A little girl stops to admire flowers in the forest. Shouts from a little boy is heard in the distance.

"Brother, I'm over here!" yelled the little girl. After three minutes of waiting, a little boy ,about age nine, came through the thicket of bushes. His hair was spiky, tricolored hair, and his skin was very pale.

"Sister, you know what happens if caught outside! Please come back before we get caught!" whispered the boy desperately who tried to tug the little girl's tattered sleeve. The little girl turned around, moving her thick black hair out of her face. Sunlight had shown through the trees, revealing natural blood red highlights in her hair.

"But, Brother! It's so beautiful here! Why can't I stay here forever?" said the little girl imploringly. The little boy shook his head frighteningly.

"No! We must go now! You already know why! Sis, your eleven years old now so it should have gotten through your head enough already!" said the boy half whispering and half yelling.

"Ok, fine. You go without me and I'll leave as soon as I'm done. Hurry up so you don't get caught!" The boy sighed defeatedly.

"Fine! I'll wait for you back home. Promise you'll come back! Promise!!" The little girl held her brother lovingly.

"Of course! I won't leave without you." Then the little girl ushered the boy to go, who ran off hastily. The little girl sighed and looked around. Something shown on the ground that caught her eye. The little girl walked hastily towards it, ignoring everything around her. When she stood over this thing, she bent down and picked it up. She looked it over curiously and realized it was an armlet with the millennium eye. The little girl squealed with joy and put it on her arm. As soon as she did, flashbacks rushed by her of Ancient Egypt and a shadowy figure holding a woman lovingly and the same figure crying over her dead body in the next. The girl gasped frighteningly. Then a man could be heard yelling. The girl almost screamed from fright. She ran towards the voice even if she was scared. When she came out of the forest, the man stared at her angrily. Thankfully, her brother was already inside and not in trouble.

"You know better. Now you have to take your punishment." The man walked towards her menacingly. He pulled out a rope and quickly tied her up before she could move. The man then gagged her and threw her into the back of a van. Darkness swallowed her as he closed the door and the roar of the engine sounded loudly. The man drove fast to an alley in the city and slammed the brakes which made the girl hit her head and knock out.

Chapter 1

"Yami! Wait! I'm not ready yet!!" said a little boy with tricolored hair. He ran outside to meet an older and taller looking version than him who was named Yami.

"Yami! You suck! Why didn't you wake me up?" Yami laughed profusely.

"Maybe my little hikari needs an alarm clock We must meet the others who are waiting." They both walked off towards Kaiba Land.

A young woman stepped out of a black jeep and walked towards the front entrance of Kaiba Land. Her hair was black with natural red highlights and her eyes were a dark red that appeared like blood. She opened the doors and stepped inside thankfully. The woman walked inside hoping for the best. She was to duel the top duelist in Domino to gain information on her millennium item. She rubbed her arm unknowingly where her item sat. If only she could see what lies ahead...

Yami walked to a group of people waiting for him and his hikari. A blond haired American waved them over and the rest of the group started to wave back also.

"Yuge, Yami! What took you so long?" the blond haired American said in a New Yorkish accent.

"Yea, we've waited so long! Your going to miss the duel little Mokuba was talking about!" said a woman with brown hair that came up to her shoulders. Yami chuckled as his hikari started to tell them all that it was all his fault.

"Anzu, you should've seen Yami! He just waited for me without waking me up! And he expects me to be on time..." Yugi sighed. The brown-haired one who was Anzu laughed. Yugi started to scan the room and glimpsed a woman with black hair and red highlights. Yugi gasped. Sister...? Yami looked at his hikari worriedly.

"Aibou, are you ok?" Yugi shook his head.

"I'm fine! Let's just watch the duel already! Jounouchi, just try to not yell at Kaiba today?" The blond American growled as a brown haired man walked inside towards the dueling arena.

"Fine! I'll try but I can't promise anything." Joey then ran off towards the arena while everyone followed.

The woman stood on the platform waiting patiently for the man she was to face. Suddenly, the other platform rose to show a brown-haired man shuffling his deck. He set it on the arena and stared at the woman coldly.

"Do you really think you'd win little girl? You must be stupid if you really think that." The man smirked.

"Well, will you at least do me the honors of telling me your name before your raped by my monsters little boy??" She chuckled slightly as the man grunted.

"I'm Seto Kaiba. The ranked number one duelist in this sorry town and powerful CEO of Kaiba Corp. To you little girl it's Kaiba." He smirked again which looked like an idiot to the woman's eyes.

"You talk too much. Remember if I win you tell me what I need. If I lose then you have yourself a new secretary." Kaiba laughed.

"How about instead of a secretary I get a new servant for my house? I've needed a new maid for a while now." She smirked.

"Agreed. You appear as a pig so I guess your house does need cleaning." Kaiba growled irritadedly and drew six cards.

Yugi and company arrived just when the duel started. Jounouchi looked on with a mad expression on his face. Yami sat and observed expertly. Anzu was ooing and ahhing at the monsters that showed up or disappeared. Yugi smiled up at Kaiba when he looked to see who was making all the noise, which was Anzu. Then Yugi saw his opponent and gasped surprisingly. It is her! The woman looked also to see who the noisy people were and saw Yugi and Yami. She gasped also and quickly surrendered and jumped down and ran towards them.

