only person that's been able to hold a conversation with her is, well, Beast Boy, and he's been even more distant than her. Come to think of it, he hasn't said hardly a word to us since… before the dream."

"Did anybody see what he was dreaming of?" Cyborg questioned still firmly against any belief of Beast Boy having any feelings for the real Raven besides those of friendship. Robin and Starfire met eyes, assuring each other they shared the same idea of what Beast Boy had been dreaming of, and a hint as to why he was so upset now.

Grossness had finally got a hold of what she had been looking for and her hand emerged from the trunk holding a half empty and very strong beer. Taking an overwhelming gulp of the stuff, her eyes tearing up as she struggled to swallow the whole thing before staggering slowly back towards the Titans. "Why are you still her!" She yelled at no one in particular, "Get off my land!"

"We're just trying to help. If you could work with us-"

"Who asked for your help! I don't need you! I don't need anyone!" She took another swing of beer, "And no one needs me…"

"That's not true!" Robin argued, "No one is useless, your part of someone I care about deeply, without you in her life, well she wouldn't be the person we know. If it weren't for you we never could have had movie nights, we couldn't have gone out for pizza together, or just slept in because, well its fun."

"What Robin is trying to say," Starfire interrupted her friend, "Is that you are what makes Raven and everyone else, fun! Movies and pizza and sleepovers, the urge to just sit around and do nothing but eat candy and play the video game all day!"

Grossness obviously wasn't listening to a word they said and the Titans were finding it very hard to explain to her why being lazy was a good thing. Instead she had spotted Beast Boy and decided he would provide her with a more interesting conversation. But on her way over to the boy she was run into and knocked over by Happiness who had been pushed by Courage. Grossness, angry that the two had made her spill her drink and pushed her to the ground began yelling.

"Cool your jets!" Courage answered with a devious look upon her face. "You let that jerk get to you didn't you. You were stupid enough to listen to him and now you're going to go cry over it."

"Whatever, just stay out of my way and get off my land would ya!" Grossness would not meet Courage's eyes.

"I'll go where I want when I want! I don't let the opinions of idiots take affect on me! You're only useless if you act that way and you most definitely are!" Courage taunted.

"I don't need to explain myself to you."

"Why do you look so upset?" Happiness said confused, "Life is so much more fun when your doing the things you love to do instead of getting upset about what somebody else says. Who cares what they think, they're the loser who'd rather go around telling other people what's wrong with them than doing the things they love."

How ironic, that the wisest piece of advice, would come from someone as naive as Happiness, the girl who didn't understand or care what words escaped her mouth as long as she was having a good time saying them. Though what better advise to take when you're down than someone who truly knows what it means to be happy.

Happiness had taken her effect on Grossness, not with the meaning behind her words but rather her juvenile view on life. The stupidity of what she said actually forced a laugh out of Grossness, and the confused look on her face another. Taking a look at the empty beer can next to her and all the weight she had lost from refusal to eat, then at the TV that had been off for days and the fridge that was full of the junk food she used to love. What had she been doing the last couple days? What an idiot she had been. She had chosen to mope over doing what she loved because of a comment some jerk had made. She had never cared for their insults or taunts before. Why did it matter so much now? Laughing again at her own stupidity she met eyes with Happiness for the first time. "You know what?" She said, "You are the stupidest most obnoxious person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting." Pausing for effect she added, "Thank you…"

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