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Chapter 53

3 months later…

Jesse was laughing as she watched the way Lucas was gently playing with his baby sister. They had gone through a rough patch where he had been jealous of Riley and had thought that she was going to replace him now that she was there. It had taken both Jesse and Slater to convince their little boy that there was nothing in the world that could replace him in their family and that he was just as much a member of the family as Riley was and that they both loved him more than anything in the world. Eventually he had started to settle down and realize that bringing a new baby into the family wasn't done to replace him, but to add to their family and also give him a sibling. Lucas was now super attached to Riley and made it clear that if anyone tried to hurt his baby sister ever, he was going to hurt them instead. It made Jesse's heart soar with happiness to know that her son was finally understanding he was part of this family, permanently and to see his protectiveness of his little sister only added to what she was feeling.

Jesse glanced up as Kelly walked into the backyard with her son and Lisa was not too far behind. They all kept their doors locked still, but they each had keys to each other's places and no one was really expected to knock, but they usually called ahead of time to let the others know they were heading to their houses. Jesse waited till Kelly had settled her son over with Lucas and Riley and then they all started to talk together while watching how protective and caring Lucas was towards his little 'cousin'.

"Lucas has decided as the oldest he is the one that has to be in charge of the babies." Jesse said with a slight chuckle and a shake of her head.

"It's so cute the way he just accepts Jr. as part of the family and is protective of him just as much as he is of his own sister." Kelly said in awe of the way the three of them seemed to love being around each other.

Even though both Riley and Jr. were still just infants, it was clear that they loved and were attached to Lucas. Every time they were with him they were laughing and giggling and playing with him, wanting his full attention on them and them alone. They were all aware that even though Lucas a few years older than the two little ones, the three of them would be super close, at least until Lucas entered high school or something and started wanting to stick with older kids and away from the younger ones. Jesse just hoped that when that happened, Lucas was still spending at least a little bit of time with the younger kids.

Slater took a sip of his drink as he sat at the lunch table with Zack and Screech. The three of them had opted to hang out on their lunch breaks from their prospective jobs. Slater and Zack had known that Screech was starting to feel a little lonely, with Lisa dating one of her co workers, Screech felt like he was the only person who couldn't find anyone. Slater and Zack had been trying to figure out who they could try and set their friend up on a date with. As they all sat there, Slater noticed the sly looks that Screech was sending to one of the waitresses and he nudged at Zack and secretly motioned for him to watch. The two of them could tell that Screech really liked the young woman, and on top of that, it seemed she thought something of him as well, if the way she was looking at their table, and at Screech, was anything to go by.

"Why don't you go talk to her?" Zack asked his friend.

"I'm probably not her type. I am not anyone's type at all." Screech said, shaking his head and looking at the food on his plate in front of him.

"You never know unless you try." Slater pointed out. "She keeps looking at you, just like you look at her. At least go over and say hi, you don't have to…" Slater stopped what he was saying when he noticed the waitress heading to their table.

"Hello there." The waitress, whose name tag stated that her name was Katie said with a smile. "My name is Katie…" She looked towards Screech and a blush streaked across her face, making it clear she really was staring at him.

"My name is Zack, this is Slater and this is our good, single, friend Screech." Zack said with a smile and pat on Screech's back.

"Look, I don't normally do this, but I was just wondering if you would, I don't know, maybe think about, um, going, um…" Katie stopped for a second, knowing she was rambling and her cheeks were turning a bit of a darker shade of red. "My sister is throwing this barbecue this weekend and I was wondering if you would go with me." Katie finally blurted out to Screech.

"Me?" Screech asked, his eyes widening. "Really?"

"Yes. I mean, if you don't want to you don't have to…" Katie said biting her lip nervously.

"Sure, I'll go." Screech said when Zack nudged him hard in the side.

"Great." Katie said about to turn away.

"Um… maybe you two should exchange phone numbers." Slater interjected before she left.

"Oh, right." Katie said with a nervous laugh. After she had given Screech her number and taken down his, she went back to work at her tables and the guys started to lightly tease Screech, like they used to. In reality they couldn't be happier that someone had shown an interest in their friend. He was a little quirky at times, but he had a good heart and that was something that people usually didn't give him a chance to show.

He knew that they were getting more and more comfortable. He knew that they were starting to move on with their lives and they were so sure that he wasn't going to be around, that he wasn't going to hurt them or get near them any longer, but they were wrong. He had been working for the past few months on what his next move was going to be, and he was pretty sure he knew what it was. He was soon going to make sure that all of them leaned a hard lesson, and if it meant that he was going to have to hurt the kids, he had no problems with that. This wasn't just about Jesse anymore, because they made sure it wasn't. If they had just stayed out of it and let him do what he needed to do, then there wouldn't be any problems, now they were all going to pay.

He had been working on the notes and letters that he was going to give them. He had the special gifts all ready, and he knew the damage his little gifts were going to cause. He was aware that some of them may even cause death, but that wasn't his problem, it was theirs.

"Soon, soon I will succeed and you will learn that no one ever wins when they play my game! I predict a lot of upcoming funerals, and that I might possibly succeed in getting some of you to divorce each other, but the best part, I might be able to send one of you to jail for my crimes!" He laughed as he looked at his latest photo's. He had put everything back in it's place, but with updated information. It wouldn't be long now, soon he was going to end this the right way, the way the last person hadn't been able to end it. Soon, Jesse could either be dead or in jail! If she lived, she would wish she were dead, every single day, he was going to make sure of it.