"Brother! I've found you! I've waited so long!" Kaiba was yelling insults for her stupidity as he was lowered from the platform. Yugi stepped back a little from the woman as she looked at Yami.

"Ummm... I don't have a sister but you can try him." Yami said pointing at Yugi. She laughed.

"Brother! It's been so long! How are you?" Yugi stepped back away from her. Anzu, Jounouchi, and Yami waited for his response also.

"I hate you! You promised! You promised and you broke it! I hate you! Go away!" Yugi yelled, which highly surprised everyone. The girl stood there dumbfounded. Kaiba finally got to the group who laughed at the whole thing. He knew Yugi hated her, he knew how it would turn out, and he played his cards perfectly to get the end result. A heartbroken girl stood staring at Yugi hurtfully.

"I know. I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. He caught me and he threw me out. It's not all my fault. Please...." Yugi stepped back from her hand.

"Get away from me Sakura. I don't want to see you ever again. Go away." Said Yugi who looked at the ground concealing his eyes. Sakura stood there with empty eyes. Kaiba was laughing while he dragged her away. He needed a new maid and now he had one. Yami tried to comfort his aibou by placing a hand on his shoulder but Yugi smacked it away and disappeared into his soul room. The group just stood there dumbfounded and at a loss for words.

As Sakura sat in the limo, Kaiba started to badger her. Finally, she snapped and pinned Kaiba to the ground.

"You knew and you still led me here! You knew it and you wanted it to happen! You are fuckin cold hearted! Do you have no life but to torture others?!" Kaiba laughed and flipped her and whispered into her ears menacingly.

"Yes, I knew but it's all your fault. I own you now and there's nothing you can do about it" Kaiba then let her up and sat back down laughing. How she hated him already, the anger fighting to be released. Sakura sat back down trying to ignore him.

"Now, back to business. You will clean my room, my brother's, and my office starting now. You are not to leave till you are done and you are not to speak, unless spoken to. If my brother starts to talk to you, you befriend him and never lie. And you are never to hurt me and especially my brother, unless you have a death wish." Sakura nodded and stared out the window. Trees and buildings flew by as the limo neared the mansion.

"Does he really hate me like he really says or is it just his heart that's speaking from all he's been through finding an outlet for his anger?" asked Sakura silently to no one in particular. Kaiba looked at Sakura for a moment admiring her figure and her good looks. She was strong willed unlike some girls. She was intriguing. Kaiba smirked when he heard her speak.

"It's most likely is an outlet for his anger. Too bad for you, he chose to take it out on you." Sakura smiled at his words.

"Then I'll take it because I understand why, and he needs it out of him finally after all these years." Kaiba was surprised. She would take all this and feel no pain? Or is it she is in pain but won't show it? How interesting... The limo stopped in front of the gates and waited for it to open. The gates opened with a squeak and the limo pulled up the driveway and stopped at the entrance of the mansion. Servants stood by waiting, then opened the doors when the limo stopped. Kaiba stepped out and slammed the door in Sakura's face. She reopened the door rubbing her nose. Sakura didn't say anything but followed Kaiba closely. He did the same thing with the front door and Sakura repeated her action. Her nose was red and swollen now but she didn't care anymore. She kept her eyes downcast around Kaiba as he told her where the rooms where and waved her away. Sakura walked towards the rooms and started to clean.

Kaiba was asleep at his computer by the time Sakura went to clean his room. There were clothes everywhere and his work lay all around the floor. Sakura looked at his solemn face. How can such a sweet looking man have such stinging words? She got a blanket and laid it on Kaiba. She then continued with her work and washed the clothes and arranged his work in folders. Sakura emptied the waste basket and hung up his clean clothes. Kaiba was still asleep in his chair. Sakura saw hair in Kaiba's face. She moved it aside and admired his face again. His lips looked so soft and his closed eyes made him look peaceful. She didn't know how long she stood there staring at his face but then he opened his eyes. It took awhile for his eyes to focus but he narrowed his eyes when he saw Sakura staring at him.

"What the hell do you want? And why the hell are you staring at me?" Kaiba sat up and glared at Sakura.

"I was waiting for you to dismiss me. I was just thinking how hard it is to hate you when your face looked so peaceful asleep." Kaiba narrowed his eyes to give her an even colder look.

"Don't say things you don't mean. Now go away, I'm tired." Kaiba then got up and collapsed on his bed asleep again. Sakura arranged him so he was fully on the bed and pulled the covers over him.

"Good-night and sweet dreams." Whispered Sakura before she closed the door. She walked out into the cool night air happily. Her first day into town and already so much has happened. Sakura sung a little lullaby to herself.

'I dream of a world when the birds sing

And dreamers dream

When all is perfect

Perfect for you and me...'

Sakura had already walked as far as down the street before her cell phone ring. She answered.

"Hello?" A voice on the other line surprised her.

"What? But how can that be? WHAT? No, I'll be there soon. Ok. Good-bye." Sakura hung up the phone and ran.